How to interpret insulin serum test results ?

Hi All,

My diabetes T2 was diagnosed in Feb 2016. After going thru several hours of research and because I am a non-believer of allopathic medicines, I decided to follow Dr.Fungs methodology. Started with LCHF ( Dr.Fungs) chart of recommended food and IF from 11th April 2016. Before this I had my tests done - FB 305, PBBS 405, Insulin Random 4,2 ( did not know at that time that Insulin should also be tested fasting and postprandial).

Sugar Tests became normal within a month.

Yesterday I got my HbA1c and Insulin tests done. Results are as follows :

HbA1c - 6.5 ( In between I have also had lapses in the diet, chocolates I cant resist )

Insulin Fasting - 1.98

Insulin Postprandial - 12.16 ( LCHF Diet )

Now I am not understanding how to interpret the insulin test results - is it too low - if yes what does that imply.


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  • Congratulation.....

    @anup will help you to interpret the same..... waiting for his comments.

  • please also specify the units of serum insulin. Although as a general rule, lower value indicates lower insulin resistance and is better. However, it may also indicate burn out in pancreas, if bold glucose is high

  • Fasting insulin less than 2.6uU ml according to Thyrocare , Beta cell burn out,your post pondral readings are also not good.

  • HOMA2 cannot be used below 2.9.

    So insulin deficient is the case here, in all probability

    What was PPBS number for the PP Insulin reading of 12.16?

  • hmmm is there any method like average insulin??? I mean if his HBa1c is 6.5 means his average sugar is 140.... and from his both fasting and and pp insulin his average insulin is around 7....

    is there any method by which we can interpret ???

  • Technically no, I guess.

    Theoretically, if we take your assumptions, his "avg" BCF turns out 37.4% and IR 1.01. So slight Insulin resistance with low BCF.

  • hmmm right I guess.... had about 200 Gms of sweets.... uske bad 5 kms walk.....and landed 2 hrs sugar 103.....fasting was 97..... :d

    suramo se inspiration mila he had chikki yesterday....

  • My take, and I always say this based on personal empirical observations -- bahut papad bele hain to compute these numbers:

    Walk 1 km for every 10 grams carbs above 20% carbs rule. So, to live by ADA diet of 60% carbs, it is possible if one can walk 20km/day. :D :D

    Whenever I move out on vacation, my carbs are up by 40-60 grams as 4 to 6 km strenuous walks/day are part of the trip. For example, while on trip to Mt Abu, moving up to and down from Guru Shikar, I even could digest 250ml MAAZA and land non diabetic numbers. Zero drugs of course.

  • Hi All - Thanks for your replies ( And by the way I am a woman )

    @ Anup - What is BCF and if HOMA2 cannot be used then what ?

    Also I did not check BS readings - but normally it is around 130 after the kind of meal I had. Since I have tested such meals earlier - I did not check.

  • Was there any long drawn fast the day you were sampled for Fasting Insulin?

    PPBS 130 with ~12 insulin is ok enough a number, IMHO.

    Are you on any drugs?

    As for HOMA 2

  • No I do not take any medicines at all and there were no fasts earlier also

  • From here on, presume that your beta cells function are lost to some extent for sure. So, aim for PPBS 2 hr 120, FBS ~90 and A1C < 5.6 always.

    Besides LCHF, walk after every meal -- starting 40 to 50 minutes after first bite -- if you want to do this without drugs. Even strolling for 20 minutes post every meal is fine. No need to hit jogging tracks.

  • Thanks a lot for your help Anup.

  • Pleasure is all mine. And, welcome to the LCHF club. The count went up by one more Indian now :)

  • Anup

    miraculous cure of simplebhandia. Great and congrats.👍👍👍

  • @ Suramo -- it is not a cure - this word is being misinterpreted in the circles. It is just control and anyway Anup has replied that mostly it means beta cells are lost - so how can it be a cure

  • Hi@simplebhandia. A great job. Do share ur meal plan for the benefit of everyone.

  • Hi Searching 60,

    It is not a meal plan but a list of foods and %ages allowed - as in Dr.Fungs site. Here is the list below- - actually it is pretty easy to follow as it gives a lot of flexibiity for cooking and it more or less like LCHF :


    Foods to Avoid Most of the Time (almost 0% of your daily dietary intake)

    1. Processed, Refined and Genetically Modified Carbohydrates

    Products containing wheat or wheat flour, including: bread, bagels, breakfast cereals, pasta, crackers, and beer

    Sugar and artificial sweeteners

    Sugar or sweetened beverages, including: soda, diet sodas, and fruit juices

    White rice

    Corn and soy containing products

    Cheese (processed cheese only)

    Lunch meats


    Processed oils, including: vegetable and corn oils

    Foods to Eat Less Often (<10% of your daily dietary intake)

    1. Root Vegetables




    2. Unprocessed Grains






    Black rice

    3. Bananas and Grapes

    Foods to Eat More Of (>90% of your dietary intake)

    1. Vegetables (grown above the ground) – high in fibre!

    2. Legumes and Lentils – high in fibre!

    3. Fruits – high in fibre when eaten with the skin!





    Avacados – high in natural fat!

    3. Nuts, Nut Butters and Seeds – high in natural fat!

    Almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, and Brazil nuts are among the healthiest

    Peanuts are actually legumes and not nuts, but they are a great source of natural fat and protein

    Nut butters should be organic

    4. Meat, poultry and Fish – high in natural fat!

    5. Eggs – high in natural fat!

    6. Butter – high in natural fat!

    7. Unprocessed oils, including: coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil – high in natural fat!

  • Thanks &best always to u

  • Insulin Fasting - 1.98

    Difficult to interpret insulin values without FBS.

    Fasting insulin should be tested simultaneously with FBS.

    As @anup said insulin level of 1.98 (presuming insulin unit is uU/ml) is low enough to indicate that beta cells are not in good shape. May be they are dysfunctional or some of them are dead. We don't know.

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