Hba1c from 11.2 ( April 1st ) to 8.1 (1st May ) in One Month Without Medication. am I moving in right direction without Medication ?

Hba1c  from 11.2 ( April 1st )  to 8.1 (1st May )   in One Month Without Medication. am I moving in right direction without Medication ?

HI , Exactly Month Before I was diagnosed for DM2 @Hba1c @11.2 - , doctor prescribed METFORMIN after much research and reading This FORUM I stooped Medicine after 4 days and stared Diet and Life change .

Now its almost 30 days and just for curiosity went for HBa1c test and I got report -- Showing 8.1 as HBa1c and Random Blood sample @ 99 .

Please, tell me AM I moving in the right direction with Diet and no medication ? How you read this figures ?

First Readings on March 1st :

Fasting : 215 , Post : 251 HBa1c : 11.2 Mean BG 258 ,Urine : 4+

Now readings on May 1 st :

Fasting: 103 ( Accu check) , Random :99 ( lab reading ) , HBa1c :8.1 Mean BG @183 ,Urine Sugar : NILL

As I suggested by readers here , I still intake lot of CARBS compare to LCHF standards and I do 30 Mins Walk morning and 15 Mins walk in Evening

Am I doing good or is there still space to improve ? Am I taking chance by going without medication ?


and here is my 15 days BG CHART .. and maintained Excell sheet with avg HBA1c Calculation Currently @6.32 ( approximated Daily Avg, calculated based on 15 Mins Meter reading for two days and calculated against 4 meter readings )


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  • Trend appears good.Keep monitoring regularly and have HbA1c after three months.Do not let up your efforts.Keep diabetes at bay as long as possible.

  • can you review my 15 days bg chart ( attached with this post ) ? any suggestions ?

  • Your FBS and PPBS are quite good.HbA1c is still high but since the trend is positive,I am sure your next A1c will be close to 6.

  • Trend is good. You will need to see how it works out in the long run and whether u r able to consistently hit A1C of 5.6 or lower.

    A1C of anything above 5.6 is never a good target.

    1 Hr PPBS 140max

    2 Hr PPBS 120 max

    FBS ~90

    That should be the target.

  • @Anup

    How can one reduce a1c by 3 points = 90mg% average in just one month ? Is here any mathematician who can calculate how much low should bs go to bring a1c from 11.2 i.e 275 down to 8.1 = 186 in just one month? Please.

  • I tried to work some formula for my OWN ( you can see IMAGES ) based on 15 Mins Readings for Two day ( yes even in night ) . After Taking Meal / Dinner My BG levels drops to 40 Units Every Hour till I reach 100's once I reach 100's only for few hours It goes to 90's stays there for 4-5 hours( 2 hours during exercise and early morning 2-3 hours ) .

    Based on This I calculate Avg BG Level for the DAY and Then Using BG to HBA1c Conversion formula I calculate LIVE HBa1c Number ..

    MY last month HBa1c ( according my own formula is around is 5.8-6.3 ( Avg BG Level Per day for 30 days is 120 -130 )

    So , I think Avf BG 120 -130 for 30 days lead my Hba1c to 8.1 .. Next month HBa1c will validate my calculation and I am expecting some thing around - 7.0 and #rd Month I should be less than @ 6.3 ( my first target )

    Please, Dont treat this calculation as serious study , Its my assumption only ,, any one done serious research and calculation , please share with us ..

  • BangaloreMate

    Let mee try.

    A1c 11.2= 275

    A1c 8.1 = 186.

    so your last 3 months average total as per a1c 8.1: 186 x3 = 558

    But we know previous 2 months a1c is 275x 2 = 550.

    so to average out to 186 your total 30 day bs should be only 8. So daily 8% 30 = < .3 mg per day. Correct me if i'm wrong.

    Bro. It takes months if not years of very strict diet control to bring down a1c.

    Sorry bro. Just for my learning. Nothing personal. 🙏🙏

  • Based on numbers, eABG dropped ~90 points

    This means that eABG actually has dropped closed to 180 as first month RBC account for around 47% weight-age on A1C. This is presuming the avg rbc life of 90 days.

    It's possible.

  • @Anup

    Too complicated 🐒🐒. Better he got a1c report done in a lab rather than calculating himself.

  • Yes, he got 8.1 from lab.

    Initial phase of self management one tends to test readings too frequently. That's fine. Only thing is it should not become an obsession.

    I set a limit for myself now at 100 strips a year. Initial days it could have been 50 strips a month :)

    With diet fixed, data available, no need to test so frequently. Test only when deviating :)

  • @anup

    But He must maintain his bs to 275 - 186 = 89 average in the later half / last month 🐒🐒.

    "As I suggested by readers here , I still intake lot of CARBS compare to LCHF standards and I do 30 Mins Walk morning and 15 Mins walk in Evening" with lot of carbs and light exercise ! I really want to understand.

  • 275 - 186 = 89 This is not as simple as Maths ... I think Its not 275 its 252 avg mean and My Guessing Maths goes like this .. 252 ( 90 days Old Cells - lab report on 1st April ) +186 ( 60 days Old Cells ) +120( 30 Days Old Cells - According my Own Tracking)

    Avg BG calculated based on HBA1c so ..

    (252+182+120)/3=181.22 ~~ 8.1 HBA1c ..

    Its just assumption .. please correct me if i wrong

  • BG to hba1c I already using this formula ..

  • BangaloreMate

    I'm talking about numbers. Look at your numbers using this formula.

    But it's fine. What is important is that one can reduce a1c greatly in just one month.

  • It is 2 month , march 1 to May 1.

  • Its typo

  • initially when it got diagnosed for me i.e 18yr back, a small dose of medicine and excise appears to be controlled every thing, but over a period of time maintaining the same results requires a lot of medication and highly disciplined diet and exercise.

  • Medicine - was the key word ... I am not taking any medicines and I took it for two days .. my BG levels gone 80+ but without medicines its around 90-100 ..

    Once you are on medicines than there is no turn back , but without medication , I seen here many claim they are maintaining it for many years ..

    Let Me Control Till My Body Responds .. and If it once stops responding .. Than there is allays a BITTER PILL to keep life go on.....

  • I am into 7th year on ZERO medications.

    Had I been on so called "healthy diet" that mainstream peddles, I am sure i would be consuming 3.65 kg Metformin per year, at least.

  • With out Medication we can control our diet in more committed way than With medicines ,

    When we are on medicines , we try to eat everything delegating responsibility of keeping BG Levels to medicines and slowly we become lazy to do exercise usting Medicines will take care our BG numbers

    But The moment you stop taking medicines , you will become alert and our fear of complications always we keeps us always on alert mode , we do exercise and strict diet regularly ..

    This what makes NON Medication Diabetic more healthy than Medicine dependent

  • Most diabetics who start managing with medicines, also land up with medications for lipids, hypertension and in 2 decades or so, all anti hyperglycemic pills start failing and one has to take insulin shots.

    Inability to give up bad diet is often covered with the excuse that Doctor , WHO, ADA says it is healthy and then they feel happy with A1C of 7.x

  • The Moment I Come to Know METFORMIN Stops Liver from releasing Glucose ( Livers Natural Work disturbed ) , Artificially Increases Insulin Sensitivity (Root Cause Untreated ) and I decided to STOP THIS Medicines .. Its Outright Intervention of External Force on my natural body process.

    I think my BODY Can heal itself , if I provide healthy environment ( diet and exercise ) and time to recovery ..

    I have great belief in SELF HEALING .. I am trying it ..

  • BangaloreMate

    "Once you are on medicines than there is no turn back , "

    Sorry bro. With idm you can drop medicines gradually and completely. And you have to keep strict diet control for your entire life.

  • sekharmc

    You are right.No medicine in this world can control bs. Only and only diet can reverse your D.

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