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Dear ShooterGeorge,

I am male, 59 years old. Diagnosed Prediabetic two years ago, in June 2014 with FBG 109, PPBG 164, HbA1c 6.5. When diagnosed my height was 167 cm and waight was 73 Kg. Doctor sent me to a Dietician who gave me a strict diet plan and advised 30 minutes a day regular brisk walking.

Worried a lot after learning through various websites about complications of diabetes, I immediately started new lifestyle of Diet and Exercise followed by regular BG checkups. Since then I have lost 17 Kg, now my waight is 56.30 Kg on 2/2016. Until now I have successfully managed my FBG between 90 to 104 and PPBG 110 to 188 without any medication. My HbA1c's are: (6/2014-HPLC-D10) 6.5 and (2/2016-Turbidimetric) 5.2.

However, on eating normally the way I did before the diagnosis of Prediabetes, my PPBG has shot up above 200 mg/dl several times, indicating I am now a Diabetic.

After going through this site for several days, I have been trying to find Long Wheat to start LWMDR with your guidance as soon aspossible. I will be back with LW at hand very soon.

Your selfless service to humanity is highly appreciable. God bless you.

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No need to worry. Start LW regime. Till then control your diet,means control your carbohydrates. Continue your exercises. Worry will make your sugar go up. You are absolutely fine and you can avoid going for medicines with a slight change in lifestyle. All the best.

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But LW also carbohydrate ?


Sir just reduce the intake of carbohydrate to minimum ie rice, wheat etc. eat lot of veggies ,salads and fruits to fill your stomach. I just eat only one chapati a day for lunch and dinner and 4 spoons of oats for breakfast. The ff and PP are well under control with the same medicine.


Hello Adarsh:

My humble opinion to you for your requests.

There were several threads relating to Long Wheat (initiated by Mr. Shooter George).

I am one of the followers and for me it helps immensely.

However, to your question:

Please do a search in this website for the THREADs relating to shooter george.

This will throw up several of his concepts.

That should help you.

We are all participants and if you were to look for individuals feed back, I am not sure how the output would be.

Hence, this step I suggested would save your time and every ones time.

There are several good threads on this from him that are very very useful.... thanks to Shooter G.

Good luck and regards.

just fyi.

I am another member like you, thats all,

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Mr Adarsh , kindly let me know the details of wheat treatment for diabetes. Pl.reply, Thanking you, Sukumar


Hi @siva24,

Thank you.


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