Normal Range for Blood Sugar!

Normal Range for Blood Sugar!

When I go to different labs for blood sugar tests then I see that different normal ranges for blood sugar are printed in their test reports.Also when I purchase test strips of different brands then this difference is observed in the information slip provided with the test strip packs.

Please,answer the following questions:

1.What is normal range for blood sugar in the case of i)FBS,ii)PPBS and iii)RBS?

2.What are min & max of overall safe range of blood sugar?

And there is a doubt that If blood sugar usually reaches at its max within 1 hr after taking the meal then why are PPBS & FBS usually tested after 2 hrs and 8 hrs of meal respectively?

Please suggest that if I am going to test blood sugar at home using glucometer then when should it be tested?Is there any preference required in the selection of hand and finger?

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  • FBS must be tested when you wake up in the morning from the bed. <90

    PPBS Spike <140 and around 2 hrs. <120. After 3-4 hrs. it would be better if one goes below 100 and best if near fasting levels (around 90).

  • Dear shrisamarth,thanks for your reply!How do you control your blood sugar levels?What are ranges of your FBS,PPBS & RBS? Please reply!

  • I always try to maintain the levels which I have mentioned. :) Rarely go above 140 at any time. Even at functions I prefer to eat सब्जी only

    FBS : 85-95

    PPBS : 95-125

  • Congratulations & thanks again!

    i)Can vegetables only fulfill need of all nutrients?

    ii)Have you ever tested your PPBS (1hr)?

    Please reply!

  • You can get all nutrients from vegetables. You don't miss anything if you don't eat grains and fruits.

    We are more concerned about BS spike. It will vary from person to person and will depend on food item. I get spike in between 70-90 min. So 1 hr. testing is not much useful for me. Dr. Bernstein also suggest to test at various intervals to find BS spike.

  • OK!

    What is range of spike in your case?

  • As already said I eat only those food items which keep my BS below 140 all the time. Normally it is max 130.

  • I mean max and min difference in FBS & PPBS.

  • 25-40 points.

  • In 2 hrs.Is not it?

  • This is including FBS, pre-meal , and PPBS. Normally I get good reading for BF and dinner.

    For BF the gap is about 15-20.

    Lunch 25-30.

    Dinner 25-30.

  • Do you take medicines and go for yoga/exercises?

  • No medicines but do exercise.

  • Any specific or just normal exercises?

  • Nothing specific. Combination of different exercises

  • OK!Got it!!Thanks a lot!!!

  • Dear pink1214,thanks for your reply!Is it possible for a diabetic person to maintain ranges of FBS and PPBS you have mentioned above in your reply?If yes then how?Please share your experience!

  • Leave a comment...Dear alwaysoptimistic the actual FBS IS 60 To 80 The modern pathologists show it as upto 100 And PPBS IS ACTUAL is 80 To 100 and may be upto120,but pathologists show it as below 140,

  • Dear pink1214,thanks for your reply!Is it possible for a diabetic person to maintain ranges of FBS and PPBS you have mentioned above in your reply?If yes then how?Please share your experience!

  • The info you are looking for is at the following link:

    However, the bottom line is that for a diabetic person the range for glucose is between 100 and 140 and for a non- diabetic person is between 75 and 120.

    If FBS - Fasting blood sugar glucose measurement is above 140, which I am sure it will be, then the problem is the Dawn or Somogyi effect but both lead to high FBS. The cure for that is to take the medication at about 4:00 am. ( although doctors tell people to take Metformin with a meal, after about 2-4 months the body can tolerate the medication without a meal). I take Metformin (500 mg) and Glipizide (5 mg) every day at about 4:00 am to control the Dawn effect and it works!

    As far as when glucose spike highest is in the first 2 hours after each meal, and this I have measure it myself at a clinic and then starts to decrease; hence a good measurement is at about 4 to 6 hours after each meal.

    One of the thing is most important is to control the carbohydrates (carbs) which are transformed into glucose by the liver. For a diabetic person, the intake of carbs in each meal is between 40 and 60 Gr. Also, avoid sugar 100% (follow the alkaline diet also). Due to the fact that diabetes is one of the culprits for high blood pressure and cholesterol avoid intake of salt and cholesterol such as dairy products and fats. By the way, for cholesterol do NOT take statins as they will kill you but instead control it with diet and some herbs such as green tea. For more info in this syndrome you can contact me directly through this website.

  • Not too many people with diabetes and most doctors do not know about the Dawn and Somogyi effect and they draw a blank when I ask them about it just for fun. To tell you the truth, I don't rely to much on the A1C or the Glycomark test, although every time I get my lab done it includes the A1C test; my best approach is to test myself with the glucose meter every day (sometimes 2 or 3 times) and also recognizing the symptoms for hypoglycemia and hypoglycemia in case I get too high or too low which very rarely happens. I test myself every morning at about 10:00 am as I take the medication at 4:00 am and that gives me an indication of how I will be the rest of the day so I know what to eat and not to eat and when to take te medication if needs be. The XR or ER medications I know they don't work around the clock as they claim; so, I cannot manage the medication at will; however with regular Metformin and Glipizide I can do anything I want as far as I don't exceed the limits. My glucose target has always been between 100 and 120 which I have always accomplished and that is good enough for me. As far as the A1C I know that should be between 6.5 and 8 ( non diabetics is between 4.5 and 6.5) and I accomplish it every time I have a lab done every 6 months as the test gives you the average of 2-3 months which in my point of view is enough. The Glycomark test is good if a patient changes medication and wants to see if the new medication is doing the proper effect (two weeks lab test) but in my case I started with Metformin and Glipizide and I am still with those two medications with a slight change on dosage. What I like about regular Metformin and Glipizide is that I can split the tablets and take it at will when I need as I take the medication throughout the day and it is more effective that way something you cannot do with the XR/ER medication (they cannot be split). Regarding the Dawn and Somogyi effect I have literature on both but the bottom line is that the person gets up high in the morning period. The mouth dry is not the glucose (sugar) as you mention but the side effect of the medication but the remedy to that is to use Biotène spray before you go to bed and use the rinse mouth liquid after you brush your teeth in the morning. Be proactive with diabetes and follow a good diet and by the way keep you body in the alkaline state all the time (Ph between 7 and 8) as well as to follow the alkaline diet. If you need info just let me know and I be glad to provide some for you. Take care!

  • Dear cicuta,thanks for your detailed reply!

    In general,1hr PPBS is found more than 2 hrs PPBS.

    Is it better to test PPBS (1 hr) or not?

  • Normally fasting blood sugar levels should range between 80-100, and PPBS or post-prandial blood sugar levels should be between 100-120. Glucometers are not always very accurate, although they do provide an easy way to monitor your blood sugar at home. Ideally, at least once you should check your blood sugar with your glucometer and at the same time get your blood sugar level checked at a pathology lab so that you get an idea of how accurate your glucometer is. However, the most accurate way of monitoring your blood sugar level is to get a HbA1c test done at a good pathology lab every 3 months. This gives you the average sugar level over a period of 3 months and is much more useful in adjusting the medicine dosage. RBS or random blood sugar levels will vary depending upon when the sample is taken and again could range anywhere from 100 to 140.

    FBS to be checked when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach.

    PPBS generally 2 hours after lunch.

    It does not really make a difference which hand or finger you use for obtaining the blood sample.

  • Dear sunilmira,thanks for your reply!

    I)Is it possible to maintain such ranges without medicines?

    II)What to do when PPBS(2hrs) is <145 but PPBS (1hr)>160?

    Please reply!

  • Please bear in mind that every individual has a different metabolism; hence, there are no exact blood sugar levels that you can adhere to. You should always try to keep your sugar levels in a range:

    Fasting: 80 to 100 (on some days it could be a little more say 110, but that should not be a cause of concern as long as it is occasional).

    PPBS: 100 to 120 (again with some variation on either side).

    Whatever you do, please be careful not to become hypoglycemic (blood sugar level less than 80). Hyperglycemia will cause problems over a long term if untreated, but hypoglycemia can cause very very severe problems leading to loss of consciousness, coma or even death. Thus, hypoglycemia is to avoided at any cost.

    Control of sugar levels can be done by various combinations of medications and/or insulin. Your doctor would be the best person to guide you about that.

    There are some Ayurvedic medicines available, however the efficacy of those is not well established.

    By personal experience, I can say that the powder of Jamun (Indian blackberry) seeds can be very effective in controlling sugar levels. Again, the quantity to be taken would have to be determined by you by starting with a very small quantity (say 1-2 grams) and monitoring your sugar levels carefully to arrive at the correct dose.

    I hope this has been helpful and continue to be always optimistic!!!

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Dear Vishwapriya,thanks for your reply!Is PPBS<180 safe in all respect?Please reply!

  • But,even if PPBS (2hrs) is <140 then PPBS(1hr) may be around 180.How to overcome it?

  • Thanks a lot for your detailed reply!

  • On fasring it is 115 after breakfast it is215

  • Are these your readings or safe ranges of blood sugar?

  • Dangerously high readings.

  • Before 2 months I was diagnosed with 217 random BS & today I got checked fasting is 91 and ppbs 119 without any medicine, just yoga and diet control

  • Congratulations!Please provide details.

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