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Hi Guys,

I have been on LCHF now from past couple of weeks. Below are the things i take please suggest whether i'm on the right direction or not. I have seen a considerable changes in my body but just wanted to confirm from the existing LCHF diet followers.

4 Wheat Chapati's a day. My chapati's weigh 35grams (i literally did that). So i take 1 chapati in breakfast, 2 in lunch, 1 in dinner. So basically as per internet wheat had 75gm of carbs on each 100gm. So i take close to 80 grams of carbs from chapati.

I wake up at 7.30am, drink a glass of water. Go for jogging. At around 8.30am i take a green tea mixed with half lemon and a pinch of cinnamon powder.

around 10am I take 1 chapati, 2egg omlette whole, any vegetable (only low carb vegetables here) or sometimes only omlette and upma or somtimes only omlette and poha.

around 1.30 pm a plate of cabbage salad, 2 chapati's with one bowl tour daal and half a bowl of cooked vegetable

aound 4.30 - 5 i take a glass of bottle gourd juice.

around 6.30-7 one more green tea with same ingredients as above.

around 10-10.30 dinner with raw cabbage salad, 1 chapati, a bowl of any vegetable and a bowl of dal from lunch, if possible for fat I eat chicken, mutton or fish.

Please let me know guys. What do you think about this. What is the normal range of carbs one should take on a daily basis. I think with above diet I'm taking close to 125-150 gm of carbs.

Also sometimes i drink 180ml alcohol (diet one with zero sugar and zero fat) with peanuts & boiled chana.


Bipin Singh

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You have not mentioned whether you are diabetic or not. If you are then it is more important to see if the diet is controlling your BS levels. Otherwise you need to reduce carb intake. And first priority should be to reduce chapati.


Hi Shrisamarth,

Yes I'm diabetic. My last figure on 12th Dec was FBS 92 & PPBS 85. I'm controlling it through exercise and diet thats it. Now the problem is i have started LCHF after my latest report. I will update the changes after 15 days


The readings of 92 and 85 are well within safe limits and I feel that you need not bother so much.


@ thebipinsingh: The first step will be to list all that you consume in a day and tabulate the carb, fat, protein and dietary fiber contents in each of them . Remember every item will have carbs to some extent except pure fat and you need to count them all.Total them up. 1 gm of carb and protein will give 4 calories of energy each. 1 gm of Fat will give 9 calories . Your aim should be to derive 70% of the total energy/day from good fats and 20 % from carbs . If you do this , you may find that you need to cut down on your chapatis further . If you are getting good results already with your diet , with this exercise, you will get excellent results


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