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I am diabetic and exercise regularly but I want to know what is the normal blood sugar level after exercise? Most of the time after exercise my blood sugar level lies between 100-120 mg/dl. Is it normal? My fasting blood sugar level is almost near 100 mg/dl for most of the time. I have loose some weight around my thighs, legs and butts. I want to regain it again. I am 56 kgs and 5'7. 2 months back I did checked my HbA1c and it was 6.1. Doctors said that I am doing well, my creatinine level was 0.9. Random sugar level was 128 mg/dl. I am on pioz MF-15, single dose in a day with breakfast. Also I want to ask for diabetics sugar level after meal (2 hours) must be less than 180 mg/dl? For normal it is less than 140 mg/dl. Just confused about this thing please help me out.

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Thanks,but I want tocut all grains from my diet. We indians mainly depends upon roti,sabzi ,dal, chawal as the regualr diet. Like I have to cut most of the grains from my diet, So I am bit confused what to take in breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I am already underwieght 56 kgs. Want to also increase my weight a little like 60 kgs. I know we have to follow LCHF diet but I don't know what to eat or where to start. I am non-vegetarain , So I can go for anything excluding carbs. PLease Tell me what to eat in breakfast, Lunch ,Dinner and short time snacks. I totally want to switch to LCHF diet.

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being nn veg is a boon to fight diabetis try it


sir i understood ur report hba1c is marginal not at all to worry try you can overcome without medicines give an opportunity to your body to fight back nothing to worry let your body develop some insulin try yourself with this diet for a week and reply

eat papaya watermelon guava karela juice instead of bread and roti drink soup (veg soup like bendi ) eat methi in the early morning (soaked) eat more cerals less rice do walking yu can do it try be cool and calm dont go to office for three days i will challenge it must come down within 6 (hba1c) and repeat same diet for next week if yu find it good all the best prof venkatramaiah deevige@gmail.com


Thanks but I am looking for proper diet plan. Things which you have mentioned is kind of ok but we can use this as a fuel to do our daily goals. Can you please list some of the dishes which you are following. Thanks


It will be good to search in google or bing




Nromal Sugar levels

FBS: Should be less than 100

PPBs : Should be less than 140 at [1 hour 45 minutes] to 2 hours

Hiabc : 6 or < 6 is normal

You are doing good, dont go for tablest as of now as body will adjust to medicine, try to contol by excersie and diet


thanks Sati for your reply. But I want to also confirm normal range of sugar level after excercise. Also i heard that for type 2 diabetes BG level after meal can be upto 180 mg/dl. Tht's why I was so much confused.


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