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Moderate CARB - Numbers Under normal range without medicines. Should I switch to LCHF ?

HI ,

I started DM2 Management with Fasting @211 and Post-meal @258 & A1c@11, two months ago, Instead of going for MEDICINES, I now controlling it from Diet and Exercise

Now My Fasting is arround 90-99 and Post meal Spike never goes 140-145 @ 1hr and 120-125 @2 hr .

My diet is 1. 2 Dosa / Idly / Upma (breakfast) -- Made with GHEE

2. 2 Cup Brown rice ( Lunch ) +Curd

3. 2 Chapthy ( Dinner ) - Vegetable Curry

And 2 Times Milk without Sugar

5 Almonds, 2 Cashews, One Cucumber Sliced

This is my daily complete Food and I following this from two months and

My Excercise:

1 Month: 1 Hour Morning, 1 Hour Evening

2 Month: 1 Hour morning, 30 mins Evening

With ABOVE Details, I want to discuss few things

During 1 Month

My Fasting was around 110 - 120

Post Meal Spike 2 Hrs - 180 -200

During 2 nd Month

Fasting was around 100-110

Now in #rd Month

Fasting is around 90-102

Post meal 135-145 @ 1hr

110-125 @2 hr

90-100 in 3rhs

My Observation from these

1. I kept Food Intake Pattern ( Moderate CARB - Less Protein and FAT ) same during all these 2 and half month

2 I reduced Intensity of Exercise to nearly 40 % compare to 1st month

But Still I can see better numbers every passing day .

3. I was @70 KG in the 1st month and now 63 KG ( -7 KG )

I just want to analyze what it could be the reason

1. Without medicines MY BODY Getting back to NORMAL every passing day

2. IS this SO called HONEYMOON PERIOD?

3. As my numbers are in LCHF target numbers ( Bit HIGH END STILL ), can I continue with this FOOD PATTERN,?

4. as Numbers suggest there is steady improvement in number despite CARB FOODs, is there any need for LCHF diet at this movement?

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@anup, your view on this, please .


My reading from past one month , after 2 hr readings are never gone behind 120 , in fact in 3rd it always around 90-105 , Still need to burn it ?

Do you think its very temporary, and it can go worse in the future ?

Can I maintain this ,if numbers holds in this region for years ?


Can work initially

But control will go out of hand after some time

Better plan a transition to lower carb range progressively



Good your numbers improved. You are still taking non lchf diet. Need to follow lchf strictly.

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That is my confusion if numbers are in good range, do we need to follow LCHF?

I am 33 years, still long way to go in this battle .. and LCHF is very demanding for Vegetarian with JOINT FAMILY House .

I hardly find alternative LCHF food when I go Outside.

I am struggling to force to prepare LCHF for ME ONLY in a joing family , So I decided to eat whatever best possible in the current scenario ..



D is not a disease but metabolic defect to metabolize carbs. So if you have been diagnosed D your metabolic defect remains lifelong. So you have to take lchf diet lifelong. Only if D is secondary can it be cured by getting rid of primary disease.


From yr diet one can judge u r not eating proper qty of protein & healthy fat. U will survive for some months but after that u may collapse. B'coz u r doing heavy exercise. Yr calorie is so low. So right now yr protein & fat intake may complete from yr body it self. Other vitamin and body protein may fulfill by yr bones. U can't imagine. So I think u shud better take advice from diatecian. And properly understand WHAT IS LCHF? Yr body weight reduced due to low calorie diet and high exercise. But for other nourishment of body u must follow some food tracking app or maintain diary. This is my experience. So be careful & take care.


What are Protein and FAT Food I can add along with above Carb List ?


If u can able to eat boiled egg than eat minimum 2 eggs per day ,good source of protein and fat. U can also add all types of bean like soya,rajmah,chana dal,sprouted bean,kala chana,kabuli chana etc... U can also add peanut butter, U can eat 20gm peanut everyday. U shud add atleast two fruit a day,one is an apple and other is any seasonal fruit.

If u eat nonveg than eat fish twice a week. U can also eat chicken once or twice a week. Carb is very less in poultry and fish food.

U can also take virgin olive oil for good fat.

But above all product must be noted everyday so u can check the qty of fat,protein,carb and fibre.

LCHF means low carb high fat,but high good fat. Also high good protein.



Good advice except a few different views.

1) soya : 56% protein and less carbs

2) rajma : very low gi of 19

3) lima bean : 30-40% carbs.

Except above 3 all the legumes contain around 60% carbs. So to be taken after calculating carb intake.

4) Peanut butter. Make sure is has no sugar in it.

5) co, vco and ghee are best for cooking. Evoo for dressing. All the veg oils have very high Omega 6/3 ratio as against normal 4:1. in 200:1 or more. Also they have high pufa so become rancid on cooking. Better avoided.

6) fruits should be avoided or their intake should be minimized.

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Congratulations on this fabulous health rejuvenation. :)

Whatever works for you is the best medicine for you. There is nothing like 'Honeymoon' period in health.

You managed to bring down the numbers, which shows that body has tremendous capacity to recoup and regain its natural balance.

Continue the same, Add some proteins as already suggested by someone else in a post.

Overall live well, eat well and stay happy. You have set a great example for others to follow

all the best :)


Bangaloremate, your carb intake is still quite high (as you have mentioned) but also your protein intake is low. And I am not convinced you are in 'High Fat' range. Make these changes, and your FBS will come to the sub85 level where it should be.


All your work look great as many suggested increase the protein and fat decrease the carb's. So true living a family unit it is hard eating out is hard to know how they prepared your food. Bring in more veggie's and stir-fry them your family may love the meals look some up on web. Do not eat the lentil's, beans, or rice as a side stay away from fruit high in sugars. Blueberries and strawberries are not bad in limited amounts. What concerns me is you A1C @11 that is very high I'm not sure if that's your starting pointing and you have not been tested since and I missed it, which is possible.

But keep up the great work follow the diet more closely you will have great success, you are determined. One can tell.


my A1c Was @11 two months back & last month A1c was @ 8.2, This month Test yet be done.




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