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I am 62 and am based in Chennai and suffering from Type 2 Diabetes Patient now on Insulin. My attending Doctor (outstation) has prescribed me Insuman Comb 50 before breakfast & Dinner (22 & 16 units) respectively and I am taking this medicine since 1 1/2 years. To have a second opinion on this drug and also to save some money, I consulted some local for an alternative/substitute one and they suggested that HUMAN MIXTARD 50 (40 IU/ML)/HUMAN MIXTARD 30/70 can be taken in lieu of Insuman Comb 50 and that the former medicine has almost similar effects as that of the latter one. I am confused about the curing effects and shall be much obliged if an expert opinion is provided whether I can consume HUMAN MIXTARD 50 / HUMAN MIXTARD 30/70 in lieu of Insuman Comb 50 and whether there would be any chance of occurrence of any complication. Your expert opinion and guidance in this regard would benefit me immensely. Thank you. Aruna

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  • You are on insulin as advised by your doctor.Such advise is given only after testing your blood and deliberating on your medical history.The doctor would have considered your weight,age,dietary habits and your lifestyle.You will get to know the results when go for your next review,normally after three months.In the meantime keep using the medication as prescribed.Any changes should be considered during next review.You should also monitor sugar levels at home with a glucometer.If the readings are not satisfactory,you may consult the doctor immediately.Always consult with a best doctor and follow his advise including diet,exercise,changes in life style etc.

  • dear sir,raruna,

    first of all dont confuse between human mixtard 50

    and 30/70

    and also 40 iu and the 100 iu insulin.

    and you should not alter the 22 and 16 as well.

    both the insulins are available in concentrations 40iu and 100iu [i think]

    you have not mentioned if you are taking 40 or 100 of the insuman at present.

    chose mixtard 50 as the doctor suggested.

    insuman50 [which is fifty-fifty meaning a combination of short acting and long acting insulins] [hope , i suppose,you are taking only the 40 per ml as the local doctor said to go for 40 per ml.

    and the human mixtard 50 [which is also combination of a fast and long acting insulins]

    if you alter from 50 /50 to

    30/70 the the action profile will change.

    see after the change over, your your bs levels are the same.

    also see if your insuman 50 is 100 IU or 40IU

    both the IU per ml and the percentage ratio should tally.

    learn carbohydrate counting

    to get accurate results.

    with out carbohydrate limiting,

    --ie neither more nor less--

    the bs levels will not stay steady.

    by the way why do you want the change?

    easy availability and cost?

    in a preliminary description they only use the words short and long acting.

    so they must deliver equal effects.

    try it.

    nothing will happen if you have a meter ,which i presume. and if you did not change three things

    1] the iu /ml

    2] the percentage

    3] the 22-16

    come again,

    here most people are t2dm.

    and help me i tried to form a group of type1 people.

    which i failed.

    good luck

  • Thank you for your prompt response. I am t2dm patient. I am sorry for not mentioning fully about the existing Insulin. Presently, I am administering Insuman Comb 50 (100Iul) as per the dosage. My Bank's Doctor has prescribed Human Mixtard (40Iu/ml) in lieu of Insuman without altering the dosage and is given free of charge from our Bank's Dispensary. In my anxiety to save some money (around 1k pm), I raised this query whether it is okay if I take Human Mixtard (40Iu/ml), instead of Insuman Comb 50 (100Iul) so that I can save some money (since I am retired). I am presently administering Insuman Comb 50 (100Iul) and no change in the 1u/ml and dosage and do not understand the percentage. Hence, the same is left unanswered. Trust I made my presentation clear thus removing ambiguity. Thank you once again. Regards

  • Dear Indiacratus, Insuman combo 50 and human mixture are both prefilled pens. Both are recombinant DNA insulin. One is human while other is not.

    Ramana has given him very pertinent advice.

  • dear aruna, patliputra, and ramana

    thanks for joining the discussion.

    there is large difference in the cost .that is why aruna wants


    both the combinations have same profile . so there is no

    difficulty in changing.

    what his bank doctor did is :

    he gave a new prescription.

    what is necessary is to make an equivalent substitute.

    with the dose units unchanged.that will come automatically if you use the proper syrige.

    insulin names generally give great confusions.

    so let me clear one of the confusion that may come up

    from my reply earlier.

    1] my reply appears as though no one can use u40

    insulin in place of u100 insulin.

    obviously this is wrong.

    only thing is ,when you draw u40 insulin you should

    keep u40 syrige and for u100 insulin u 100 syringe.

    the doctor basicaly prescribes a dose =units.

    that is he should get 22 units only morning and 16 later.

    hope this portion is clear.

    now comming to profile:

    this insuman 50 is a combination of

    biphasic isophane and crystaline protamine

    both these componebts are having the NPH property

    and the biphasic effect.

    it will give a 30 minutes onset and an intermediate 12


    so the two doses per day creeps in ,


    now comming to

    human mixtard

    it combines the soluble insulin with isophane insulin.

    the same short acting and intermediate length -duration .

    clear i hope.

    they will give the 30 minutes onset and 12 hours long

    duration effect.

    so both the insulins are interchangeable.if he choses the 50/50 from the new insulin..

    hope aruna has no doubts now.

    the dose remains 22 and 16 only strict.

    whether drawn from a vial or using the pen.

    i will give the two descriptions for your reference



    and to patliputra,

    this human is only name sake.

    all recombinant insulins are from human only.

    it has crept from history . it is the regular insulin which

    is protaminated to get NPH.

    good luck

  • the percentage you will understand if you read the second weblink

    for mixtard.

  • The cause of your progressively-worsening condition is eating too much carbohydrate. You need to find how much carbohydrate is in the food you are eating, and begin reducing it carefully (because reducing it too much too soon would leave you susceptible to hypoglycaemia from your medication

  • Thank you all Gentleman and my doubts are cleared. I have not altered the dosage levels (22/16) and separate syringes would be used for Insuman and Human Mixtard. My intake of carbohydrate is minimum and diet is as per dietician's advice. I am extremely grateful to all those who spared their precious time in sharing their expertise and participating in this fruitful discussion. To sum up, as I understood that there would not be any harm/side effects if I shift to Human Mixtard (with the appropriate syringe). Thank you, once again. Regards

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