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Controlling Type 2 Diabetes with Ayurvedic Medicines


I am 72 year old

I have had two Angioplasty about 16 and 18 years ago.

Type 2 diabetes for the last 15 years,

Hernia and enlarged prostrate for the last 5 years, Lumbar Spondylitis for the last 30 years.

I take the following Allopathic medicines:

Diabetes - Istamet 50/500 one tablet after breakfast and one after Dinner and Oxra 5 mg one tablet after Dinner.

BP - Nebicard 5 mg 1/2 tablet twice daily and Cilacar TC 6.25 1/2 tablet, once daily.

Heart - Ecospirin Gold 20 mg one Cap daily.

Prostrate - Prostoguard one cap daily

Lumbar Spondilytis - No medicines, just a few Yoga exercises and use a belt whenever the pain increases due to my own fault.

With the above Diabetes medicines, my sugar used to be in the range FP - 110 - 120 and PP - 180-200.

1 walk about 4 to 5 Km in the evening, 5 to 6 days per week.

About a year ago I started taking an Ayurvedic Powder made from Neem Chaal, Karela, Vijaysar, Jumbu, Bael, Harde, Gudmar and Methi Bija. These are all Indian names for trees, fruits and seeds. I take one tea spoon of this powder after every meal, especially after taking mangoes or other sweets.

Since taking this powder the Fasting Sugar has come down to 90-100 from 110 - 120 and PP sugar to 120-140 from 180 - 200. Other people to whom I have recommended have also seen substantial improvement in their blood sugar readings.

Please note, the ayurvedic medicine has to be taken along with your existing your allopathic medicines and when your physician sees improvement he will recommend reduction in the allopathic dosage. By themselves, the ayurvedic medicine does not give such good results. They act as catalysts.

#Update : Following my post, I received quite a few requests to share the details of the medicine I am consuming, hence I am posting my monthly dosage of the 200gm container.

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Can you give the name of aaryuvedic PDR, which company makes it.

in reply to ojha

Thanks for the response. Have added the details in the post now

Give the name plz

Thanks for the response. Have added the details in the post now

Dear Sir,

By Simply telling " I am Taking Ayurvedic Medicine" Does'nt make sence, People have asked what is the Name, and it seems you dont reply to them ( ojha and kapilbho )

then Why should we read your Story. SAD

Thanks for the response. Have added the details in the post now

Sir, kindly mention the ayurvedic powder's name, if it is available in the market/online.

Thanks for the response. Have added the details in the post now

Thanks so much your reply

let me see if i can get this in Delhi

in reply to kapilbho

Dear kapilbho ,

Have seen the Updated Post, and what is the name of the Ayuervedic Medicine mentioned by rssharma .

Please let me know too

in reply to Rahshar

Yes Dear I saw but website not working

as i checked

this website which you mention not working please can you recheck this

What is on the other side of the bottle?

Have you checked the web you have posted. It is technology lab!!!!

I am sure there may be paperwork with this bottle in the package giving side effects?

You need to look for helpful information for others to reach to get this medication details.

You try and access this site and see what response you get!

How many grams do you take each day and how do you measure the dosage?

Looking for a helpful answer.




I will be sending a private message soon. I will let you know when it's sent.

agree with all your to look on ayurvedic as complementary. please remember that most ayurvedic physicians them selves finally land in metformin and other oral tablets

in reply to rnpath

This powder does not contain Metformin or any of the other Blood Sugar Drugs. It contains, as mentioned in my first mail only powders made from plants and vegetables. If you Google the same, you will see that they are all individually used for treating diabetes in India.


We are here to helpe ach other. All medicines may or may not work for every one.

However, if right information is provided --one can try --

I just came across this post-- I just came back from India - If had seen this before,

i would have inquired.

Are you GETTING Commission ? why not post exact name and suppliers name and phone number ?


Please check your private messages on HU.

I could not see the additions / Updates in the Post, can you send me @

Hi Rah SHar,

It seems the HU admin edited and removed the updates to the post, as it was talking about a specific product. I had subscribed for my order by sending an email at You could send them an email and ask for more info

Kind Regards,


Dear rssharma1948 ,

Thank you for your update, I will Certainly write to them,

can you send me the name in my email -->


Thanks for the Information i will send them mail too

if you get early response from them please let us know here

Thanks so much

If you look at the number of responses you can say you passed the message on the medication you are taking. We all have our duty for control of information.

May be when you get your next order or if you have the paper work, could you please send me a private message of the company details and medication details, dosage?

My email response from the email address you gave, says that they are working on the wab, for me to order I need other details vis private message. The medication you are taking as a powder can help a little.!!!!


I will keep you and the others informed when I place the next order. Up to I was getting the medicine by paying cash through local people who then despatched the same. Since there seem to be customers from all over India, I think they have decided to upgrade their system. Whatever help I can give to the many diabetes patients in India in our group, I shall extend.

Thank you for your response.


Managed to understand one of the post giveing an email address where is said "at", converted to "@" !!!!!

Last evening I sent an email and below is the response.

"Thank you for reaching out to us for a Sweet'er' Future.

We are currently upgrading our systems due to the demand, and will soon offer an online ordering option for new orders - this is to make it easier for our customers to access our product.

We will update you as soon as the system is accessible for ordering one time/subscriptions.

Kind Regards,

Customer Care

Medha Labs

There you go.

Ayurvedic medicines are using myself also, these medicines are not able to controlling sugar levels,I it may not give side effects and controlling side effects from the sugar, along with alopathic medicines, ayurvedic medicines gives good support to the system

Am I to understand that local Indian medicine is not good for controlling blood glucose?

I do not understand how you so called ayurvedic medicines can act as catalysts. You are declaring your personal experience as evidence. Have you seen any published work about this 'medication'?

in reply to yenyen

This is from personal experience. Using allopathic medicine by themself did not reduce the blood sugar as much as using it along with this medicine. On the other hand, when I used only the Ayurvedic medicine by itself, it too was not as effective. Hence, I take it after my meals, along with the Allopathic medicines. No there is no published work. Unfortunately, in India, we have had many good Ayurvedic physicians who kept their knowledge to themselves and carried their knowledge to their funeral pyres, unless they had sons or daughters who too were interested in Ayurvedic medicines.

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