I've just put this up on facebook, but thought it might reach out further, so I'm putting it up here:

I regularly post on Healthunlocked and am an administrator on one LCHF site there. Mostly I'm concerned with Diabetes India. I often wonder why I bother when the depth of ignorance and reluctance to address the root causes are displayed. Time and again Ayurvedic nonsense (cows urine anybody?), homeopathy and acupuncture along with other woo trumps good solid evidence that LCHF (Low Carbohydrate, High Fat) is the answer. It’s depressing when you consider that the people posting there must be at least the wealthy middle class to have access to the internet but are too idle or afraid to do a little digging.

But back to us.
There’s a choice to be made if we are to fix what certainly will bankrupt the NHS, currently running at 23.7 billion pounds in the UK. We have the SAD (Standard American Diet) that is killing us against returning to the diet that put you at the top of your ancestral tree. A regime that works, yet you’ll still see the shopping carts of the obese and diabetic full of healthy whole grains, low fat milk, fat free yoghurt and butter substitutes that owe their origins to seed (NOT vegetable) oils, chemicals and stainless steel.

£23.7 billion guys, but politicians in thrall to the lobbyists and vested interests of big agri, food and pharma aren't going to rollover soon. The answer will not come from top down, but from bottom up; with computer literate people who have access to the internet with voices insisting to be heard.

It’s not gluttony and sloth - it’s a changed environment that owes its existence to the dollar.

I grew up in the ’50’s when obesity was seen as something odd. There a wasn’t a problem with T2 diabetes or Alzheimers - look at any pre WW2 photograph of crowds if you want to challenge me.

Don’t like the newspeak of Low Carb High Fat? OK, dump it and just go back to eating what your grandparents ate!

There’s an elephant in the room guys, and I guess I’ll still have to bang the drum, but it does get me down.

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  • On the topic raised by you , I find that a month back diabetic india forum of HU started a new forum .. healthunlocked.com/lchf-dia...and made you as its Administrator

    Out of 50962 members of diabetic india community, the response for this new site as on date is only 74 members and one member has already deleted his membership .Further there are 13 posts out of which only 9 posts are from the active members.rest from other non members.

    In so for as the private similar web site,(which you are very familiar) the membership projection varies from 600 plus to 1282 plus and there has been no activity since 2014 except 3 posts in 2016.

    Does it mean majority of members of the three forums are not interested in educating themselves on LCHF dietetics or they just do not read the material that is blogged there or elsewhere?

    You as the Administrater of the above quoted new forum of HU have not done anything to popularise the forum but on the other hand you are actively blogging elsewhere mostly attacking other systems of Indian medicines knowing full well that these systems are becoming increasingly popular in all Western Countries of the world.

    Further have you realised that the diet you are sold off has no support of any established professional institution or bodies in the medical world. and is highly controversial in its implication on the complications it is feared to cause to the diabetics?

    All I wish to say is that you concentrate on the new forum as its administrator and first make full efforts to increase its popularity which alone will help you rather than attacking other systems of diet and medical protocols much to the annoyance of other bloggers in the diabetes india forum of HU nstead of lamenting as you have done on facebook and on this site.

  • Forum is created but who knows that it is created. Many old members on LCHF on DI still post about LCHF on Diabetes India. So taking defense of 50,000 members statistics to downplay the importance of LCHF doesn't mean anything. Even if you google LCHF and diabetes, you will find more posts about LCHF on HU than all the other alternatives like cow urine etc dished out there. Out of 50,000 I think no more than 100 are active in any case, maybe less.

    Might as well focus more on helping people than poking others about who should post where. Leave that job to the moderators. Moreover, this is not just a INDIA only forum.

    Wonder how many followed your recommendations and improved. There are many supporters of the diet and no need for ratification from any so called experts associations who favor the drug industry as that's where they get their money from to talk.

    Soon I will have hospital talking about it. No need to lament against LCHF as it has helped huge numbers across the world and now even 1000+ Indians that I know of personally. Few people opposing it hasn't caused any impact.

    Regarding complications -- prove it first that it exists, else it is an attempt at scare mongering which you also know hasn't work despite the best efforts from all of you for more than 48 months now, including nasty personal attacks right from 2013 against anyone who shared great experiences. Pl don't try and bring in same nastiness on this forum also a this is not a India only forum.

    Here's one recent study which proves what it has to prove:


    50,000+ members on DI but not even 10 who followed followed your advise or all that "susu" therapy being talked of recently, and reported improvement. Does it mean that no one cares about whatever mainstream advise, cow urine, homeopathy etc is being posted there? At least it looks to be so.

    Is posting about LCHF on this forum not allowed? I don't think so. This is not a INDIA only forum.

  • "In so for as the private similar web site,(which you are very familiar) the membership projection varies from 600 plus to 1282 plus and there has been no activity since 2014 except 3 posts in 2016."

    Well perhaps you do not know how to look at stats. The data as available for public view is:

    Discussions: 3,881

    Messages: 36,067


    in less than 2 years. Zero SPAM, Zero insults and Zero war of words. The above numbers are visible in public domain, so I am surprised as to how and why you got the numbers wrong. There's also the data for top 5 posters for the day/week/month. A quick glance would show how way off your claims are wrt 3 posts since 2014, off by a factor of 12,000+

    If you want stats for Jul 2016, let me know. I will post the URL which shows day wise stats of posts, threads, active users everyday. Peak alone in July 2016 was 200 posts in one day. Page views is nearing 90,000 per month -- not a mean feat and not possible if people did not care about LCHF. These things belie your claims that there are only 3 posts since 2014. I am not surprised. Some people have been trying to run down LCHF since Jan 2013 based on LIES, but haven't succeeded and nor will they succeed ever.

    Compare that to 50000 members and just 9000 thread in 48 months. 9000 should have been 100,000 at least for 50,000+ members :)

    BTW, not clear what "Private Website" means. A forum offering free service is a community website and not a private website.

    A renowned Indian magazine -- RP Goenka Group -- cared and interviewed me:


    Not sure how many of you guys and gals got interviewed for your recommendations or recommendations for that cow urine, self urine therapy?. NONE I guess.

  • There are 3 posts every minute / hour .

    Not 3 posts in 2016. I wonder how such wrong stats are generated..?

  • Well, numbers are there for everyone to see.

    Top 5 posters for today itself had 85 posts as of now. So wonder from where he got 3 posts since 2014 data :)

    81 members and guests online as I write. In addition, 10 search engine bots crawling the site as I write. Even this data is available online in real time for all to see. Just for 3 posts as he claims, 10 search engine bots won't be crawling the site :)

  • Raoji, it is very pertinent to point out that attacking various systems of medicine is an insult to millions of its followers. They are all time tested systems and their efficacy is beyond any reproach. Only an ignorant and lmmature will make a mockery of those systems.

  • And it's the only the so called "ignorant & immature" who attain better numbers on far less drugs by dumping the so called "time tested" stuff which failed them. Every 0.42 seconds there's a heart attack happening in America on the "time tested" stuff and diabetes is now a $800 billion industry with diabetes growing by four folds in last 35 years of "time tested" stuff.

    Diabetes reversal starts with ignoring the (time tested) guidelines:

  • Just give us the data. I don't know how many times I have to say it, unless you have hard data, then what you are offering is anecdote, opinion and prejudice. It's not an insult to challenge institutionalised or cultural paradigms as the attraction of people just wanting a simple solution to a complex problem is a worldwide phenomenon, and extremely damaging.

    I can assure you I am neither ignorant and immature. And mockery is just one tool I use to shake the truly ignorant and immature out of their complacency.

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