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Insulin test

I just wonder..why doctors are not asking test for fasting insulin level to determine cause of high blood sugar?

Infact it will be more helpful for patient and doctor to decide of further course of action and to control blood sugar safely.

It will be wise to understand your insulin resistance and work accordingly to reduce the same or if its beta cells dysfunction correct the same.

Non of the doctors are asking for fasting insulin therefore very few laboratories are having said facility.

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Once the problem is identified its doctors job to address the same.

But my point is how without knowing the problem doctors are trying to prescribe solutions?

To address the problem it is necessary to identify problem.



If facing insulin resistance then Metformin or voglibose or pioglitazone or now newer medications like SGLT2 inhibitors

If facing insulin deficiency then: sulphonlyarea, , Dpp4 inhibitors, or Insulins or GLP1 analogues.

However the trend is to give a combination of metformin plus DPP4 drugs as they give good results and where diet control may not be needed as its a bit powerful.

Diet anyway is not followed or wrong diet is advised.

Also the biggest hidden agenda is Money.......from the industry.


Even when I explained the calculation of eAG from HbA1c, some members got annoyed! Then one can imagine why fasting Insulin is not suggested - to keep ignorant patients in dark. 


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