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Ascertaing Pancreas status


Dear Sir Shooter George,

I am aged 59. Since 2005, I am diabetic. After seeing your blogs, I am following Long Wheat diet since July 2013. Very next month after started taking Long Wheat porridge, FBS gone down from 143 to 110; so also PPBS from 158 to 90. After that Blood reports shown fluctuations, when I was some what flexible in taking Long wheat diet/ irregular in physical exercises.

But I continue in Long wheat diet till now besides physical exercise for 30 minutes average and homeopathic medicines. For the last six months blood reports are within the limit ie. FBS ranging between 72 to 86 and PPBS between 100 & 126. Hba1c in March 2015 was 6.6% and in June 2015 it is 5.8%. Last five months I am not taking any medicines.

I am very much accustomed to Long wheat diet. Almost for the past two years I am continuing this diet. Recent blood reports also within the range, continuously. I want to know how to ascertain pancreas regained health.

My sincere thanks to you sir, for having enlightened us and guiding us about this Long Wheat diet in curing Diabetes. It is very much useful. In my experience, it is very much encouraging.

Thanking You Sir

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This great. Keep it up. But keep vigil on the sugar levels at home using a glucometer.

Good to hear. can you please mention about the food your taking along with long wheat.

please explain what else u have taken along with LW. thanks

Hello....can u pl explain the long wheat diet and also the homeopathic medicines

Sir pls can u tell from did u get long wheat ans whether it is availabe in mumbai. How u use to take it because my mom is diabetic and she canot follow lchf. Her medicines are going on but still her ppbs is 250.

Please see the post of member Recyan at

Great. Good news. I have started the LW diet recently, and am seeing good results. Can I know what are the other food you are taking, beside LW ?

verm in reply to nairrajis

Morning and night I use to take LW with vegitables avoiding root vegitables. For Lunch I use to take rice with usual vegitables, Non Veg items very rarely.

fruits and sweets, I have completely restricted, except on few occasions like attending functions, etc.

In my experience LW diet is very much encouraging. Just in 15 days, I could understand the progress. Then gradually BS came to normal. In second year on wards the BS is within limit.

For the past six months I am not taking any medicine. Following only LW diet and little exercise. Good control. Thanks to Shooter George.

Amit2175 in reply to verm

Thanks for ur reply

What homoeopathic medicine and quantity of doses you take.

I am on LW diet since 1 month. My BS is getting under control. Hope to regain good control. Thanks to Shooter George.

Hi nairrajis,

Thank you for reporting. :-)

seemap in reply to ShooterGeorge

Hello George sir . I am from Mumbai . 40 years of age and detected with diabetes in Jan this year. . Afterwards God willing I came across this forum. Was very much inspired by your blogs and your sincere efforts to help mankind. God bless a noble soul like you.. desperately tried to get long wheat but couldn't find in mumbai. In the mean time came across a dr who treats this disease with diet . In Jan detected with HbA1c of 10.8. It came down to 7.5 and now 5.5 on 3rd June. Since 5th June I am off medicines. BSL levels are pretty much in range. Given blood for HbA1c yesterday. I am confused. Since you are highly knowledgeable in this field I would like guidance to have some guidance from you. Please suggest me as I really want to be under your treatment as your patient. Please excuse me if I have written something wrong. Thanks in advance and awaiting your reply.

ShooterGeorge in reply to seemap

Thanks for all the praising words. Very glad to know that your HbA1c is brought down to 5.5 from 10.8 in five months by following the instructions of the Dr who treats this disease with diet. My HbA1c has never gone below 5.8. From 5th June you are off medicines & BSL levels are pretty much in range, you said. I feel there is no reason to be confused. You don't need my guidance. There is nothing to be treated in you. I am not a medical person to treat anybody. Moreover you could not find Long Wheat in Mumbai in spite of your desperate search.

seemap in reply to ShooterGeorge

Oh God ! Never expected to get a reply from you so soooon ! I am so happy. Sir in the mean time I could get through a contact in pune who agreed to send me this long wheat to my residence. Waiting for it! Sir even though my results are in the normal range i don't believe I am cured as I am still on diet. GTT also not done.. but I have lot of faith in your cure and words so l want to follow it . I will certainly keep you posted about my progress as I am checking my levels for 4 times daily. I just wanted to know whether non veg allowed as side dishes? I also believe in what you say about a cure being impossible so fast. Thanks once again sir. May God bless you . Its because of you that we are becoming aware of this therapy. So even the shop keeper told me that this wheat helps diabetics. Thanks once again.

ShooterGeorge in reply to seemap

Your BS is in the normal range without any medicines, you said. Then I do not find any reason to think that you are not cured. I used to take non-veg side dishes also during, before & after my treatment.

seemap in reply to ShooterGeorge

Respected sir , thanks for your encouragement . Sir my fasting levels were always below 100 on glucometer which I take immediately after getting up. But since a few days I was observing that it was crossing 100 (100 to 106). Then I thought of testing in the lab. At home meter showed 102 but the lab reading showed 124 ! I was shocked ! This reading on the lab I took on empty stomach after 1 and half hours after home reading. What does it indicate? Meanwhile I could get long wheat from pune. Since last week I am taking long wheat porridge as per your method at night and to my surprise my readings have gone down from above 100 to the 80's. 3 days back it was 77! Sir thanks for enlightening us about long wheat. My PPBS is and was always below 120 on my meter. Meter readings are Ok as I checked PPBS after lunch. Meter showed 125 whereas lab report came to 112 the same time. Sir will be reporting my progress regularly for your guidance as well as letting people on this forum to know the benefits of long wheat.

Didn't get what is LW diet! Please if some one could explain to me..I would appreciate .

Hi Burman1,

Given below is a reply by a member Vijay60, to another member ssampath (slightly modified by me),

Morning one cup of tea without sugar. For breakfast, take LONG WHEAT Kanji with vegetables or LW adai or LW uppuma. Kanji is the best. If 60 kg is your weight, take 60 gms of LW or samba wheat as it is called in chennai, cook in sufficient water & consume. 11 AM one cup of buttermilk or green tea or sugarless tea,if you are particular about it. Otherwise you can skip it. Lunch rice as usual. But I suggest, you have some restrictions till your blood sugar improves.

Remove starch from rice,means not prepared in pressure cooker. Have only sambar or dhal. Lots of vegetables as side dish. If you are not full, take little curd or buttermilk rice. Otherwise drink the curd/buttermilk without rice. Evening one cup of tea without sugar.

Again for dinner around 7.30 to 8 pm, take long wheat Kanji with vegetables.

No potato or root vegetables. No sweets. Whenever you feel hungry drink lot of water. Please continue your yoga,walking and medicine as usual. After four or five days check your blood sugar. Between two LWMDR, there should be 12 hours gap. For further details, you may please see, SHOOTER GEORGE'S postings. All the best.

For further information, use the links below: LWMDR Pictures for comparison, Preparing LWM Recipe (algorithm) two. Recipe (algorithm) three. mode of operation Caution The pit- falls.

Any such finding about long grain rice?

Veram: You have achieved a feat with long grain wheat. Can you kindly share your HBA1C score before going on long grain wheat? (I mean score in June 2013)

Hidden in reply to norreal

Do ya think he will tell you the truth ? Or even know what the truth is ? Loooooooong wheat is for lunatics and CHEATS. Period. If you really wanna get yr blood sugar down, cut carbs drastically, eat good fats, exercise a bit and take a Metformin or two. Anup is on the dot. Whatever name he goes by. Understand, Patliputra ??? Or too senile to figure it out ?

Norreal, I understand your question. Cheers !!

veram in reply to norreal

Hi norreal,

Before going on long grain wheat I have not tested my Hba1c. I have started Long graint wheat in June 2013. Immediately during Aug 2013, my Hba1c was 6.2%.

Which homeopathic medicine were u taking n doses?

Dear Sir,

Sorry for delay in reply. Currently in June 2015 Hba1c value is 5.8%

Previously it was 6.2% in Aug, 2013;

6.9% in Nov, 2013

6.2% in Jan 2014;

6.0% in Apr 2014;

6.7% in July 2014;

6.4% in Oct 2014;

6.6% in March 2015;

& at present in June 2015 5.8%

For the last seven months both Fasting Sugar and PPS are very much within the limit ie. below 90 and 140 without any medicine.

I am awaiting for your advice sir.

Thanking you

Thank you aks666. Appears professionally done but is too technical for me to interpret benefit.

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