Hba1c 4.6 Three months ago it was 6.8

Hi Everyone, first of all I want to

Thank you all for your knowledge sharing with me and others. In December 2015 i was diagnosed with Hba1c 6.8, c- peptide 5.2(range 0.7 to 3.5) as a diabetic at the age of 27, panicked n very confused started searching on internet for cure. instead i was reading more about dangerous complications, early death, etc etc. that increased my anxity instead. 

 Then came to this forum.. n started reading more n more of the posts and comments. i got dr. Bernsteins "diabetes solution" n Jenny Ruhl's "blood suger 101" started to learn a lot about LCHF, ketogenic diet, n all. it all made sense. And lchf is very easy to follow.Thanks to Mr anup he is one of the very helpful and knowledgeable people on this forum. He had very strong n sensible points in every debate.

 then i came across Mr. shooter George's LWMDR and his fantastic long term experimental journey to cure/manage diabetes . All these and other people on this forum are doing great work of helping ignorant people like me. Thanks to mr. Shooter George for this healthy n testy long wheat mash recepie that gave me hope of cure. I am from south Maharashtra, so long wheat is easily available here at my village. at rs. 50 per kg. and we always use it for making sweet kheer(kanji) with broken long wheat , jaggary n salt for festivals n even in weddings. Now a days it is not cultivated much coz of less raining but its still easily available.

After my official diagnosis of diabetes i never consumed any form of sweet, fruits, bakery or packaged food. n started checking on my dads gluco metre. Readings were

 fasting 88- 105

PP 108 - 148

So too much blood hikes were not a problem initially. So i decided to follow LWMDR exactly as guided by Mr. Shooter George. No sweets, fruits. Long wheat (same as my weight 68 gram) cooked in pressure cooker then little grinding in mixer, then cooked in 1 tbs ghee with low carb vegetables n spices( termeric, garlic, chilli powder,cumin, hing,salt,black sesame seeds etc). and side dish was always coconut chutney, peanut chutny, flax seed powder and moringa(drumstick) leaves spicy powder. This LWMDR dish consumed for breakfast n dinner.

For lunch i chose very low carb meal plan - very low carb mix veg preparation with cheese or/ chicken with very thick strained curd (Buffalo) or/ egg bhurji made in VCO with cheese. 

for snacks 5 almonds 5 walnuts.

n hot coconut milk with cocoa n coffee.

I guess i was consuming 100 to 120 gram carbs daily n lot of healthy fats adequate amount of proteins. after this regime

 fasting 84- 98, and breakfast, n lunch numbers never exceeded 105. only after dinner number always shooted to 150. Chronic back pain n constipation was cured. Sleep quality improved n depression gone.

Now after 2 n half months strictly following this diet.

 my lab test came with Hba1c 4.7 and fasting suger 63.

 I thought results were false as it were tested in hospital lab, so to test Hba1c accuracy next day i went to NABL accredited lab n did full blood work.

All results lipid, thyroid, kidney, liver function, hemoglobin etc were normal. And Hba1c = 4.6 fasting= 73 n pp= 99. Took results to doctor. Now he says was never diabetic or misdiagnosed. what do you people think, was i never diabetic or am i cured??? Coz depending on my three months glucometre testing I estimated my Hba1c to be 5.8. Then How did i get such low Hba1c 4.6 even though i was consuming 100-120 gram carbs every day??????? 

 thank you


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  • If your meter is accu-chek active, it normally reads higher than lab. Diabetes cannot be cured. It can only be managed and good thing is you started learning diabetes management from two best resources -- Dr Bernstein an d Jenny Ruhl. Stick to what you are doing and enjoy healthy and drug free life for years to come.

    "Thanks to Mr anup he is one of the very helpful and knowledgeable people on this forum. He had very strong n sensible points in every debate."

    Thanks. But some (four or five) guys are desperately trying to see me off from here. 

  • "Thanks. But some (four or five) guys are desperately trying to see me off from here."

    That is never going to happen. I don't know who these people are but they will just keep doing what they are best at. Hate-mongering.

    Your knowledge is impeccable and you are a wonderful human being. Helping so many people lead a healthy life without dependence on drugs. That is a great service to the community

    For every one of those 4-5 people, I am sure there are a hundred here(myself included)who wholeheartedly support you :)

  • "That is never going to happen. I don't know who these people are but they will just keep doing what they are best at. Hate-mongering."

    They are at it very desperately. I know who they are but not going to name them. If anyone tries even slightly to negate my view, they try to befriend that guy or gal by cheer-leading blindly.

    And, if they succeed in their in-pack hunting games that they are planning through PM, I don;t lose anything. This forum loses. Forum cannot have traffic with 4 or 5 guys cheering each other and offering no pointed solution. The solutions offered are what every diabetic is already aware of.

  • Before banning or restricting, moderators should also evaluate the value being added by given people(s).Just by googling and doing copy paste or doing copy paste of some newsletter subscribed to is not adding any value.

    If few guys get into a group and stater trolling -- adding no value as evident from number of followers that they have managed then their complains itself should be treated as trolling as they are basically working with an agenda of not helping but being pessimistic and sadistic in approach and believe in playing kiddish games of "mine is bigger than yours" s they say.

    It's very easy for moderators to see who is playing these games if they look at PM communications of handful few.

    By banning users with huge number of followers, forum stands to lose. Those followers also leave with the boss. This is what happened exactly when these guys managed to get you restricted last time and then started playing same game with anyone and everyone who talked LCHF.

    What happened? Users left.

    Who lost? This forum.

    Those who have been trolling for years have never managed great following. Just because 10 guys get together and start reporting against guys who talk LCHF doesn't really make any sense. If LCHF guys started working like that, I am sure 100+ report to admin would start going against those who are currently playing these nasty games.

    Some will report this post of mine also. Let them do. I want that moderators should also discourage this "moving in group" game that's going on where few guys get together and start reporting in a group. This should be discouraged by MODERATORS here.

  • Right!

  • Some people are just pushing forum towards a constant cold war ....I think its enough now...admin should be wise enough to differentiate b/w genuine people and people who are just posting for the sake of initiate again a cold war ...   fake techniques for making posts popular without any substance ....

  • Well, admin and moderators have to discourage this "group hunting" techniques that some of these old guys employ. Usual trick one will provoke and then all will report to admin.

    If admin tracks PM communications, it will be clear what some guys are upto. Now the provocation is not direct. "A" will communicate with "B" (A and B are friends) insulting "C" (C is the one that they want banned) that's their new strategy. Never imagined 70 and 80 year old could be doing this.

    If we guys also start playing same games we could well have 100 "report to admin" for each provocation. It's not a question of banning or restricting  as that really doesn't count, though it may give some sadistic pleasure to guys who are playing these games.

  • agree...:) ...one point which can be exploited to find out genuine people...who themselves are following some methods to combat disease "X" and sharing their experiences with others rather every-time posting some research/finding to influence people ...never talk about their own findings/mistakes/leanings...everybody can explore internet and find such thing...but most valuable on being this forum is personal experiences to solve problem "X", which we can not get through internet ...

    If you look closely these kind of people will never talk about their experiences...i suspect many times "Are these people diabetic or not  or just joined the forum for knowing what going on in diabetic patients community" ...If someone has not experienced a nail in his shoes ever...how can he give a advice , so that you dont have to feel the pain of nail in your shoe :)    

  • Oh, they haven't shared anything of their diet, drugs dose, etc. Most only do COPY PASTE from all over the web and hunt for some rat studies which show that FAT is bad. They haven't even posted their meals even ONCE in 3 years.

    People come on forum (any forum anywhere in the world) for solutions. They don't come  to forums have some ADA/Mayo pamphlet slapped on their forehead.

  • Most people come here because they are disappointed with traditional medical advises ...If here also some people giving you the solutions same as ususal medical science ....why  not do to doctors...why to waste our time here...its not facebook...people dont write here for fun :) :)

  • Precisely.

  • Will be paying closer attention to such people now. I am aware of a certain someone who keeps pushing ADA and Mayo clinic guidelines.

    I agree. If you get banned or restricted, this forum will lose and not you. We will not let that happen. You have full support of so many people behind you.

  • pragyac90Totallyl agree with you

  • Thanks!

  • dear sumitrocks2009, just curiosity: which city you based/line in???? pls write to me your mobile No. on lalit.jhaveri@gmail.com; I may have to communicate outside public domain and thus, this request; thnx in advance, I'm Mumbai-based; my apologies to all for deviating from main topic/discussion;

  • 101% agree!

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you very much for you valuable reply. Yes i am using accu chek active meter. And I agree diabetes can not be cured only managed. But when I walked to my doc with new reports he said I am not diabetic, but I should still follow same lifestyle am following from last few months. Is it possible that i was misdiagnosed??? 

  • Forget the doc. If they see report of Dr Richard Bernstein, they will say the same thing.He is non diabetic :D :D :D

    6.8 can't be misdx.

    Even I don't take drugs and any doctor who would test my A1C will say the same thing that I am not diabetic. If i tell them I am following LCHF diet, they will say I will have multiple organ failures in 100 years.

    So, do what u r doing.

  • Very true.. Diabetic or non Diabetic.. I am going to follow this new lifestyle seriously. And an happy to be in forum like this where people take care of each other :)

  • And some hate everyone who talks LCHF. 

    LCHF diet sin't liked here and some do everything that they can do to make sure that LCHF doesn't spread. But, it's growing at a rapid clip.

  • Anup

    why do we need to strain curd?

  • Drains out carbs in form of liquid which has milk sugar

  • Anup Ji, You are doing great service to humanity.

  • Thanks banku007 

    Unfortunately a group of four or five 60+ guys aren't happy about what I am doing. I am not naming them, but I know who they are. They move in group.

  • Only dirty minds would like to see you off from here; pls for God’s sake, let’s all remain neutral, unbiased and contribute without any prejudices; all info. is vital so long as it inspires and contributes to promoting healthy living; however, nothing new, that’s life in general and across genres or continents, its everywhere, amongst all populace in every country;, howsoever good one does, there are bound to be some dirty minds aiming for friction and deviating minds of others; just remain steadfast and you’re a rock-solid bold individual n you’re not going to get distracted from childish nuances; kudos to all contributors,

    To one and ALL on the platform; pls tolerate and inspire the weak;

  • ...For lunch i chose very low carb meal plan - very low carb mix veg preparation with cheese or/ chicken with very thick strained curd (Buffalo) or/ egg bhurji made in VCO with cheese. 

    for snacks 5 almonds 5 walnuts.

    n hot coconut milk with cocoa n coffee.

    I guess i was consuming 100 to 120 gram carbs daily n lot of healthy fats adequate amount of proteins. 

    Mr. Shooter George. No sweets, fruits.

    Great! But why confuse an obvious  LCHF diet with wheat? 

    It is impossible to put a success story down to long wheat when you are keeping insulin and blood sugar down by restricting overall carbohydrate consumption. You'd get the same results with any resistant starch - pulses for example. The only reason to include such starches is because you want to.

  • I agree. When I was on LW diet, my meal plan was more or less same. LW for breakfast and dinner, a very low carb meal for lunch and 5 almonds and 5 walnuts daily. My BS readings were similar.

    It is all due to restricting carbs, not eating wheat.

  • Actually LCHF's momentum has far outpaced LW.

    This makes few people unhappy so they start making groups over private message and then play report to admin games.

    All these games are becoming so very evident and hope moderators take note of this. Else, we on LCHF will have to start forming a group and play the same games that is being played by the adversaries at the moment.

    They just poke and when they are asked questions they never respond and then sit back and start clicking "Report To Admin". Moderators need to put an end to these dirty GROUP games that few oldies are playing here.

  • Was not aware that games at this level are being played in a forum that is meant to help each other. This is preposterous!

  • Well, it's time that all of us raise our voice against such a practice going on since long out here. It's a game that has been on since 2013.

    "They" want that this forum should only talk ADA/AMA/AHA. Many users in the past have even requested some of them to not indulge in incessant arguments and not to insult, but they simply don't pay any attention. They think that operating in a group they have an upper hand and can finally get anyone banned or restricted.

  • Definitely. We will. This is a forum meant to exchange views, opinions and facts and to help fellow members. This is not someone's personal turf where things will run the way they want to!

    If someone deserves to get banned, it is these people and their like.

  • lCHF definitely works better than anything while managing diabetes. But I was curious about long wheat as I was in no emergency situation to control my bs, plus it is easily available here and I am very familiar with this wheat since childhood. So i though why not give it a try. As for now combination of lw n lchf is working for me now. :) If in future blood spike occurs.. I will remove sword of full formed LCHF/ or even KETogenic diet. Thanks for your replymike pollard

  • "Mr. Shooter George. No sweets, fruits." 


  • Hello mr. Shooter George. I was eagerly waiting for your reply sir. First of all millions of thanks to u for sharing ur experience with long wheat... While curing ur diabetes. You are doing great service to humanity n that too without any expectations. God bless you sir.

    I have been eating broken long wheat kheer since childhood , never knew it can be so healthy. Have experimented wit different  spicy long wheat mash recipes , it tastes great. I am hhoping my next hba1c will be 4.5 to 4.7. 

  • I also hope and await it (HbA1c 4.5%).

  • Thank you very much sir... I am extremely obliged to u...

  • Congratulations !

  • Congratulations....Keep it up.....wish many more success stories to follow you dude....

    It is know that Long wheat gives less spike....And LCHF is no doubt useful in bringing down insulin and sugar level...

    We Indian are used to eat wheat or rice.. so including Long wheat in LCHF plan will give us further edge.

  • (1) How much fiber comes with 100 grams nuts a day that we eat with the skin?

    (2) How much fiber comes with the vegetables that we eat?

  • I agree with you sir we get lot of fibers from nuts and vegetables. But if we are eating wheat in LCHF diet plan anyway, why not eat Long wheat ( again if its easily available, as it is in my case). Putting long wheat in the frame of LCHF diet plan(getting best of the both worlds:).

    If we wants to eat completely grain free diet, then thats different scenario. 

    LCHF is like pure science. Eat less or no carbs n you are free from diabetes. Dont be afraid of saturated fats. Even if ADA/AHA/any big pharma giant conducts 50 years of experimental study with massive people consuming low carb n high saturated fat diet with end results very positively great, they will still hide this fact to make money. 

    And to me LW diet is like faith. When I was diagnosed with t2dm, I was completely devastated. Only at the age of 27 I got this dreaded disease, even when I was very active n very health conscious. So after reading Mr. Shooter George's experience was extremely relieved, that there is a hope, I might be cured.( Although I myself am not aware of anyone except Mr. Shooter George claiming cure). I know faith can be dangerous but as they say " Faith consists in believing when it is

    beyond the power of reason to believe." 

    :(So the bad news is I got diabetes = :)good news u can manage it without drugs with LCHF.

    :( bad news diabetes can never be cured =:) good news It may be cured using long wheat mash while managing diabetes with LCHF. 

    This gives sense of relief. :) 

  • Type 2 Diabetes is a "Blessing In Disguise" if we can ignore all JUNK advise that comes from ADA/AMA/AHA/USDA wrt diet. Their diet is the PROBLEM and not solution. High Carb Low Fat dietary advise to diabetics is the WORST dietary advise that can be given to a diabetic.

    As for CURE, all claims are HOGWASH. I don't know what people claim to eat as "all starchy food" when 3 idlis spikes to around 170. That's not cured diabetic for sure. I doubt  non diabetic (or cured diabetic) will spike to that value even after eating 30 idlis in one sitting.

  • Congratulations 

    Your levels are Excellent 

    You are reading the most valuable books for diabetics 

    Diabetes cannot be cured but controlled 

    Keep carbs levels low 

    Keep good fats levels high. 

    Do the tests every 3 months for some time till you are convinced about the safety of LCHF 

    Eat only 3 times a day and don't tax your pancreas by eating 6 times a day 

    Do intermittent fasting 

    Totally sacrifice all bakery items and sweets 

    You can have these once in a while in controlled qty

    You will live longer and lead a healthy life if you adopt this healthy lifestyle

    Chances of some of the diseases will become low in your case: hypertension, cancer, musculoskeletal problems, obesity all these will be minimised with this low carb and high fat diet 

    Please remember that don't discuss this much in your circle till you tests yourself  once more after 3 months and then once more after 6 months 

    So testing a few cycles of 3 months will convince you 

    Tests: HBA1C, liver function test, renal function, HSCRP, Homocystiene  

    All the best. 

  • Thank you for ur valuable advice..  I am thinking about adding intermittent fasting weekly 5:2 days or everyday 16 :8 hrs . which do you think is more effective and healthy in long run???

  • 5:2

  • Thank you sir

  • Iyerjee....

    Nice to see you back.....

    How was year end???

  • Very good  to seen your discussion. Very happy to seen your blood sugar level  and HBA1C is 4.7  It is  great control.

      Your diet is good however  to consume  some less quality of grains like rice wheat  etc is good. Occasionally  or any festival day or-any functions if you attended  very small quantity of sweets taken may not  happen much about but you should control   after it in  daily basis

      Some time lab  report may  different   and not accurate  This may be your case.

      However you are controlling in good way keep it up  and get good health .  You may not discontinue your diet  any other reasons .

      Generally if diabetes noticed it must be confirmed by different examinations  in 2 or 3 times in different  days .  Mostly your case Doctor may not consider these  small observation.

      However you may be  confirm after 2 months again test HBA1C and FBS and PPBS

      The PPBS after lunch if some thing more  it is natural   not to take  seriously   Generally for breakfast  we may consume some medium quantity and for lunch most of them taken some heavy quantity  After again 2 or 3 hour  it became your FBS result  You may test this  in   any days

  • Thanks for your update , I am now 58 and diabetic from the age of 42 , recently has undergone Angioplasty and sugar level is Fasting 135 and PP 200 . Need advice on Proper diet to Control the sugar .

  • Hi All

    Kindly let me know how much grams of Long Wheat I can have per day?. My weight is 68 KG. I daily take only egg Omelet but for lunch, Snacks (Bhajji in South which is made up of Chickpeash flour and Green Chilly and dinner I am facing little difficulty in managing

    So planning to have Long Wheat +NON veg in small quantity for both Lunch and Dinner



  • 68 grams

  • Hi dinkarblr r,

    You SHOULD have minimum 68×2=136 gm LW daily according to my experience. As per a scientific study you can take up to 300 gm daily.

  • Sir,

    What if  any one eats  more than 300 grams  a  day?

  • I am also beniffited with LWMDR, I sdtarted 15 days ago latest result:

    FBS: 103

    PPBS: 123 

    LWMDR+ Vegetables+1 small cup coffee+ half of big  glass milk  

    No walking done on this day just to see efficiancy.

    Atleast with LWMDR i can eat full stomach whihc i avoided before 

  • Thats great... Keep it up..

  • Hi sati006,are you taking any medication with this diet

  • Yes everything as usual, just sugars are down,

    Todsays number:

    FBS: 104

    PPBS at 1.5 hours : 116

    May at 2 hours it would much less i guess.

  • Hi sati006,thanks for reply me,.ur post will help me a lot

  • This is another advantage of LWMDR - eating starchy food stomach full which diabetics can never even imagine otherwise! Thank you @sati006

  • dear sumitrocks, million apologies; write to me your bank name, account No. I tried hard in South Mumbai, could not obtain LW; if any inclination, pls arrange dispatch of 1 Kg. LW and I'll provide you with my address, details, etc. - I'll deposit monies into your bank account; and thus, write to me on: lalit.jhaveri@gmail.com else, speak to me on landline No. 022-23522157,; pls do not hesitate, also an opportunity to make acquaintance; thnx a million in advance, Rgds,

  • I am extremely sorry sir. But I dont sell long wheat. I live in pune n my hometown is in sholapur district. So i myself get it from there. U can get it easily from Solapur city. Really very sorry sir....

  • pls, ls write to me at: lalit.jhaveri@gmail.com; I'll have more to discuss and all outside public domain because forum not concerned with my online communications with you; thnx in advance, p

  • Ok sir i will write to you...

  • waiting for yr communique direct to my mailbox; thnx in advance,

  • Mr. Vithal Gnagaram form pune +91 9850766330. I am also from mumbai and order from him. Have seen positive results. Do try and update each one of us as we all here learn from the experiences of others.

  • Good.

  • Dear 'sumitrocks2009'

    Good to know your progress. Congrats, keep it up and share your experience time to time. Now, one thing I want to know from you.

    How much coconut milk (in ml.) you take in a day and average consumption of no. of coconuts per week (7 days).

    Please share. Thanks.

  • Hello sir

    I usehomemade coconut milk. Only 1/2 cup (100ml approx) of thick n hot coconut milk with cocoa 1 tbs. Drink once everyday in evening. Average sized three coconuts evey week needed.

  • Thank you for quick reply.

  • U r welcome... Anytime

  • Thank-you Sumit, your post help me a lot....at lunch after using LW mt pp was 110 but same day at dinner time my pp was 150-170 ...........it happend three times regularly so I started to use long wheat in breakfast and lunch time..(..day timetime), at night I take vegen diet...

  • Hi vyasbkn.. Whats ur bs readings after breakfast n lunch now..? Try checking 1.10 hr and 2 hr later after first bite. I get my highest no.s after 1:10, frm 140 to 165.. Then its 120 to 130 after 2 hr.

    How long u hav been consuming long wheat? In mash or chapati form?? Whats effect on hba1c after lw regime??


  • In August my fasting was 165 and pp 280

  • Hi sumit ....diagnosed in August 2015 .even with vegen and raw vegen diet my bs level never come under 105....and pp 130-160.   although I was very strict for maintain my bs level....I started it from this april 8...very first day I got 85 fasting today 84 it is around 80-88 in last 7-8 days..even 70 one day..and  pp is 110-120 even 97 one day.....thanks to God Almighty who gave me a ray of hope named George EM....thank-you sir I will follow it strictly..... 

  • I have already reduced my hba1c 6.3(sep) to 5.3(4 April) by vegen diet...but that was control...but LWMDR I reduced even fasting with 20-30....may be I started my journey for cure...

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