Does Weight loss really helps in reversing Pre-diabetes?

Hello Everyone,

Inspite of loosing 24 kgs my blood sugar has incerased instead of decreasing.

I had another test today in LAL PATH LAB .

in which

Fasting BS 104mg/dl

PP BS 117mg/dl

HbA1c is 5.4...

3months before same lab gave me reults as follows:

Fasting 98mg/dl

PP 117mg/dl

HbA1c is 5.4

I am still Overweight by 2.8 kgs , Previously was obese BMI 32.6 at the time of 1st check up, Now BMI around 26.

Height 5.7 Feet

Weight 75kg

Age 27yrs

A's per BMI calculator my ideal weight is between 53.5 to 72.2 kgs..


3 months Back

Fasting 97mg/dl

PP 107mg/dl

HbA1c 5.7

On 14/07/2017

Fasting 106mg/dl

PP 85.6mg/dl

HbA1c 5.6

I am feeling confused .. Loosing weight ,Changing Diet and exercise also not helping to lower blood sugar instead it is increasing.

Looking for best advise from your experiences.

Thank you.

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11 Replies

  • You are NOT diabetic -- RELAX

    Excess weight is just one of the factor..

    I am very skinny - since child hood - current BMI 19

    still I have Diabetes for 22 years --

    Keep check on your BMI-- don't loose too much

    relax and enjoy life

  • Amitnikam,

    Your body needs time to get use to the new diet and exercise routine you've set up for yourself. How long have you been dieting/exercising? Did your doctor suggest what types of exercises to do each day/every other day?

  • It's been 3.5 months .. Doctor advised me to do brisk walk 1 hr a day... 2

  • Did they have you counting carbs?

  • Amitnikam

    You are at a safer levels

    Adopt Low carb diet & stay away from Diabetes for life...

  • Test fasting insulin


  • No need to be confused.You are within safe limits.Weight loss in a healthy way is good in it's own way and you can expect good results in medium and long term diabetes management.Sugar level readings may be read to establish trends and fine tuning your diet,medicines and exercise. They need not necessarily conform to our expectations as long as they within range.

  • Fasting blood sugar should not exceed 100 mg/dL.

    Postprandial blood sugar should not exceed 140 mg/dL.

    HbA1c: Normal (No diabetes) less than 5.7%.

    As the above conditions are satisfied in your case, there is nothing to worry about Type 2 diabetes.

  • enjoy. Great HbA1c numbers -- are you taking medicine?

  • No in haven't taken any medicines yet.

  • What blood sugar variation you are talking about?

    There will be variation in sugar values since the system in our body is continuously working.

    Fasting BS 104mg/dl

    PP BS 117mg/d

    Fasting 98mg/dl

    PP 117mg/dl

    Fasting 106mg/dl

    PP 85.6mg/dl

    need not to worry.

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