Fating BS is higher than PP - Any Specific reason

Dear All,

After Dinner when i check my BS like after 4-5 hours my BS is normal i.e 95-100.

I took my dinner at 8:30 PM ( 2 Small Chapati With lot of Ghee, Fish Curry & Salad) when i checked my BS around 1 AM the count is 95. However in the Morning at 9 AM the count is 125.

This is happening since long. I was daignosed with Diabetics with Hb1c - 11.5 a 7 Months Back However after reducing Carb and taking medication it went to 5.7.

Pleaes note i am taking Metformin 1000MH/50MG Sitagliptin 1 tablet breaking it into 2 taking once in the Morning wiht Break Fast and rest after dinner.

My PPB BS is around 95-100.

Please refer me any link if this was already posted in different forum.



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  • Eat an egg before going to bed...this helps me when FBS readings are higher for some days ...experiment and lets us know

  • thank you for quick reply. Even though i feel the same due to lever dump phenomenon. Is there any link to refer to get more details abt it.

  • You Mean checking BS after 30 or 1 hour post dinner ? i think during that time it will shoot to 120-130 which is same as my morning count .

  • Everyone's liver dumps. Some diabetics cannot handle it well.

    With your PPBS levels, it's time to get off from gliptin in night and replace with MF SR of higher dose.

  • Yes Anup i skipped my Medicine yesterday and found the count as 116 fasting. I will skipp today and will check the count. if it's improving then i think it should be okay. or do i need to continuing the medicine after dinner ?

  • I would switch to MF SR post dinner till FBS gets to around 90.

    Gliptins need to go for night dose -- for your 100 or lower PPBS, IMHO. So talk to your endo for making the switch.

    That's a "logical" conclusion looking at your trends.

    One change at a time is my thumb rule, and then watch numbers for few weeks, before the next change.

  • Your PPBS comes less than FB because of the tablet administration along with the breakfast.

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