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Interested in LWMDR


Over the past 4 years my HBA1C has steadily increased from 4.7% to 6.3%. After testing at 3 months intervals the range varies from 5.7% to 6.3% during a one year period. While my numbers may not seem alarming to some, I would like to stop the upward trend by a combination of diet and lifestyle.

I have read ShooterGeorge’s blog, and am interested in trying out the LW diet and closely tracking and reporting my results. I would like to track my diet and as I have access to a blood glucose meter will be able to test my blood sugar levels at regular intervals and record my findings. I also anticipate obtaining HBA1C test twice a year.

My diet is vegetarian and I avoid root vegetables. I eat mainly whole wheat chapati and oats along with various green vegetables. Fruit is usually apple or orange about once a week. Rice consumption is limited as are dosa, idly and poori.

I am currently in Canada, which is a wheat growing country. I am unsure as to the equivalent to long wheat that I can obtain here. This link lists the various wheat classes:


I would appreciate guidance with regard to LWMDR

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Cut down carb intake. Get basic investigations done and know the status of your D.


Hi @vishvas thank you for the interest in LWMDR & for the details.

You have to maintain a systematic record of test results, diet details, deviations from specified diet and any related matter like infections, different illnesses, medicines like steroids, high or prolonged tensions etc.

Some more details about present condition are required for assessing progress or regress in due course.

Following details are expected:

☆ FBS between 8 & 14 hours after previous intake.

☆ PPBS at 2 hours after food intake.

☆ HbA1c you have given.

☆ Fasting Serum Insulin.

☆Lipid profile or Triglycerides & HDL Cholesterol.

Regarding Long Wheat, its scientific name is Triticum Dicocuum. It is also known as Emmer Wheat, as far as I know. It is Reddish compared to Bread Wheat, one end is somewhat pointed and other end has hair-like stuff.

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Many members have published closeup photo of LW here. If you are unable to locate, my web article has it.

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