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Hello sir/madam,

This is Dr. Gajendra from Bangalore. I'm an mbbs graduate working in Bangalore. I just got your mail id online.

My mother is 57years old diabetic since last 16years. She was initiated on insulin since about 10-12years. She is currently on mixtard (50/50 100iu) 40-0-20 & lantus 20units in the morning. She is also on glicazide + metformin combination (80/500) 1-0-1 & voglibose 0.3mg 1-0-1.

She lately about 6months back started to experience hypoglycemia & hence I made glicazide + metformin combination 1-0-0 & mixtard i made 35-0-15. After that she stopped having hypoglycemia & perfectly fine.

As I was out of station for 6months, she haven't got her blood tests done anytime but was on medications regularly. But now when I got her blood investigations done, I found out her sugars levels are very high & even her HbA1C levels & creatinine levels also increased.

HbA1C before was 8.4 & now 8.8

S. Creatinine before was 1.1 & now 1.5

I thought probably her sugars are not under control, I started to increase the insulin levels to mixtard 40-0-25 & lantus 20-0-0 but her sugars are not coming down at all. I thought probably she is been taking insulin only in arms most of the times, I changed the positions to thighs & abdomen too but sugars not coming down at all.

Currently her FBS is 140-180 on avg, PPBS is 240-300 on avg & RBS is 300-350 (especially after 1pm)

Kindly help me out

Looking forward for your valuable reply

Thank you

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You did not mention anything about diet and physical activity or excercise. 


Diet & exercise is not so strict sir. She does & sometimes she doesn't. 


First of all her diet must be regulated. A balanced diet with reduced carb. And moderate protein with ample greens and sprouts and added yoghurt . A moderated activity / walking is a must. When you start all these , be careful about hypo as sugar will start falling.


But don't u think the insulin which was controlling her sugars 6months ago is not able to control now?


Insulin resistance.


Hello Dr. Gajendra, I was diabetic from 1998 and was on regular diabetic medication till June 2015 and my FBS use to be around 160 and HbA1c around 8.9 with prescribed medicines  taken regularly.

In Jun 2015, I came across Dr. Max Gerson's " Gerson Therapy" that strengthens immune system of individuals so that they can recover from many degenerative chronic diseases with no synthetic medicines.

You can a find lot of information on the net about the therapy and a good number of videos are available on You tube if you wish to view and educate yourself.

By just having one 300 ml juice made up of carrots, green apple and a few leafy vegetables daily in the morning and a coffee enema in the evening from June 2015, with no medicines in take, my FBS is at 116 and HbA1c is at 7.5.

I find very difficult to convince medical doctors about natural therapies. In face conventional medicines for all chronic diseases will only manage symptoms with out curing the underlying disease, where as natural therapies cure underlying diseases.

I also know one liver cancer patient and another kidney cancer patient, both my relatives, using the same therapy and getting their disease cured with this therapy.

Please do study about the therapy and if you are convinced, you my try this for your mother.

With best wishes


Thank you sir


Green Apple is really good for diabetic patients. Some where in this blog I read Cider Apple Vinegar is helpful in the management of Diabetes.


Please  understand that no synthetic medicine is designed to cure the disease, but they are to  just manage the symptoms and make you regularly consume them so that you provide the Pharma industry continues revenues and profits. In addition many of them have a lot of  side effects, if consumed over a long period of time. That is the reason  all diabetics once start taking medicines will slowly get BP, cholesterol etc. May be it might be by evil design of Pharma industry to increase their revenues and profits.

Hence I believe in curing my diabetes with natural substances only.


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Hi Dr Gajendra.... Just give a thought that insulin is only one of the component but it's not the only thing required to control sugar....

Balance of diet,minimum exercise matter a lot...

Cut down on all artificial sugars...

Increase plant protein

Increase fiber rich food



Yes sure I'll have to do that


dear doctor

I would like to high light a small point , which you have mentioned , that your mom did not do BS check for six months regularly .if this is the case with a mom of a doctor, you can imagine millions of males and females who dont have proper education , proximity , availabilty of health professionals in villages etc.

I have a suggestion to make.

it should b made mandatory for all the males and females above the age of 30 to under go BS check.the govt can design a suitable system using aadhar card, ration card ,pension card,credit card,driving licence, passport etc,IT industry to make this mandatory when they join job or to introduce while they recruit people. to undergo compulsorily, some thing similar to polio or other vaccination programme carried out in the country for children.

this will create awareness and earlty detection of the disease.

the govt should supply free of cost the sugar checking instrument and for every aadhar card holder the strips to b supplied.(when crores and crores of loan money is waived off  by govt , and the banks have bad debt and fighting with people like mallya, they can librerally contribute for this).

the devotees of lord venkateshwara and shirdhi saibaba, and other GODS,can involve in such programmes voluntarily and help spending the money donated by the people to the the nation to become diabetes free or under control.

This  is more important and urgent to put a check on the Epidemic.

A free BS check campaign should be done in every temple  and stop spending on annadhana and other (only rice and colour water is given as prasadha) expenditure for next two years,. for that matter wherever more people are gathering , this can b done.

Self Help GRoup and NGO canb involved in this prograame and consider this as national epidemic control year.



kirubagaran, I too totally agree with you.


Please follow Arunkumar3112 and Anup.Start measuring FBS &PPBS at least for a week on LCHF.I am pretty sure your insulin dose will come down. Karim  


I would advise u to please contact Dr. Bipin Kumar Sethi, D.M. Care Hospital Out Patient, Road No.10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Please take all ur reports and your dear and respected mom with u to him with a prior appointment. He comes to Hospital at 6 am in the morning and at what time he leaves hospital god knows, as I have observed at any given time 200 patients will be there. He is 60++ in age, very kind and courteous and top of it he is available on mail 365 days after the prescription is given to u. He writes only cheapest possible medicines in the market and no show off and lectures. When I visited him first time my BS was 495, immediately he put me on insulin, and in 6 days time he brought it down to normalcy, and slowly put me tablets 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. I followed strictly his advise on diet, exercise and medicine. My BS is normal, and active and happy. First time the Hospital charges Rs.500/- and if necessary, if us visit hospital after a month or two i will be Rs.400/- He will answer all mails, and beauty is he remembers every patient by name. He trained his assistants and associates also in his very own style of working. I am happy. I am strongly recommending you. Please send a mail to him explain ur problem in mail, seek appointment and visit him. You will be very happy and ur mom will be fine.


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