Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India- RSSDI Recommendations for Management of Type 2 diabetes Mellitus-2015

Here is most precious advise (Page no 32 onward)

Diet therapy




Recommended care

•High-carbohydrate diets with relatively large amounts of unrefined carbohydrate and fibre such as legumes, unprocessed vegetables and fruits are recommended

•Protein intake equivalent to at least 15% of daily total calories is recommended

•Intake of non-nutritive artificial sweeteners in moderate amounts may be considered

•Combining foods with high and low glycaemic indices, such as adding fibre-rich foods to a meal or snack, improves the glycaemic and lipaemic profiles

•Cardio-protective Diet should include:–More: leafy vegetables, vegetable salads, coarse grains, sprouted grams, spices and all other foods, which are rich in fibre and antioxidants–Moderate amounts of: low fat milk and milk products, vegetable oils with MUFA and PUFA, flesh foods (fish, chicken without skin, white of the egg) and artificial sweeteners–Avoid: Alcohol, sugar, saturated fats and foods that are refined, processed, salt-rich, cholesterol-rich and deep-fried

•Provide access to a dietician (nutritionist) or other health-care professionals trained in

the principles of nutrition, at or around the time of diagnosis offering an initial consultation with follow-up sessions as required, individually or in groups

•Individualise advice on food/meals to match needs, preferences, and culture

•Advise on reducing energy intake and control of foods with high amounts of added sugars, fats or alcohol

•Provide advice on the use of foods in the prevention and management of hypoglycaemia where appropriate

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78 Replies

  • ADA pamphlet copy paste. no?

  • Anup

    these are the people who are the biggest obstacles with a tag of "authority ".

    Why should one take high gi food ?🐒🐒🐒🐒. Arey yaar ye log samajate kyon nhi?? !!!!

  • bhai suramo ye sab jante hai..... par ankho pe patti bandhi hai pharma ne....

  • cure

    arey yaar ye pharma kin kin ko paisa dengy and kitna degy ? This is faulty training jo unke khoon mein mix ho gayi hai. There are thousands of doctors. The problem is that they are not updating their knowledge. Lack of time or lack of interest ??

    Yes now the trend that is prevailing is not scientific and beneficial but very soon people would come to understand low carb diet and the concept will change for the right.

  • again here...@suramo only told me once.....elevated sugar is just symptom....problem lies some where else.....

    Why stop at controlling sugar only??/ why not look at basic problem and address the same????

  • Cure

    yes. You are absolutely right. Cause is bcf and ir.

  • cure @anup

    posting a news for you. Without any comment.

    Sorry i can't post the photo but supreme court has awarded 11 crores from dr balram. You can refer dr balram prasad versus dr kunal saha and others.

  • Who was the diabetic between the two?

  • Anup

    this was about professional hazard and not D. But i enjoyed your sarcasm. But you are wasting your talent by such comments. You have lot more better to do.

  • Short answer:

    Regional office of ADA. And ADA gets truckloads of donations from Drug companies. Even food companies are paying money for using the so called "Diabetes Friendly" logo on their Diabetic UNFRIENDLY food.

    Sab upar say neechay tak SETTING hai Kamao aur kamaney do.

  • Anup

    very wild guess and hypothetical. The present low fat concept has first come from doctors /scientists / researchers because of misinterpretation of the findings. Pharma and food companies have entered after a long time then.

  • Nope. It came in after some US president had a heart attack and then Ancel Keys tried to become a HERO though his Fudged study thereafter and McGovern committee (grain lobby per se') latched on to it.

  • I don't know.....but its horrible....

  • Yes, no doubt it is HORRIBLE.

    35 years they have been peddling this and diabetes grew 4 times in these 35 years around the world.

  • Anup

    that doesn't mean doctors are involved and corrupt. It's like corruption in india. Howmuchsoever you try to eradicate it it spreads widely. Does that mean no one is trying to eradicate it ? Do you second the opinion that everybody is corrupt in this country ??

  • Short answer:

    Medical system is CORRUPT for SURE, in general. But that doesn't mean everyone in system is corrupt. There are few good blokes too and that's how we are able to think of pushing ahead with LC** -- at least one hospital with 60 visiting doctors team -- is ready :)

    60 to 60000 karnay may jada time nahin lagega once we start :)

    Raipur based very aggressive NGO say bhi baat cheet chaloo hai.

    All ground work is being done. Lot of planning has to be done before the execution starts :)

  • "Preciously Horrible" as a phrase would make it clearer. What it means is Precious for some but horrible for others.

    Alternatively, it could also mean, Precious for the person/group/body that compiled it, but horrible for the person who has to follow it. So, the construct is perfectly right.

    Metaphors, simile' etc are part of English language.

  • dear Mr ragivrao

    Hmmm I wish no one to follow that precious advice ready to face horrible results....

    I am free (non diabetic range ) cause I ignored that advise.

  • So, my interpretation was right -- Precious for those who compiled it but horrible for the followers :)

  • can see my face at the end of post.... may be ragivrao fergot to look at the end of the post....


  • Just ignore them...

  • Prove me wrong instead of passing judgments.

    Or if you have better explanation might as well give it.

    Well if you have read Shakespeare and G B Shaw, there are many twists in their writing too and interpretation is always within context and not prejudice and/or preconceived notions. English is beautiful language.

  • hmmmm guess what??? I just came back from doctor.....and i was on 500X2 metfromin.... now 250X 2...she said we can go for tapering the dose....

    I just ignored what is suggested by CRIMINALS.....

    Thanx to you @anup

  • Just hang in there and don't worry if some one calls you ALSO a FAKE patient ... they have this habit. Hang in there because if one 60+ year diabetic can go off drugs and insulin worth 5000/Month and is now just on Glycomet, you can surely do better.

    Start IF.

  • let us see..... but be sure.... It is reversing....

  • Are you supporting high carb diet?? ragivrao

  • Has been proved wrong many times based on medical reports and many research. Those without reputation or credibility don't get interviewed on the subject by a leading magazine in India, like I was, but some without any credibility keep ignoring data of medical reports for years together, perhaps they don't know how to read medical reports.

    Where's the research of 60% CARBS? Show me one.

    There are essential fatty acids and essential proteins but no essential carbs.

    Some part of society accepts Kanhaiya Kumar and Isharat Jahan as hero. So let's not get into acceptance by society etc. WE only accept MEDICAL REPORTS and not RIGGED RESEARCH.

  • It is utterly nonsense to follow that advise....high carbs will kill a diabetic.....

    High carb diet is plan to keep his health in pathetic condition forever.....

    Be sure... the person who recommends high carb diet to a diabetic is not MISGUIDED SOUL.....BUT BE SURE HE IS CRIMINAL.....

  • navinsinha ji

    Hmmmm you may be getting good results.... but reason must be some where else....

    Its certainly not high carb diet.....

    It is because your liver is getting healed.....

    If you want to confirm....get your liver scan.... or you may look at your belly and see how many inches you lost from waist

  • navinsinha ji....

    Your liver....liver fatty liver is cause for most of us....

    also extra weight.. healing both the conditions gives us relief ...

    I was diagnosed for NASH....and my recent scan shows my fatty liver problem is almost getting resolved.... you can see that from my reports already published in forum...look for SGPT and SGOT numbers..

  • when I posted link to dissection of study of Barnard data to same question long back, you called it paid research. if science doesn't suit the vegans it is called paid or meat lobby propaganda as usual.

    anyways, here's the link once again:

    let the weight drop stall. fun begins after that.

  • that's good that weight has stalled.

    the link which I posted is dissection of Barnard data. that explains things.

    in a short sting of 6 months, every thing works when one stops eating the so called "healthy and balanced"

    kindly check the graph in the link. it clearly shows when the fun begins.

  • hmmmmm some one need to investigate.... navinsinha ji

    I am not expert in this....I just pointed out the possibility....and you also agree for the same.... now how..I really don't know...

  • navinsinha ji

    I really don't know what could be reason.....

  • hahaha @navinsinha ji ye specialist kidhar se aya????

  • wo le..... navinsinha ji...

    really nahi malum.....chahe toh tumhare kurte ki kasam.... :P

  • aur @navinsinha ji agar malum hai toh tum se jhoot kyu bolunga????

    Uparwale ko jawab dena hai ke nahi???

    Yumse jhoot bol ke usko kya jawab dunga???

  • Cure

    you know. That's why i asked for lab reports.

  • Trust me.....The person who is suggesting High carb diet to a diabetic is CRIMINAL.....And be sure... if at all God is there.... the person will rot in hell fire forever for Murdering innocents.

  • hmmmm what Ayurveda said bhaswathy ????

    eat carbs???? show me anywhere....

  • bhaswathy

    mesage from Ayurveda is very clear and loud...

    Hitbhuk Mitbhuk Ritbhuk.....

    Eat only which is suitable to you.....(implies what is suitable for your health condition...)

    Mitbhuk (eat only sufficient quantity) the same you always only as per your calorific requirements... according to season....

  • ummmmmm....ghee is considered as amrit by ayurveda....

    Look at old time food....ppl use to consume ghee in sufficient quantity....

    Butter was main diet of Bhagwan Shri Krishna....

    Do u say Bhagwan Krishna was wrong?? :O

  • hmmm....Ghee is certainly not cause of Leprosy...

  • Ali velu manga.... i ever said u fake????

    I call u manga.....

  • By the way you know??? cobra bite can cure leprosy....

    Either person will get cured....or person will be no more... :P

  • nah bhaswathy I know homeopathy is effective in some cases....I tried many times...

  • thats ok..... once grown fly

  • Great...I know you like to help to society...

  • cure

    bhaswathy??? I thought there was a new alias for same user now. The username keeps changing nearly in sync with lunar cycle and then they are the ones who have the cheek to call others fake here.

  • I really pity on the person who wrote these recommendations.... are they really doctors???

    They are not even worth to be employed as sweepers...

    They really don't know what they are suggesting.....

  • hahaha navinsinha ji....

    Look what I said....if at all God is there.....

    I really don't know if he is there.....

    But you know concept of god in hinduism????

    may be some other time.... :)

    And by the way hell fire is not for you.... you are nice soul... I know you like to help ppl...

  • navinsinha ji

    sorry if I hurted you for no reasons....

  • O come on bhaswathy damaging is damaging....may it be from any one....

    God has given us brain....we should use the same....

  • Any medical reports cannot be genuine more than 70%,as the efficiency of any machine cannot be more than it. So do not quote always medical reports, there is and will some fiction in these reports. Thanks

  • Have you heard of ISO standards?

  • Adiabetic2015

    Then teach us the efficient way.

  • jingale

    I think your post has been deleted. Covert sensorship. Bhai aisa kuchh mat bolo. Par batao aap ne aisa kya kahe diya ? 😜😜😜😜😜

    You have to come to ahmedabad these days. Jo honest 🐒🐒🐒🐒🙊🙊🙊log 20 sal mein ahmedabad ko nhi sudhar sake, sudharana to chhodo somaliya ki tarah behal kar diya - arey bhai ahemedabad to example hai, barbad to pure gujarat ko kya hai - wo mahan log iss desh ko sudharane chale hai. But you can't write about it. Wo koun sa kanoon hai 🐒🐒🐒🐒you can be arrested and proscuted. Democracy k pujari sahi baat ko treason - rajdroh and deshdroh mante hai 😳😳🙀🙀😾😾🙊🙊🙊🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • suramo bhai, maine khud hi delete kar diya. It was a politically loaded comment. I have decided to post my highly opinionated and politically incorrect comments on appropriate forums only. And more importantly, I am now focused on funding /supporting political movements of my persuasion, and annihilation(by sam,dam,dand,bhed) of the kind of politics that I abhor. :D

    Aap ek baar amdavad ke bahar nikal ke dekhiye, just for a reality check. ;)

    Waise, agar jinhe aap tanashah kehte ho, wo agar itne hi tanashah hote to NDTV ki dukaan kabki band ho chuki hoti. Inke bas ki baat nahi hai.

  • NDTV ki dukan share market main toe lathedee jaa rahee hai, thanks to Barkha Dutt and her anti India/Hindu agenda.

    Ab Sardesai ki baree :)

  • Anup

    share market to satta hai. It doesn't reflect economic health. By the way reliance bhi to latada jata hai share market mein. And ye rakesh jhunjhunwala is a big satodia of share market. Is he according to you a reliable authority ?🐒🐒

  • Jindale

    i'm talking about the laws of this country. Aap inke against kuchh sachha bhi bolo aap "congressi " "aaptard " aur na jaane kya kya kahenge. I also don't want to involve myself into politics par ye log hamein majboor karte hai hamari life ki vaat laga k. You are all praising him by just what he says. I'm living here and experiencing his "kukarmas ". Chalo kal hi local news paper gujarat samachar mein ek khabar chhapi hai. Usko agar ho sake to yaha paste karunga. Get it translated with someone who can read gujarati - may be your wife i think

  • suramo bhai, please glean through my posts/comments again, and tell me where I have praised "him " or any politician who is active at present. I have only criticized/lampooned other alternatives for their disastrous (stated) ideologies. I am a bitter critic of the current dispensation, for reasons that are diametrically opposite to yours. ;)

  • jingale

    Arey aap to naraj ho gaye. Koi ni. Maaf kar do bhaiya.🙏🙏🙊🙊

    But i'd like to know what you mean by saying "I have only criticized/lampooned other alternatives for their disastrous (stated) ideologies. I am a bitter critic of the current dispensation, for reasons that are diametrically opposite to yours. ;)" if you please. Esp " for reasons that are diametrically opposite to yours. ;)"

    Well i also love to concentrate on the issue of this forum.

  • ISO Standards do not comply with ISI Standards,these are manipulated itself,even ISI standards are not up to mark.,even these are fudged.

  • ISO has nothing to do with ISI.

  • What is full form of your ISO?

  • ISO is not mine. Better search on Google

  • Then why you have mentioned here the term TSO,,if you do not understand its full meanings,it means you are making fool of others.

  • Think whatever you have to think, doesn't bother me. If people don't know what ISO standards are might as well not talk about standards and expose themselves. First understand it then talk.

  • I means ISO

  • What is ISI?

    ISI is Indian standards Institute that lays the safety norms and quality standards for consumers goods.It all started with the International level concern for quality maintenance and establishment of international standardization organization(ISO) on October 14th. 1946,with a common consent of 25 countries,this ISO was started to facilitate International Synchronization and so on ,Hence ISI is cosiderd to be superior quality as compared to ISO marks in India.

    Then how did you said that ISI AND ISO are not correlated/, n You did not know what you write here.

  • Next learn about parameters that go toward lab accreditation. Is there any ISI standards for Medical Lab Accreditation or only ISO standards apply? And, how are standards complied to? Based on what the instrument manufacturer certifies or what the lab attains internally or both?

    How do I say that ISI and ISO are not related? Here you go:

    Accuchek meters aren't made as per ISI, they are as per ISO. Stumped?

    This is what happens when people try to run down others here without complete information on hand and just express OPINIONS that 70% results of medical reports are fine and rest are inaccurate. Inaccurate wrt WHAT? Your OPINION? Or Some standard/benchmark?

    ISI was primarily modeled around BS to begin with.

    If everything is fudged, might as well start saving money by not going for tests.


  • I still say there's no relation between ISI and ISO.

    Go ask BV that does ISO certification or read about Sigma 5 etc. instead of ranting here with no knowledge about ISO. To help you research --


    check on

    Ask them same question -- is ISI and ISO related?

    See what they say.

    I(ndian)SI and I(nternational)SO are unrelated.

    BTW, typing in all caps == Shouting on internet.

  • You read ISI full form name,and when it was established,More over ISI is one of the founder member of ISO,

    Read carefully about terms ISI,BIS,and ISO, will find that these are correlated.

    .History cannot be rewritten as per your whims.

  • Contact on the two URL's that I posted above.

    You may get an ISI (now BIS) mark and yet not get ISO standard certification. Many ISO certification needs the entire Process system in place and some certifications need that paper moves before the work. Correlated they may be but that doesn't mean anything. Hope this clears some fog.

    Not talking history and geography here.

    We also deal with ISO certification processing, compliance checks and audits, so know the in's and out's of this. No need for rhetoric. I don't need to read anything on this topic. Perhaps you need to go beyond the wikipedia and talk some facts for once on this topic.

    What is the BIS "correlation" for ISO 27001 that applies to certification for data center data security for example?

    to conclude my post:

    "Political nationalism will most probably prevail for as long as we live. Economic nationalism is about to disappear. And technical nationalism has disappeared!"

    Olle Sturen, ISO Secretary General - 1969

    The last sentence sums it up all.

  • Tomorrow, it will be said,she is not my mother,who had given birth to me, and I have gone lunatic,as appear form your reply.

    Sun do not revolve around sun,but it is opposite,truth cannot be suppressed.

  • You haven't responded to anything that I wrote in my last reply. I can understand, when people have no reply they start veering in different direction or start getting personal. I can take everything patiently, even if it is a personal insult etc.

    So can we get back to the reply that I posted last?

    What is the BIS (earlier ISI) "correlation" for ISO 27001 that applies to certification for data center data security for example?

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