The term diabetes mellitus was recognized as ‘Madhumeha’ in primeval times. Our ancient Hindu Physicians had mastered the science of managing this disorder with effective balance of ‘Aushada’ some herbs or plant food sources) as medicine, ‘Ahar’ (Pathyam) in modern terms therapeutic diets and ‘Vihar’ (exercise). Those indigenous food alone may not be as effective as insulin in lowering the blood sugar but the combination therapy seem to equate with the modern methods of drug, diet and exercise. However, down the line, in the quest of advancement the indigenous food therapy is extinguishing. This article throws light on the possibilities of using those as supportive to allopathic treatment if scientifically proved effective.

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16 Replies

  • Indigenous means nothing when it comes to human physiology. There are only three macronutrients, fat, protein and carbohydrate. Of the three the is only one utterly unessential - carbohydrate. If you never ate one gram of carbohydrate ever again you would be fine. There is only ONE cellular requirement for carbohydrate - red blood cells, for they don't have cellular furnaces that are mitochondria. They will get their carbs from gluconeogenesis (New sugar) made from PROTEIN.

    There is of course culture, and there's the rub, and that's where the cognitive dissonance between myself, Anup etc and acolytes of ancient wisdom part company.

  • Dear MikePollard

    why you are pulling @anup in this discussion?? he is doing great service....

    And just for information he is using ashwagandha...and many time recommended the same....

    What you are recommending is just half....the very effective tool to control BS....nothing more...

    Do u have anything beyond that???

  • Herbs -- I always mention that it may provide last mile advantage. Major correction has to come from diet. Yes, for me, Ashvagandha and Triphala are two that have won among 8 herbs that I tried for 6 months. But, not before I changed my diet to so called "truncated" diet. Ashvagandha --

    But, if someone expects to eat the so called Healthy diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT -- and expect Ashvagandha, Triphala, Giloy, Karela, Methi, Jamun to do the trick, it ain't going to work.

    Among supplements -- Alpha Lipoic Acid wins hands down, provided not a Hypothyroid patient.

  • Hello Anup, I am an Indian from South Africa, I always follow your advice and it is helping me to keep my sugar level low. Please explain what is AShvagandha and Triphala

  • Hi Kavviraj1

    Good to know that you are benefiting from what i write :)

  • Look to Anup again. Herbs etc cool, but if you ignore the message that carb control is the answer, then you will get the results I predict you will get.

  • MikePollard

    read my reply once again.... I always says..LCHF is most powerful tool to control Blood sugar...

    I always say...Also nothing will work unless you control your diet....

    And after restricting diet.... what next????

  • It is better to ignore the comment made by Mike than to argue

  • Mike Pollard says .....

    " I regularly post on Healthunlocked and am an administrator on one LCHF site there. Mostly I'm concerned with Diabetes India. I often wonder why I bother when the depth of ignorance and reluctance to address the root causes are displayed. Time and again Ayurvedic nonsense (cows urine anybody?), homeopathy and acupuncture along with other woo trumps good solid evidence that LCHF (Low Carbohydrate, High Fat) is the answer."

    May I ask mike why are you so much concerned about Indians ???

    Something fishy?????

  • Please do not doubt any body. Mike advocated same thing as Anup sir. Both are correct. Now herbs ,it is purely organic and always beneficial to human. So no arguments. A man who continue herbs as well as LCHF is always a winner. Thanks Mr cure.

  • Mr.Pollard, few of your articles are good but you can't term Ayurveda as Nonsense. My Gout is completely cured with Ayurveda. My Brother In laws Glioblastoma (Degree IV brain Tumor) is completely under control for the past 1 year and 2 months with Ayurveda.

  • What type of Ayurveda is your brother in - law using? My husband has the same problem.

  • he is utterly confused person....

    And I always wonders why he is so much concerned about Indians and so called ignorance of Indians???

    His more than 90% posts are in Diabetes India....

    I doubt many of his own ppl must have rejected him as immature and ignorant...

    for which he himself tries to self certify in his reply......

    "I can assure you I am neither ignorant and immature. "

    But guess this is very simple logic....I guess something more fishy....

  • Almost all some point of time must have benefited with Ayurveda...

    May it be simple turmeric...cinnamon...kalounjee...ajwayan..mulethi...

    Indian food is based on principals of Ayurveda..

    Further,it was grave mistake we did that we did not followed what our great grand parents use to follow...we just stopped the same...and listened to twisted advises coming from west.

  • Western food like Pizza is known as JUNK Food, i.e. Quarantine food. easy to and ready to eat.

  • Very right dear cure.

    But not too late to make amends.

    We all must wake up &trust the fact that ancient Indian medicines have a lot to offer.

    Best always. Keep up the good work

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