Blood Sugar Not going down with Long wheat

Hello All Need some inputs .I am diabetic but not on medication . I have high Fasting blood sugars shifted my diet to Long wheat. I am taking 2-3 egg whites as breakfast and along with glass of milk. Blood sugar remains somewhere 135-150.Some times drops to 120s.Not very consistent. Fasting Blood sugar is 140-150.Lunch is small portion of Long wheat along with chicken or some times quinoa or just veggies. Dinner is Long wheat along with curd ,dal or veggies. Sugar shoots to 160 and if walk for a mile remains to 135.But in morning it is going to 150.Doing rigorous exercise daily for 45 minutes after exercise blood sugar drops to 112-125. Please suggest the way outs for this.Mr. George need your expert comments. Please guide.

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  • Long wheat is starch. Starch turns to glucose, excess glucose is your enemy. Exercise is good, but no good to control blood sugar - you cannot walk off a bad diet, and yours is a bad diet - otherwise your blood sugar would be under control. All you have to do for goodness sake is go to Anup's and do what he does. Alternatively go to the biggest site in the world and look at the success stories:

    How anyone eats just the white of an egg is beyond me, but that's a side issue.

    Remember the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

  • Mike

    U are playing aimless football ur reply is like that.

    Pl put a concrete advice here so that people will not waist their time.

  • Increase the quantity of long wheat in your lunch, take eggs with yolk and stop milk. Do it for a few days and see the result. You are doing not bad. Have faith in what you are doing.

  • You said it @patliputra; that is the better thing to do. Thsnk you @patliputra.

  • Try the advice from patliputra, I urge you.

    After all you'll see the results in a few days and can follow the miracle for the rest of your life and be free of T2 diabetes.

    On the other hand you have a computer, the web and resources denied to your less fortunate sufferers. Get busy with a little research and stop looking for miracle cures in one particular wheat strain that snaps my credulity.

  • Long Wheat does not do any miracle. LWMDR cured my T2DM over a period of THREE YEARS. LWMD does not produce any result overnight.

    If someone cultivate Long Wheat he/she can not reap Breadwheat or Buckwheat fir the simple reason that the latter two are genetically different from Longwheat, even though those two contain Starch.

  • MikePollard

    have you ever tried long wheat???

    Best way is to try it out and check your blood sugar on home meter yourself.

    In the current world of global trade...hope you Long Wheat is available near by you.

  • Mike pollard While comment any post you are always insult the discussion started person Please avoid this you are a senior person age may be 65+

    I am seen so much comments from your side in all you are criticized all persons who started discussion., but you have not answered my question what is your diet and what is your blood sugar result recently .

    YOU ARE CRITICIZED LONG WHEAT DIET AND HIGH CARB DIET O k it is your opinion. Please share your daily diet plan and it helps to maintain for other members.

    By the time we want to interest how you maintain your health and what is your daily diet what are the medicine and supplements you may taken.Also please given actually how to control diabetic in diets followed .

    I hope you will share all these things and also additional tips to the other members.

  • According to ShooterGeorge ,LWMDR requires patience!

  • What is LWMDR stands for

  • This is a mash made from a variety of wheat that is called long wheat.

    It has helped diabetics to get off their medicines &u can read posts &blogs of Shooter George to know more.


    Do read if u want

  • Thank you . I will read his posts

    Rajan Viji

  • scientific study is experimental verification of the facts given by people who experimented and arrived at solutions. Be patient with your experiment .Diabetes is designer made lifestyle.

  • Dear 'sraj73'

    Follow exactly what 'George Sir' said in his post and keep patience, you will get result.

    Good luck.

  • Stop milk including what you may be adding to your tea/coffee. Not sure what exercise you are doing, but as Mike and others stated you can't walk off a high sugar. I have personally found doing a High intensity workout or strength(gym/weight) training, far more beneficial to managing sugar levels vs taking a walk. A walk is a good activity, with some cardiac benefits but not your ideal solve for managing your sugars. Last but not the least, please look into the time of your dinner. From my personal experience an exactly same meal eaten at 8 pm Vs 10 pm with the same medication gives me very different sugar readings the next days. Do watch your meal timings. Hope u are not indulging in sugar rich fruits or cookies /biscuits for that matter.

  • Dear sraj73

    Become swan...not stork.....this forum is for gaining guidelines... and understanding the experiences of others...

    Diabetes is very different...for a diabetic you can not make a general statement...

    So My advice is to read all comments...and apply your own brain...experiment...

    Have one glucometer...check urself....

    There are many ppl will tell...long wheat is just carbs...but they will forget that fats are just calories...

    I guess many of them have not seen long wheat in life time....forget experimenting with that...

    My experience is long wheat does not spike.

    I am using it myself and getting good results....BUT PLZ DO NOT TRUST MY try yourself....experiment....

    Just be swan....and I am sure you will be able to get good results...

  • "There are many ppl will tell...long wheat is just carbs...but they will forget that fats are just calories..."

    That one coming from you surprises me.

    1) carbs too are calorie

    2) fats are just calories. Well since we can't metabolise carbs we need to change our fuel. Good fats are a good option. Prots get converted into glucose and the its end metabolites put strain on kidneys.

    We have to restrict our carb intake.

  • very true suramo bhai....

    We have to restrict carbs.....there is no doubt.....but same time we have to restrict calories also.

    Have you done some research on this MikePollard ????

    He is not revealing his diet here....but on some other forum...he admitted that he is restricting calories as he wants to reduce his weight.

    google for Michel pollard.

    I don't think it is true that unrestricted consumption of fats will not result in gaining weight.

    No doubt a diabetic has to restrict carbs....and add more fats ...but till the limit of his total daily calories requirements.

    You will surprise..that when ever I eat sugar goes up as expected....but then I see drop in fasting blood sugar.Why??? I don't have explanation. You try yourself....

  • Cure


  • Hi Cure,

    "My experience is long wheat does not spike."....

    Any grain spikes ...and rice and wheat of any sort are among the toppers in the list... I must say that just skip wheat(or any gluten) for a week from all of the meals and see the magic numbers...then you would get to know how much does it spike(Just use minimal grains with options b/w sprouted moong and chana and if possible raw )...In the journey of conquering D this should be important experiment ...

    If you can make your vinegar and chyvanprash can do this also :)...BTW how is vinegar project going on...very eager to know :)

  • karch

    hmmm...plz do not trust my try yourself....i see that in my I say that it does not spike....

    You try yourself and tell.

    Going grain less won't be possible for me at moment.But sure at some point of time i will try that out. but till now using this...even I will try this 'Black rice' and red rice. will inform you results of same.

  • I tried this also before migrating to LCHF friend :D never helped :) ...tell me the story of your vinegar ...I am waiting

  • karch its on new one stays there....I kept it there...could not visit there for last couple of weeks....this week will visit and tell u results.

  • ohh...for your vinegar you bought new flat :D could have bought braggs vinegar for much cheaper instead of new flat :D

  • LOL...not that rich karch just since it was empty and since it may stink so kept it there....

    Lol Ptanjalee it better and cheap.....

  • Thank you karch for the lighter moments :-)

  • Cure

    long wheat, red black and brown rice are all carbs. I'd certainly like to know your experience and also how they work.

    I'm really happy that despite your traveling and staying away from home you have reversed your D. Great bro. Party ho jaye. 😜😜😜😜😜

  • kab aur kidhar party??? suramo

    Woh @anup ko bol bol ke thak gaya LCH* ka party karenge...

  • I will post plans on for a vacation destination somewhere around PUNE soon. PUNE as we have many members from PUNE.

    All willing can join the same once I post. Outing ki Outing aur mulakat with all the willing-to-join the FIT FAT eaters family meet :)

  • Sure sir......

  • sir ji sir mat bolo ... :)

  • Cure

    arey khud hi kar lo. Cake lao. Have sweets. Booze i'm not sure if i should recommend.😜😜😜😜😜😝😝😝😝

  • suramo

    Yar I want all of us to meet..and have nice party....Mahbaleshwar is really good season....I just back from there...there is one place near Mahbaleshwar...its called Kas platu valley of flowers....are kya mousam hai waha pe.....abi in next 15/20 will bloom...all rare herbs and flowers....

    season ends by sept...

  • Kas season ends by September I think :)

    Will surely see if we can have a get together of Diabetics on LCH* diet around PUNE.

  • sure anup bhai....

  • hmmm in Mahabaleshwar...I found one cheese factory....they make various types of cheese spreads.... very tasty....

  • Ya phir, I am planning RAN festival in December ,as this years Leh/Laddakh got cancelled due to heavy work load.

    So, agar wahan ka plan karna hai to woh bhi kar saktay hain.

  • I will come for Ran....Never been there....I visited Anjar many times....but never been inside Ran....

  • @jingle baba ko pucho....suramo toh udhar hi hai....Amul ko sponser karne ko bole kya??? guess no harm in sending them one mail....

  • I am a free bird. Kaheen bhi aane ke liye taiyyar hoon. :D

    Western ghaats during monsoons is a treat to the senses. Have been planning a trip to Agumbe for years.

  • amboli is also like heaven @jingle

  • I think I passed through Amboli while travelling from Belgaum to Sawantwadi. But it was hot and humid at that time of the year.

  • hmmm

    monsoon is always good in western ghats...

  • and summer is always worst near sea coast

  • Is this a good time to visit Matheran or Malshej ghaat?

  • malshej is closed due to land slid..... matheran is best

  • Puneris are very fortunate to have so many trekking destinations in the vicinity.

    OTOH, this god forsaken city has to be the the most boring and banjar city in the world. ;)

  • yes...we are so and my friend use to visit matheran every weekend....saturdy night we use to start walking from Neral.....and use to reach at morning at sunrise point.... afternoon start walk back to bhivpuri road....miss those days....

    get job here in Pune jingle baba....

  • all fats are not same....some fats are helpful....some are bad....

    Really looking some study on carbs on same lines...

  • Cure

    well. I'd certainly like to know how it works. This will give us a guidance as to who can be benefited and who can't. Especially its relation to bcf.

    I tried to find long wheat in ahmedabad. But i couldn't find. The people look at me with surprise when i ask for long wheat. Not their fault.

  • suramo29l am again traveling... Will get back soon

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • That is a good idea cure .

  • Sir

    There are some problem in your diet>I am also with LWMDR.It works from last Nov 14. I am in LWMDR without medicine.please follow george Sir advice.please change your breakfast with LWMDR and continue.First control your level with medicine and continue.It works and avoid milk if possible.

  • In your condition it is advisable to go for insulin shots under medical advise. Bring down your fasting blood sugar to below 120 . It should be lower than 150 couple of hours after breakfast. Likewise your HbA1c should be lower than 6.5 . Again it all depends on your age and the period you were noticed with diabetes.

    My comment is based on my fight with this problem for the last 30 years For the last 3 years I make use of Long wheat for lunch and dinner.

  • So how is the response of LWMDR?

  • I started preparing porridge with a spoonful of Fenugreek & half a cup of Long wheat and half of it for lunch and the remaining half for dinner. I used to make use of Quinvoa instead of LW, when I used to stay away in States. I believe that it is a better substitute than other grains like Rice or normal Wheat since the Glycemic index is lower. I totally avoid Rice since the GI is higher.

  • Thanks for your reply!

  • Only egg whites? Who advised you? If u following him blindly why u HV problem dear? 3 eggs with yolk are also no problem. All micro nutrients are in yolk. You want to live healthy.

    People think LW is a medicine and stuff themselves with it twice a day. I tried LW long enough. I phulka morning or a small bowl gruel and one at six with plenty ghee is OK. Rest veggies mainly greens and a katori curds. Some dal. Rajma, chana, sprouts OK

    You feasting on LW

  • Yup on Eggs. Eggs without Yolk is useless food.

  • sraj73 , You are not following the specs; that is why you don't get improvement.

  • Long wheat will not give the same results for everyone. Try by replacing LW with sprouts raw/cooked or totally replace LW with vegetable preparations.

  • NOTHING ON EARTH WILL GIVE SAME RESULT FOR EVERYONE! Hence targetting/pinpointing Long Wheat appears to be unfair and misguiding less informed readers.

    Even age old Pencelene is not an exception.


    That's why I suggested him to TRY sprouts, vegetables etc.

    There is nothing in my reply which is misguiding.

    My suggestion is based on my personal and other members' experience.

  • Thanks a lot for your inputs....

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