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why level of diabetes is high in India, as I know

We, modern day Indians, tend to take more junk food rather than what GOD has given to us. The first one is pure white Rice. Others are Maida, various Dhalls, Refined oils and toned and skimmed milk. These are not easily digestible. As compared to Pure wheat flour, food cooked with Maida or white rice stays an additional half an hour in our stomach which means an additional half an hour work for the pancreas, intestines etc. Calculate the additional half an hour for every such food you have taken from childhood on a cumulative basis. How many hours your pancreas and intestines have lost. They have aged prematurely. That's why diabetes.

To prevent/control diabetes simply switch over to naturally fibrous food. Convert your junk foods into lively food. If you are taking rice, take only brown rice and foods cooked with brown rice.

Try the following menus:- Idly /dosa:- Black gram ( not black gram dhall) and Brown rice methi seeds. Add sufficent quantity of seasame oil /ghee to the batter. Idlis/dosas prepared in this manner will lose their junk food status.

Rice Pongal:- Brown Rice, Green Gram,(not green gram dhall), raw ginger, pepper, jeera and ghee. Pongal will also lose its junk food status.

Chappathi and Poori made of wheat flour with natural oils (Not refined oils) and Ghee.

Cooking Brown rice is easy. It should not be cooked in pressure cooker. First, boil the water (3.5 times to four times the rice) and add the rice to the boiling water. After cooking, filter/ take out the balance water (can we call it rice porridge) and take/use it separately. The rice is tastier/healthier good fighter of diabetes and many diseases.

To make good soft idlis allow the water in the cooker to boil before you place batter in the cooker. pray to GOD while cooking and before you eat.

If you are making kesri cook with Daliya (broken wheat) or broken brown rice instead of Rava or sooji.

Try many other food in this manner. Soon diabetes will say goodbye to you.

Others:-Do not swallow your food. Munch your food before it gets into your stomach. Do some mild exercises and walking.

Simply change your cooking ingredients. You may get diabetes at the age of 80 or so. hyper acidity, constipation and many other diseases will vanish. You will not be required to frequent your Pharmacy.

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P try the following.

Take Dahi made from whole or full cream milk (preferably cow's) and not toned milk or skimmed milk. NO to Dahi during nights.


i have read this artle/sugestion i really appreciate i am new member i too will try to follow --panchsheel


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