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What is the root cause of Diabetes in India

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The modern life is plagued with fast foods and stress. The modern India which is growing with western life style ... Gone are the days of reliable agricultural practices....

With chemical fertilizers , pesticide , herbicide in food production ,processing and storage has greatly contributed to the degradation...

Even non junk foods is silently contributing to the slow but steady penetration into our system..

The Agricultural survey in India confirms that the LAND degradation is alarming.....

I am not propagating or suggesting green farming....... because it is impossible to meet the targets......

The population has to be saved from the perils......

Any suggestions please.....

Incidentally I come from a family of diabetes both parents.....

however i am not a certified or declared as one....

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Hi redeemhe,

Welcome to the group. Feel free to continue posting your postings and comments, asking questions, reading and replying to the other member's postings/comments, take a look at our Topics/Events/Polls sections for ideas and suggestions, and of course, meet the rest of the group members. Everyone is friendly and willing to help to the best of our abilities.

The posting was very interesting and informative. Thank you for posting it today.

Are you counting carbs. for each meal and/or snack?

Quite right redeemhe.

Based on a flawed theory, the West warned India off eating paneer, cheese, ghee, 50% fat cream, and animal fats which had previously toned-down the amount and effect of the carbohydrates they ate. Consequently, the increase in carbohydrate consumption has tipped the vast majority over the precipice of insulin resistance.

Worldwide the incidence of diabetes is going up by 4% per year, which is incredible when you consider that is the last thing the body wants to happen, and that's why there is such a high percentage of people with high insulin levels that are unaware (because it isn't measured), wondering why they suffer chronic ill-health.

You're also spot on about the deterioration of quality of food, and the worries for sustainability in the future.

Unfortunately, the only true method that is sustainable is population control, and this is not effectively being implemented. Why is this so important? Imagine the history of humankind was measured on a clock, and at midnight the planet was full to capacity. If the time it took to double the population was a theoretical minute, at one minute to midnight the planet was only half-full. Now again, imagine that at that time we had the intelligence and capability to find and travel to an equal-sized, habitable planet. Here's the crunch; at one minute past midnight, that planet would be full too. That is why population control is far more important than any rhetoric about increasing the production of food to make it 'sustainable'.

All the best!

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redeemhe in reply to Concerned

hi , Thanks for the excellent response...... Shall engage further.....

Green farming ,extensive green Foresting , population control , reduction of the use of automobiles , and modern gadgets are the only steps which put a check to all the autoimmune and psychosomatic diseases .Pollution of water , and food can be stopped to a certain extent . But pollution of sound and light are equally causing maximum damage to the life in the form of autoimmune diseases including diabetes . Lung infections from emissions of automobiles , vehicles , the dust , cell phone radiation , electro magnetic radiation of modern gadgets including computers , sound pollution , stress , tension , light pollution all have far reaching consequences . It is not the food alone the causative factor. Now the threat of diabetes is going to be overtaken by the threat of Parkinson's disease , Bipolar , Alzheimer's and other psychosomatic diseases . In another 10 years every family of four would have at least two patients suffering with these health problems . The gift of modern science and technology is a hydra headed monster . If one generation suffers with diabetes , the next generation in the same family becomes a subject of these diseases because of the lack of immunity along with the triggering factors mentioned above .It is high time the scientists , intellectuals and politicians paid attention to these issues instead of hankering for money power and recognition .

Overeating, wrong food choice, stress and sedentary lifestyle together are the root cause of almost all chronic ailments including type2 diabetes. To reverse one must correct all the above factors and most diseases are taken care of. Also, insulin resistance is the main problem, raised blood sugar is just a symptom...

Three out of five doctors say that 'unruly lifestyle' is the major cause of India becoming the diabetic capital of the world, a survey has found.

Read more at:


in reply to gangadharan_nair

Three out of five doctors themselves are suffering with diabetes and they know very well that their medicines do not cure the malady but only supress the symptoms temporarily . They also suggest ( off the record ) to go for complex carbs with coconut oil , whole grains greens and green vegetables rich in vitamins , minerals , and other nutrients . public should be educated extensively through media and tv about the necessity of taking those steps

Are you a pre diabetic ? What is your BMI ? Do not worry about what you can not control. Take steps actions what you can control. Don't be greedy -- move from city to small town and enjoy stress free life - you can get fresh cow milk and ghee and May be organically grown vegetables. Do more walking - 5 to 10 miles a day do not watch tv - play cricket or other games -- do 4 to 6 hours volunteer work per week - reduce carbohydrates - sugar, sweets.. Soft drinks, no smoking -- you will leave to 90 or 100 And be healthy.

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redeemhe in reply to Fatbuddy

No dear. ...

I am 65 plus from a diabetic family. ...

Both the parents

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Fatbuddy in reply to redeemhe

I am 73 and diabetic for 23 years - what I am saying is take action to control -

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India is eating wrong/junk food. Bad advice by the government and experts. Not heeding to the genuine voices that are raising concerns about food items like palm oil and other harmful vegetable oils like safola, corn, kapasia, rice bran oils under the pretext of low/ zero cholesterol oils. When you give wrong education to the people, then they eat wrong food and can harm their health. Certain communities like: Gujarati, Marwadi and Bengali eat lots of highly sugarated sweets and other items. There's sugar in everything they eat except roti and rice (which itself is full of sugar ).The people put ghee and sugar in/on roti and eat as a roll and even there are people who add sugar to rice. Also Indians are not aware/used to exercise.

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redeemhe in reply to suramo


Is there a end to the anamolies as rightly highlighted. ....

We need to be attentive to solution part. ...

Shall engage meaningfully. ..

With love

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to redeemhe

Did your doctor say that they want you to start on a low carb high fat or low carb high protein diet?

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Fatbuddy in reply to suramo

I am not aware of this - may be you and others should write articles in news papers - make people aware

All my friends have elaborately discussed the cause.Just few things one should follow ,I think it can be controlled.1 .Say no to pure carb foods.2 Diabetes should be discussed as a subject in secondary level. 3.No sedentary life style.After every meal at least 2 k.m walking .De-stress one self by pranayam early morning.

Where diabetes is a neuropsychiatric disorder it can be treated with transcranial magnetic stimulation which reduces food cravings .If it is due to environmental , psychological , emotional factors diet change does not help much . Inherited mitochondrial disorder is associated with type 1 diabetes . Sleep deprivation also causes raising of blood glucose concentration and cortisol secretion which results in insulin resistance . In all these cases high fat diet is not very effective . High fat diets reduce PPBS but not Fbs effectively as per my observation . My observation could be wrong . complex carbs with simple proteins should be taken to control diabetic complications and spikes of Blood sugar.

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