Diabetes Mellitus 2

I have been diagnosed with DM-2 about a year and a half back. DM-2 for me was stress induced mainly on account of the profession. I am continually on Glycomet 500 mg twice a day and make it a point to walk at a fast pace about 5 KM a day in the morning. I was weighing about 74 Kg before I started on this but now I am a comfortable 68 Kg for my height of 5' 3". I feel good after a day's walk and sprightly throughout the day; the days when I miss the morning walk I become irritated and sleepy and not able to concentrate on my work. Oh! BTW am 59 years old. I hope this will keep me company till my end. I am happy what I do and how I do.

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  • Please do continue with the same spirit.That is the way to push out this uninvited and unwanted guest,Congrats.

  • Thanks Mr. Venkataramana. The guest was invited purely by accident like when you keep the door open for lots of air, the next door naughty child walks in. The job demands and the sloppy totally no physical activity and deskbound for 16 hours a day resulted in my becoming DM-2 afflicted.

  • Moment you cut CARBS to less than 100gms/day your medicines reduce.

    Moment you cut CARBS to less than 100gms/day your BGL levels come down.

    Many have now adopted this lifestyle right here on this forum and have experienced the benefits. Search on forum.



    Your glycomet also can be eliminated.



  • Thanks Rusticguy. But being a strict vegetarian and a rice eater, you cannot toally avoid carbs. However am trying to cut down my intake as much as possi

  • Believe me, it's not impossible to enjoy life with lower sugar level with just 2TBSP cooked rice in lunch. Dinner keep it grain free. You will smile daily when your meter readings tel you how good your control is getting.

  • Thyrocare gives a low cost blood sugar checking device (Rs. 1000). The cost of 25 strips is also only Rs. 250/-.

    Check Fasting and PP very regularly.

    Best Luck

  • Thanks Mr. sanjeev. I am getting a quarterly check up of my lipid profile and bs both fasting and pp.

  • Check HbA1c every 3 months

  • it is nice u accepted the disease very well & learned how to live happily with diabetes ,this post will definetly help other diabetics.

  • Dear Sanskritised name for the disorder! Diabetes is not a disease. It is only a disorder of the metabolism. The secretion of insulin by the pancreas is afflicted due to various reasons. The secretion can be increased with regular yoga or walking or jogging for atleast 30 minutes. It is preferable if you can walk for 30 minutes and cover about 3 KM in the bargain. Also in the food, better to add lots of karela (pavakkai in Tamil), dhania leaves, methi (bothe leaves and seeds - vendhayam in Tamil). DM-2 cannot be cured totally it can only be controlled. Research is going in US to find out total cure by extracting cells from liver and injecting them into the pancreas to make it active and secrete more insulin. It is only in a very nascent stage and nothing much is heard about this. Frequent and limited intake of food, (depending on the health condition - fatty or proteinous food) and regular walking or jogging helps you keep the disorder in check. Precisely that is what I am trying to practice. Even sugar in its regular form or carbohydrate is not banned totally; Mangoes are supposed to be a big NO NO for daibetics. I do eat mango fruits. Only that on that day my other food intake will be reduced to keep the calorie at the same level as it is required. As long as my doctor prescribes for me to take the metformin (glycomet 500) I will continue to take that along with meds for my lipids. This way you can control the diabetes. sorry for the long wind

  • Hi, I would like to have the contact details of the Thyrocare blood sugar testing device that costs only 1000 and the test strips @ 10 each/- I do hope they have the strips in packs of 50 .

  • Dear, Herbalife is only proteinous intake which over a long period of time, affects the kidneys. People on the wrong side of 60/70 should be very careful with high protein food. Better to have a balanced limited diet in frequent intervals of five or six times during waking hours is better than only protein food.

  • Kindly do not venture into refined protein-mix. Please get the required protein from plant sources.

    Talking about protein is at macro-level. In micro-level look at what kind of amino acids we are eating?. What is bio-availability of these amino acids?. Our body is highly sensitive and intelligent to differentiate the amino acids.

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