why LDH is high

I have been following LW and LCHF diet for the past 3 months. I take glyciphage 500 in the morning, and glyciphage 850 and Rosavas 5 mg for cholesterol in the night. My blood results on Aug 1st week was

FBS 121

PPBS 108

a1c 7.1

serum chol -135

trig 149

HDL 53

LDL 53


since oct 3rd week, due to very low PPBS ,around 88-90 after taking LW for breakfast, I stopped taking morning glyciphage. (on my own)

Lat week I repeated all the test again after following LW and LCHF .My intake of carb is small portions. Per Shooter George's post, one has to take LW in accordance to ones weight. But, for me though my wt was

60 kg in Aug, now it is reduced to 58, I cannot finish my plate if I take 60/58 gms of LW. so I reduce the qty, acc to my requirement.(maybe half my weight)

FBS 102

PPBS 107

a1c 6.9

ser, chor -174

trig 139

HDL 73

LDL 74


Morning I have herbal powder (from Senthil) mixed with water

1/2 hour walk in my backyard.

then, black coffee with VCO or sometimes ghee.

later for breakfast -1/2 cup of LW with moong dal and lots of coconut.

For lunch, chamba rice 1cup, with veg

For evening 1 cup black coffee with VCO/ghee

2 tsp of aval/pori (flattened rice) with lots of cocnut and 1tsp ghee.

dinner LW with veg curry with coconut.

No root veg,/meat/egg no fruits, no sugar, I follow vegan diet.

MY blood results looks good, but why has LDL gone up, since using lots of coconut oil/coconut/ghee in my diet. Earlier, before, HF diet, I used to restrict use of coconut oil, coconut etc thinking, it would affect my cholesterol.

Dr has changed my cholesterol medicine to storvas. 10 mg. stating, my results looks good, and he wants to maintain them as such. check up next after 3 months. Thanks all in this forum for guiding me to show progress in my blood results, but your further valuable comments about my diet and blood results too would be appreciated.

Any comments.


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24 Replies

  • Don't worry!

    There are more sub fractions of LDL than are generally recognised, but the primary one of concern is small dense pattern B. These are the nasty ones that can slip inside artery wall, become oxidised etc

    If you are following a LCHF diet then LDL would be expected to rise (along with HDL) but will be mainly large buoyant pattern A (often reassuringly called 'fluffy'). These are regarded as harmless.

    LDL is the delivery system for cholesterol etc, HDL is the counterpart returning exhausted fractions to the liver for recycling.

    In my opinion I think you are doing fine.

  • Thank you for your exhaustive reply. I appreciate your response and assurance.

  • A1C is HIGH. I would worry more about that than anything else for the time being. LDL TC I won't care. My LDL has been in the 90's since long and I eat far greater amount of fat and cholesterol (3 eggs a day) than you do, and yet my TC is around 160's. Also, your FBS/PPBS don't really add up to A1C of 6.9

    Eating 2gm/kg (High Carb Diet) LW and reducing weight just proves my contention of creating artificial deprivation by eating boiled whole wheat. Passes thru to stool most of it I guess and gives a false indication that blood sugar is being reduced because LW is curing diabetes. It's like the difference between eating peanuts by chewing just 5 times and chewing 50 times. You are bound to find more peanuts chips in stool in the former case and less nutrient absorption.

    BTW, lower the cholesterol better theory doesn't apply to cholesterol. As we age we need higher cholesterol. TC ahs nothing to do with CVD/CHD. It's all a scam to sell more statins.

  • Thanks Anup. Yes, i know a1c is high. I am in the infant stage of trying to manage diabetes. LC diet, i take LW as part of the carb, and legume as protein, and coconut oil/coconut scrappings as fat, with lots of veg for fibre and try to balance the cycle. and that too in small portions. I donot have the problem of LW passing as bulk in stool, since portion size is minimum with other complementary food.

    earlier, my a1c was 7.7 in April 2014,

    7.9 in June 2014, and

    7.7 in Jan 2015.

    It is much better now. after following these diets. I still have a long way to go, but small baby step at a time. appreciate your enthusiasm for LCHF diet, which i am following acc to my limited food choices. along with LW also, being a portion of carb. intake.

  • Hi Anup:

    Thanks for your inputs.

    Quick question.

    I know you are a well informed guy in this forum.

    Could you pls explain what do you mean by

    "As we age, we need higher Cholesterol"........


  • Also if I may, My B12 has been on the high side....................it is 1431 (instead of the permitted range below 740 )

    Any suggestions please.

    Thanks and regards for excellent inputs every one.

  • Sure.

    Will do after my next visit to Endocrinologist visit scheduled after end of this month.

    However, when I checked with her on the phone, she said

    "Just ignore this for now..............the excess will excrete through urine over a period of time"


    Great week end,

  • Get KFT/LFT done in detail. Also check if you have prostrate enlargement. B12 normally doesn't assimilate unless there's a clearance problem (liver, kidney issues) or there's some cancer issue. High B12 isn't an encouraging sign, sorry but not trying to dishearten you.

    So, this would need a detailed examination to assess the reason and not taken lightly even if the doctors say not to worry. They never will worry till you reach a terminal stage of any disorder as that's where the real big money comes from -- expensive procedures, expensive diagnostic tests, super expensive drugs. It's necessary to turn paranoid with such doctors and ask them to give explanation instead of giving a "chalta hai" type of reply.

  • Thank you sir for nice and valuable words.

    I just got all the test (a panel of more than 40 of them) but this one was missing.

    My humble question to you is.

    "Can I go ahead and request the DOC to prescribe this for me (KT / KFT).

    Just got back from routine procedure (colonoscopy - family history).

    I can correspond with the Doc for recovery status online.

    If you may, pls let me know.

    Thanks a bunch.


  • Yes you can definitely ask the doctor to recommend.

    You can even walk in to any reputed diagnostic center and request them to do it. If moving in directly, then ask for discounts as all these centers pay commissions to referring doctors. I have personal experience so I can vouch for the commission part.

    I normally get all tests done through Thyrocare as that eliminates all commissions etc that goes to referring doctors.

  • Thanks.........

    I will.

    Have a great week end sir.


  • Hi:

    Just a small suggestion, if I may.

    I am not a medically qualified guy though.

    However, I am a pure veggie guy never ate meat or chicken.

    Looks like you are a veggie too, based on your info.

    If I may suggest, please try avoiding GHEE and see if there are any 'status change' in LDL.

    Please note... I am not sure.... But that worked in my case.

    Of course I stuck to BUTTER but avoided GHEE.


  • Hi siva24,

    Thanks for your input. I too thought that ghee should be avoided, and have since the results. I will take a next lipid test in a month's time to evaluate the LDL without ghee, others being same. will report .Thank you all for your guidance.

  • Best source of FAT is VCO

    Next is BUTTER

    Ghee sparingly used.

    Worst source is Sunflower, Canola, Safola and all those n-6 pufa loaded industrial vegetable oils.

    LDL you shouldn't bother. Focus on TG < 100.

    Look at how your TG/HDL has improved. I don;t know why you are so concerned about LDL while your HDL/LDL is almost unchanged. Total cholesterol upto 250 with such ratios I wouldn't even miss a heart beat :)

  • Hi Anup,

    Thank you for your assurance. yes, coconut oil has always been our medium of oil, next being nalla enna (gingely oil for dosa and pickles). After following HF diet, HDL has improved.

  • Yes so improvement of HDL and TG/GDL ratio, it is an indirect indication that LDL must have grown large and fluffy and they are not something to worry about. If worries too much, go for LDL subfraction tests at Dr Lal's Pathlab outlets. I wouldn't even bother about LDL at your ratios.

    Saturated fat is best DRUG for improving HDL.

  • "Saturated fats may be better for longevity than unsaturated fats"

    Dr. Richard K. Bernstein,MD replies a question about VCO:

    Q: I wanted to ask you about the increasing popularity of using coconut oil to cook with. Up to now, I've been only using olive oil as per your guidelines. What's your latest thinking about eating and using saturated fats and medium chain fatty acids, such as coconut oil? My highly respected endo doc says stay away from it; it's as bad as eating "red meat!”

    A: Quite honestly, the risk factors for heart disease, therosclerosis, and so on, associated with diabetes boil down to high blood sugar. If you can normalize your blood sugar, you’ve taken away 95% of the risk of diabetes; may be all of it. How much fat are you going to eat when you cook your eggs, or whatever you are cooking? I cook my eggs in coconut oil, and it’s a tiny amount. I grab a little hunk with the spatula and put it in the skillet, and it’s almost nothing.

    May be it’s a tablespoon or two and that is not going to kill you.Why an endocrinologist should get hysterical over a tablespoon of coconut is beyond me, because there is a lot of evidence saturated fats may be better for longevity than unsaturated fats.

    Source: facebook.com/diabetesuniver...

  • Unsaturated fat turns rancid very fast :)

    SFA doesn't so quickly. VCO is only oil which can be safely re-used after frying. Other oils become just suitable for lighting Diwali lamps after first frying.

    VOO never for cooking.

  • Why avoid ghee and prefer butter? as both contains saturated fat and cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol and saturated fat has nothing to do with blood cholesterol levels. There is nothing bad about LDL as long as it is really not skewed. If one is having arterial inflammation and LDL levels are normal, the person is at higher risk of CHD. So mere looking at LDL levels is useless. More than 50% of CHD patients have normal cholesterol levels.

  • There is nothing to worry about your lipids if you don't know any other parameters like apo B (or LDL subfraction), hsCRP, homocysteine, lp(a), arterial calcification etc.

  • Here is my A1C 15 days ago.

    ComponentStandard Range Your Value

    POC Hemoglobin A1C4.3-6.0 % 6.8

    Average Blood Glucose 149

    Cholesterol, Total 235

    (Reference Ranges

    Desirable: <200 mg/dL

    Borderline High Risk: 200 - 239 mg/dL

    High Risk: >239 mg/dL )

    UN-AVOIDABLE recommendation from Family provide was:

    I have been put on STATIN since the last 10 days.

    LIPITOR 40 Mg once before BED TIME.

    Don't know what to do...........because therer is a follow up Appointment coming up in another 10 days.


    Low Density Lipoprotein 163

    Reference Ranges

    <100 mg/dL OPTIMAL


    130-159 mg/dL BORDERLINE HIGH

    160-189 mg/dL HIGH

    >=190 mg/dL VERY HIGH

    Hope I am not doing bad considering that I have been a diabetic for more than 25 long years and a senior.

    However, 1 question.

    I want to continue COCONUT oil and BUTTER with some Ghee.

    Any comments.

    Thanks and regards for all valuable inputs gentlemen.

    Have a great week end.

  • Thanks Champak.

    I am going to try this.

    Grateful to you sir.


  • VLDL would be TG/5, so that's why having TG lower is better. VLDL is worst thing to have high so TG is also the worse thing to have high.

    As for LDL and CVD/CHD, here's an interesting piece:

    "The “silent killer.” 50% of patients who die suddenly from a heart attack had normal LDL cholesterol level."


    So LDL, TC etc is irrelevant. One has to look for other reliable stuff as shrimsamarth has mentioned in this thread. US recommendations are for selling more STATINS :)

    STATINS make diabetes control more difficult.

  • thank you champakji. Will try the garlic-ginger for lowering LDL.

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