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Diabetes jumps

I have siviour skin infection so Dr.Gave me wysolone 30 in the morning and azoran 50 after dinner.

i am diabetic since last 20yrs.

Taking galvus 50 (morning and dinner) along with Glycinorm M80 1+2+1(morning+lunch+dinner)

Upto last week my Hba1c was 6.2.

Now all of sudden its jumps and i am getting 416,456 (pp2bs) since last two days.

So please guide me and how to come back with normal sugar.'

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks Mr.Tejkumar.

I am pure vegetarian.

I am taking bitter gourd,pointed gourd,spiny gourd,and dudi with JAV ROTI since last 41days.


thnx; God Bless us ALL with good health,


Reduce carb in your food. suger level will come down. Galvus(50mg Vildagliptin:500 metformin )two times along with glicinorm 80 (1+2+1) is very high dose.After reducing carb,your BS will come down and skin irritation will also come down.Reduce carb is the go of the day.Thanks

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thanks,i started taking insulin 10 unit a day lantus.

now fasting is102to 132 and pp2bs 160


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