My dad(41 yrs) last week went to check his blood glucose level because of viral infection and fever.. And the result is

Fasting - 460mg/DL

Postprandial- 650mg/DL

HbA1c - 11.3%

And he had symptoms like frequent urination,thirst, he lost his weight abv 5kgs in month..

So I don't know high blood glucose level is because of infection or anything else..

So if any knows share with me..

How to gain weight ? Diet plan? To gain weight and to control blood glucose level?

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  • Go to some good hospital. They will give the medicine to control the diabetices. It could be Type1 or Type 2 diabetices.

  • Type 2.. Now he is taking Amaryl, voglibose and neurobion.. Diet also..walking 30mins daily.. Coming week have to test again..

  • I think he has to change that medicine dose. Doctor will guide him.

  • Just last week he checked.. So doctor said him to continue one week and then will check again..it may be peak due to viral infection and he had more sugarcane during that days..

  • Yes. It could be the reason. Viral Infection and sugarcane also increase the glucose level. why do you not check his glucose level every days ?

  • He already in stress.. 1st time checking his glucose level but it is this much high.. So don't want to make him stress more..so checking coming week..

  • If you will not check then how will you know the glucose level? I will check my glucose level almost 2 time every days by myself. If you will keep high glucose level for long time, then it will create other problem in our body.

  • Let me tell him to check..thank you...

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