Mr.George, I am 59 years old and Diabetic for 22 years. My diabetic was under control till 2014 with all medicines and regular exercises like walking and yoga. Last few months my FBS is 170 and PPBS is 210. Continuing the tablets Glycomet 500 morning and evening. Januvia 100 mg once in morning. I used to take LW Adai prepared with onions for breakfast. Those days my PPBS used to be 110 to 120. So after my retirement recently, I went thro all your postings and also some of the friends like swamyonline, notodiabetics,Pataliputra etc..

I am from Palghat and I live in chennai and get samba wheat in most of the grocery shops.

So I started in full swing the LWMDR from 28th April 2015 as mentioned in Mr.George's posting. My objective is to bring the sugar levels under control first. Then I will continue for curing.

I will post you my readings as it goes and I wish all you friends can comment, so that I can take course correction.

I am 5'5" and 60 Kgs and quite Active. My LWMDR is strictly as per the posting.

I am used to taking Kanji, so no problem.

My initial Reading of FBS is 165 today. After getting up I walk for 40 minutes on the terrace and then the reading.

My INITIAL doubt(as it happens to everyone) is "am I in the correct path"?

Hope I am not so greedy that expecting to get immediate results.

Waiting for your valuable inputs.

Vijay60 2 days ago

Adai as breakfast weekly once and on those days the PPBS used to be 110 to 120.

Vijay60 2 days ago

My PPBS is 205 I was eating 60 grams of LW raw as per my weight. I was feeling full and not hungry for 12 hours. So now onwards I will reduce it to 50 grams and see the progress report. This type of readings I used to get with oats and other breakfast foods.

May be my pancreas will take time to start action !!!!

Vijay60 2 days ago

May 1st. Today FBS 148 after reducing the qty of LWMD intake in the dinner time. Did not feel hungry till morning. Will check PPBS similar way after reducing the intake. {Also (just for record) yesterday after 3 hours, BS dropped from 205 to 147.}.

I am taking one teaspoon of Apple cyder vinegar mixed in 100 ml of water along with dinner. Should I continue this or stop it? Please advice.

Vijay60 2 days ago

Hi Mr. Vijay,

As long as you follow the methods suggested by Mr. George, as long as you feel comfortable while eating LWMD, no issues. But a word of caution when it comes to 'Apple Cyder Vinegar', don't consume it more and more frequently. It has its own side effects inside stomach. For more information on usage of vinegar, please google for it.

I have been eating Long Wheat in different forms for more than 1 and half year now and managing sugars very much under control. Only thing is, I am not able to eat mashed LW as its extremely difficult as I am moving here and there every now and then. These days I am eating 'dosas' made of Long Wheat in break fast & dinner and in lunch regular meal. No starvation, enjoying food. I am on half tablet of 'Metasens-500' in the afternoon and night. Thanks to Mr. George, for helping me eat like normal person (without diabetes). Now my HBA1c is 5.8 (10 days back lab report), lipids are very much under control. Only thing is I could not be as disciplined as Mr. George when it comes to following LWMD, wish I could. But you can try it as suggested by Mr. George and keep reporting. All the best.


swamyonline a day ago

Dear Mr.Swamy, Thanks for the input. I will avoid vinegar till my sugar levels improve. I am following very STRICTLY Mr.George's diet regime.

Dear Mr.George,

Today (1st May), my PPBS 112. That look's great. I had reduced the LW qty slightly to 50 gms and I don't feel hungry even after 10 hours after dinner. For breakfast I think there is scope to make it 60 gms as per my weight. Also today I did not grind the LW in the mixie, for breakfast. Will post further progress tomorrow.

Vijay60 a day ago

Fifth day, 2nd May 2015. My FBS 139. As said yesterday increased the qty of LWMD for breakfast. PPBS after 2 hours 123.

I see some positive signs. Thanks to Mr.George.


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12 Replies

  • You are doing wonderfully well. Please continue posting your progress. Good luck.

  • I was out of station for last two days. I could not take BS reading. Will start the readings from tomorrow,5th May 2015 and keep you all posted.

  • As mentioned, no LWMD & took only restaurant food on 3rd and 4th May. Only good thing was, had a very good walk for two days.

    Today, 5th May 2015. FBS 136. LWMD for breakfast. PPBS 155 after two hours.

    Now back to LWMD strictly.

  • Today 8th May, FBS 126 and PPBS 134 after two hours. Continuing LWMD strictly.

  • Dear Mr.George,

    Today,14th May 2015, after continuous LWMDR for 9 days, my FBS is 134 and PPBS is 123.

    I started LWMDR on 28th April 2015 and couldnot continue religiously. But started again from 5th May 2015 and my FBS ranged between 130 to 135 and PPBS 123 to 128 for the last 9 days. Very strict LWMDR for breakfast and Dinner. Lunch as usual rice , sambar and curd with vegetables. Instead of rice, I even substituted with KAMBU (I think it's Bajra) idles with chutney and sambar. One day took Atta Noodles for lunch. Very much satisfied with the lunch arrangement. Yoga and walking everyday, 30 minutes each. As Mr.George had mentioned in his earlier postings,the PPBS will be reducing first is coming true for me. I am maintaining a daily chart and I want to share the findings with all members. Before the LWMDR was started, the FBS was fluctuating between 165 to 190. PPBS was between 180 to 210.

    Very significant improvement in both FBS and PPBS.

    Hope I am going in the correct direction 😊😊😊.

  • :-)

  • FBS ranged between 130 to 135 and PPBS 123 to 128.

    The above readings are of last five days from 10th May to 14th May 2015 and almost consistent. Looks like it has stabilized for the time being.

  • Correct Mr.George. Indeed it has come down. As you mentioned,PPBS will reduce first and then FBS, is happening correctly.

  • Very good result keep it up and be in contact Thank you

  • Dear Mr. Vijay60,

    Very glad to know that you are following LWMDR & are beginning to see positive changes. Hearty congratulations. LW will not produce results as fast as Insulin injections or chemical tablets; it will take time. Haste will cause waste.

  • Thank you so much for your advise Mr.George. I am sincerely following LWMDR and not expecting anything to happen overnight. As you can see my today's 16 day progress posting, I have mentioned that I want to have a stabilised blood sugar levels "to start with". That is true. Hope you have seen my pre LWMDR blood sugar levels. Really very positive changes.

    May be, if the BS levels maintain or BS levels go down further, then I will have to think further.

    At present, i am happy to have the BS levels under control, with all medication in place.

    Thank you so much for the guidance and May GOD BLESS YOU.

  • This is very good Mr. Vijay60. :-) Keep it up.

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