* Is there any permanent cure for diabetes

In November 2011 I had my by-pass surgery done with three grafting. My heart problem aroused due to diabetes. Now I am taking regular medicines for cholesterol BP, Diabetes, etc. I am taking one medicine i.e. GMER 2 mg 1 tablet before breakfast in the morning and 1 tablet before dinner. Will you please suggest me of any permanent cure for this disease. Some times my eyes also get affected. Will doing yoga will help me out??

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  • I dont think there is any permanent cure for diabetes, but Yoga exercise every morning for 2 hrs can bring sugar in normal as per my experience concern. God bless

  • 100% correct

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  • What type of yoga

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  • My age is 51 years and my height is 6' 2". and weight is 72 kgs. I had bye-pass surgery with 3 graftings done in November 2011 that is effected due to diabetics. I don't know how diabetes affected me. In fact I also eat more karela and green vegetables, etc. more. I having 'GMER 1 mg FORTE tablet 1in the morning before breakfast and 1 in the night before dinner but still last report of glycostat showed 10% of sugar level. Kindly give me some remedy as I want to get rid of this diabetes.

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