New member in the gang😁

Greeting all,

i discovered i am diabetic few months back when i did a routine blood test. i believe this was brought on by stress of past 3-4 years.

My readings in dec 2016 were-

BFS 181

BS PP 296

Urine sugar Present +++

HBA1C 10.2

Mean Plasma glucose 246

S creatine 0.7

Latest readings (only one test) July 2017

Hba1c 11.1

eAG 271.87

my weight around 100 kg, 47 age

sedentry , 2 kms brisk walk evening

i eat chappatis (3) sabji daal rice everyday, tea (have rduced sugar to just a pinch), coffee occasionaly, i never had sweet tooth , sweets very occasionally.

doc to whom i went after 1st test gave 250 mg metmorphin for a month but guess they were ineffective ( did not notice in accucheck readings).

so ur suggestions please for further course of action.

thank u


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  • Its not few months back--its over six months -

    Doctor should give you full dose of Metformin- 1000 mg ER - plus another

    Stop eating rice, potatoes, pastas etc -- Start on LCHF diet

    If A1C is 10 --may be you have it for a while-- have your eyes and kidneys checked

    by a speciaist

    Monitor- Monitor - Monitor

  • hi champak

    "Stop eating rice, potatoes, pastas etc -- Start on LCHF diet"

    might as well as starve🤣🤣🤣


    1) total elemination or moderation of mentioned?

    2) accucheck monitoring when exactly.

    3) is peanuts good (tawa roasted without oil) when hunger pangs?

    4) dryfruits(kaju badam) recommender qty daily ?

    5) danger fruits and frrindly fruit.

    6) powa, upma, dosa , idli in breakfast ok?

    7) nonveg so some chicken salads with mayonise ?

    8) i m from mumbai so occasional vada paav and kanda bhaji ok? is besan good?


  • is this for yourself-- Diabetic ? What is your A1C ?

    Do you live for eating or Eat for living ?

  • you need to spend more time in forum - read for two or three hours - every day for 30 days - you will get all the answers -

    click on my name , anup' name and sashi's name and read all posts

    NO one will starve - just more healthier and energetic

    you need to decide -what you want in life - for your self

  • 11.2

    when u have lived till now for eating its hard to 'leave' eating now😁

    after all can we indians live without roti and rice.

    lemme go thru all posts as u mentioned.

  • after all can we indians live without roti and rice.

    Then nothing will work. Diabetes management is all about cutting down carbs and replacing with good fat. There are 1000+ diabetic Indians who have done this and are enjoying healthy life with least/nill medications

  • Thank you anupji-- I asked him to read all your posts

    hope he will follow some advise and be free of complications

  • just go though my posys firts

    I am from India - Gujarat -in USA 46 years

    I ahve type 2 Diabetes for 23 years --still not in control

    despite two medicines

    I quit Rice 34 years ago because of high triglycerides.

    Quit Roti 10 years ago -

    No bread , pasta, pizza , soft drinks for five years

    I survive and healthy - even Cardio IQ blood test normal

    NO chance of heart attack

    You need to post your A1C - for last tweleve months

    I have taken 12 injections in my eyes


    because of your ignorance and carelessness

  • I will be sending you a message soon, dheerp. It's okay. Please look for it.

  • Check your PMs (private message) dheerp

  • It's over-consumption of such as roti and rice that will destroy your quality of life.

    Now, the average Indian may be able to tolerate some roti and rice, but even then it is likely to contribute to other chronic conditions such as heart disease, so the outlook isn't good unless they learn to drastically restrict or eliminate such foods.

  • Concerned,

    Not everyone is not the same. One thing may be okay for someone, but the same thing may not be okay for the rest of the group.

  • No, but we are more alike than we are different. We are all homo sapiens. People can have intolerances, but within parameters we evolved by eating real food that was available with no/minimal processing before agriculture.

  • Can you please explain further?

  • We shared a common ancestor with banobos/chiimpanzees six million years ago. Then our physiology began to change. We began to walk upright, which enabled our hands to develop. Then there was a significant change that resulted in our having smaller guts than the other great apes, and our brains became much larger. For this to happen we must have eaten more calorie dense foods that fuelled the brain, but required less digestion.

    The fossil evidence proves our ancestors were well developed, fit and healthy. Whether they could have lived a long life is debatable because of the dangers they faced, including lack of hygiene.

    However, we have evidence from other animals of 'tricks' of nature that slow ageing. Carbohydrates are necessary for reproduction, so consuming less of them tunes down the reproductive system and turns up the repair mechanism, preserving the body for a time when fuel for reproduction becomes available.

    The reverse happens when we have too much carbohydrate. We age quicker, and cells can begin to proliferate uncontrollably because of the 'desire' to reproduce, the cells escaping the control of the multi-celled organism that previously controlled their feeding.

  • 1) *** Total elimination is better .. IF you want to cheat some times -thats up to you --you will suffer later.. main idea is to count carbs ..not to eat more than 30 or 40 grams per meal and not to exceed 120 grams per day .

    2) *** read my posts - response to- Testing Sugar Levels and My Readings yesterday

    3) *** yes-okay not more than 50 grams at one time

    4) *** NO kaju- badam okay - 50 grams - walnuts better - 100 grams per day

    5 ) *** read in forums - or google each of your favorite fruits

    6 ) *** NO- none of them okay - check carb content for each on labels or google

    7 ) *** okay - grilled chicken - more garlic, onions , spinach - olive oil , vinegar

    8 ) *** okay

    check -sign up in and get more recipes

  • Hi dheerp

    "Stop eating rice, potatoes, pastas etc -- Start on LCHF diet"

    might as well as starve

    - can opt for low carb your satiation.

    total elemination or moderation of mentioned?

    - -Initially in Moderation... and once induction period is over...depending upon your medical reports and Hba1c.

    accucheck monitoring when exactly.

    - For me FBS control is more important.. as our PPBS depnds on that most of the time..

    is peanuts good (tawa roasted without oil) when hunger pangs?

    - Peanuts may be good...but in for few(like me adversely affect FBS)

    dryfruits(kaju badam) recommender qty daily ?

    - Badam ok....jamle tar charoli kha...kaju nakot..

    danger fruits and frrindly fruit.

    - stay away from all fruits for atleast next 8 months till your liver heals..

    powa, upma, dosa , idli in breakfast ok?

    कडधान्याचे थालीपीठ खा

    nonveg so some chicken salads with mayonise ?

    -mutton chicken egges fish bharpur kha..

    i m from mumbai so occasional vada paav and kanda bhaji ok? is besan good?

    Vada paav nako...kanda bhaji chaltil...besan pithale kha..pan besan bhat nako..

    आता तुम्हीच तुमचे ठरवा काय जमते ते...

    पण हे करा नक्की फायदा होईल...

  • ata mala saanga raav chapati bhat ajibat nahi ki in limit . ata me 3 chapati khato and 2 wati bhat. jar chapati nahi tar exactly kay. bhaakri? karan chicken mutton khayacha kasha without chapati bhaat.

  • मासे खोबऱ्याच्या तेलात तळुन भरपूर खा ...

    भात अजिबात नको...

    आपण पोळी भाजी खातो....

    आता आपल्याला भाजी आणि पोळी खायची आहे...

    भाजी २ वाट्या आणि पोळी एकच

    पोळी खपली गव्हाची खाल्ली तर उत्तम

  • भाकरी आणि चपाती फार फरक नाही ... १९/२० चा फरक आहे..

    एकदम जमणार नाही ..हळू हळू जमेल...

    प्रयत्न तर करा..

  • अंड्याची भुर्जी खा... पोळी ऐवजी बेसन चिल्ला /बेसनाचे घावन खा.

  • @ cure... कडधान्याचे थालीपीठ खा to do?... ingredients,?. Proportion?... mug,matki,bason,?.. pls explain

  • @ cure... and is these mixed atta or Bhajni pith,available in Mumbai? Where? I stay in Parle...

  • ghari banwata ale tar changale... kad dhanye bhijawun bhajun ....

    In Pune we get readymade... but who knows what they add??

  • Sure! Ok.

  • there was one Good old time doctor...dr.Purandare...he use to always say...soak grain roast then use....

    That is the best way to use grains..

  • Switch to LCHF diet.

  • Please NOTE - every one here is trying to help you -- follow certain principals and have discipline -- you will be fine.

    Mae sure NOT to change or stop taking medicine without checking with doctor.

    LCHF diet has helped many Type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

  • champak bhai samjhi gayo tame shu kewa mago cho😁

    25 varas gujarat ma rahi ne dhokla fafda bhajiya dalwada khawani adat etli vhale to na jaye na malik😂 thankfully sweets khawani adat nathi.

    let me take first steps on recovery

    btw strange but my legs seems shrinking. muscle loss due to diabetes?

  • Do you have leg pain?

  • no leg pains

  • I dont believe you loose muscles due to diabetes

    I have been reading and collecting info for 8 years now --

    India is No One - with highest Diabetes patients in the world and they can NOT

    afford the test strips ---

    Do you get - feel tingling or burning under feet ?

    or just leg cramps ?

  • nothing of that sorts

  • Sorry - Forgot to welcome you to the Forum...

    dont get nervous--ask anything --but please read some posts and know your self..

  • Hello dheerp


    Since you take eggs then breakfast should be eggs fried in butter or ghee.

    Some sprouts. Mushrooms. non starchy veggies

    Over night saoked nuts like almonds. Walnuts . peanuts

    Lunch can have one chappati with ghee & lots of non starchy veggies

    Snack can have nuts

    Dinner can have 1 roti & non veg & non starchy veg

    No issue with non veg as its proteins & fats.

    No need to go zero carb but can reduce it

    In mumbai if u want to have junk food then take only Wada & discard the Pav.

    Can take besan bhajia. But these are made with rancid & multiple times used oils & hence causes inflammation & oxidised lipids which are dangerous.

    May be once in 6 months is ok. But not regularly

    I stopped wada pav for almost 2 years now after diagnosis.

    Once in 6 months i also have a wada in the streets of Mumbai....

  • would not HF diet increase weight which is already 100kg.

    bhajiyas i meant like kanda bhaji(not potato) ,home made

    amazing control on wada paav there 😂😂

    any ideas on roti substitue like bhakri, etc i mean eating sabjis or non veg by themselves would be tough

  • eating veggie only not bad -once you get sued to it... If you are a good cook -or wife cooks well -try Palak Paneer, Malai Kofta , Bhindi Masala,

    Cauliflower - Biagan Bhaidka -

    For roti- try to use some bajari flower, add flaxseed meal and almond meal

    ( ground powder ) if available - and make like sof paratha -

    check for more recipes

    eat more salad - raw veggies - stir fried - half cooked

    veggie -green juice and smoothies -protein shake etc

  • Have 1 roti

    Or switch to keto roti made of almond flour + coconut flour.

    With low carb ... high fats will not cause weight gain

  • how about below foods.

    1) paneer : from milk shops or amul frozen paneer

    2) milk - is it high carb?

    3) cheese- amul cheese

    4) butter- amul butter

    5) mayonaise - home made or from supermarket (for making salads like chicken or lettuce)

    6) tea coffee- zero milk/zero sugar or milk/zero sugar.

  • paneer good

    milk limited quantity ok...(cow milk full fat)

    cheese doudega (mera personal experience is not good with exotic cheese..apana amul is good)

    Amul butter se amul ka cream leke usko ferment karo...

    mayonaise... ask Shashikantiyengar i never tried...

    tea coffee chalega...without sugar

  • I dont take mayo... store purchased one could have soy in it.

    Best avoided or made at home with the help of youtube

  • and dahi. packed , from dairy shop, or make at home if ok to have

  • have home made... use Chakka.... toch shrikhandachya adhicha... dahyatun pani kadhun taklela...

  • Welcome.Firstly,you have done right by joining this forum. Interaction with other diabetics will help find a way to manage your diabetes.

    Second,knowledge about diabetes is paramount.Unless you know everything about your enemy,you cannot workout a strategy to defeat and manage it.

    A diabetic is somewhat personal.Unlike other medical conditions which respond to similar treatments uniformly,diabetes behaves uniquely because each individual is unique and hence you have to depend on yourself to manage your diabetes,of course with help from doctors, dieticians,other successful diabetics etc.You can also learn from other diabetics by observing what went wrong with them.

    Diabetes management depends on four distinct areas--diet,exercise,lifestyle,and medicines.Diet plays a predominant role.We should be keenly aware what we are eating,how much we are eating and how much we maintain discipline in timing of each meal.My experience tells me that you have to give up processed sugar more or less completely.Same goes for sugar rich fruits like dates though they are otherwise rich in needed nutrients.You should understand what glycemic index and glycemic load means.They tell you how sweet stuff is and how much of each item you can safely eat,like you should be frugal in eating carb rich rice,wheat,root vegetables like potato,beet,carrot etc while you can be liberal while eating vegetables and greens.Alcohol is best avoided.It skews up your sugar levels and adds unnecessary calories to your system.

    You have got to to exercise regularly.Play a game like shuttle or go for a walk or swimming.Aim for at least 40 minutes of daily exercise.It will not only help you to manage diabetes but also maintain other parameters of your health.Exercise and music are a great combination.

    Diabetes demands discipline. Late nights,irregular meal habits,binge drinking etc are not good.They may increase your stress levels and disrupt your metabolic cycles.

    Lastly,in spite of all the discipline and what not, you still have high numbers,you have to consult a good diabetes doctor and act strictly as per his advise.You have to monitor regularly at home and go for quarterly/ annual reviews without fail.Diabetes is a progressive disorder.That means it gets worse as you get older.So,your aim should be to not only control the numbers but also reduce the medicine doses,of course with medical advise.

    All the above gyan looks tough,but believe me,it is achievable.Diabetes will be there with you life long ,so better learn to live with it.No panga.







  • hi all got my lipid profile , all levels in desirable range except serum LDL cholestrol 37.2 which is low.

    interpretations considering i am obese at 97.4 KG

  • LDL 37.2?? are you on statin??? or regular alcohol consumption??

  • not at all . no medications(not even for diab) , no smoke no alcohol. low LDL is bad?

    visiting diab specialist tommorow.

  • hmmm on cholesterol shrisamarth is master.... but naturally so low LDL means some liver problem....

  • oh maybe shrisamrth ji will be able to help out here if he reads.

    serum chol 95

    serum trigly 114

    serum HDL chol 35

    serum LDL chol 37.2

    seeum VLDL chol 22.80

    chol/HDL chol ratio 2.71

    ldl chol/ HDL chol ratio 1.06

  • as far as diabetes is concern TG/HDL is most important... cause cause of T2 is insulin resistance...

    and TG/HDL is good indicator for insulin resistance.. which in ur case is above 3...

    it should be below 1.5..near to 1

  • kay dokedukhi ahe raav, ata tela khali kasa odhaycha

  • hahahaha varun ek lath maraychi ani khali padaycha...dusre kay... :P

  • kidding... but increase HDL... eat more good fats.... reduce carbs...

    carbs are responsible for TG...

  • ofcoz u need to address ur liver function...

    get liver scanned for fatty liver...

  • 😂😂😂 not done insulin report. ajun konte report karayche 😲 fasting kela 234 ani PP 301, HB 11.1, accucheck also started to monitor, similar levels on that too

  • paristhiti vait nahi...

    Tumhi jarur paristhiti war mat karu shakal.... thoe praytna kara... i came back from HBa1c 13.4

  • however..once u get your all reports with fasting insulin...and fasting sugar... other forum member will help u to find out ur IR... or u can also google about HOMA calculator...

  • If you are not on statins then reason for low cholesterol could be genetic. Hypocholesterolemia.

    Some problem with cholesterol synthesis. Dietary intervention will not help.

  • ohk so in that case should HDL be increased by taking LCHF ?

    i mean is there a issue with chol levels

  • Low carb will help in improving BS control and your weight. But doubt how much it will help to improve your lipids.

  • ok so one side i will be controling diab other side lipids wil go to toss🤣🤣

  • What about your parents'

    lipids ?

    Your thyroid levels ?

  • no idea both passed away. as far as i know none of them possibly were diabetic.however my father was obese. mother was heart patient(hypertension).

    have not testef thyroid levels . doc appointment is next saturday wherein he has asked come with glucose levels(f nd pp)

    s potassium and TSH levels reports.

  • Diabetes is the extreme of a spectrum of insulin-resistance. Hypertension, high triglycerides and fat around the middle are also symptoms. Good luck!

  • true i do have lot of fat around the middle

  • greetings everyone,

    i met diabetologist today, his prescription.

    tab glynase mf

    tab eternex m(20/500)

    tab pioglar(7.5)

    tab tellzy rs (4010)

    above ok?

  • hi everyone

    on above meds sugar levels ging down have altered diet slightly.still experimenting

    Today my fasting was 105

    after eating bfast of 2 egg , amul mozrella cheese, amul cheese slice 1,1 glass of tea with milk no sugar 3-4 badam

    1hr 119

    2hr 127

    comments pls is that a good bfast yo continue.

  • congratulations... keep it up....

  • 🤣 readings on medication. btw anyidea how much points(mg/dl/ )1 gm of carb raises.

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