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HbA1c 7.9 to 6.1 in 6 months, how to proceed further ?

Dear Experienced & Respected Members,

I am 38 yrs old male and suffering from diabetes type-2 since 2011. After many failures in controlling blood sugar level in the past. In Feb'16 I designed and implemented a diet plan for myself, after getting 7.9 in HbA1c report. In the recent HbA1c report I got 6.1. Thank GOD! at least something worked.

29-Jun-2015 HbA1c 6.8

13-Feb-2016 HbA1c 7.9

03-Aug-2016 HbA1c 6.1

I would like to know, do I need to go further down? and how to do efforts and in which direction to come off from synthetic medicines? Is there any important thing missing from my diet? My routine and diet as follows

=== After brushing teeth


1. First glass of water @ room temprature with one lemon. Second glass of water to clear lemon residuals over teeth. Sometime I drink third glass.

2. 1.5-2 cup tea with very little sugar. (I am allergic to sugar free tablets, swollen eyes and itching over face)


Breakfast (500mg Metformin+Glicazide) ===

1. One Pratha (normal, ajwain, onion or doah prepared from daal) fried in pomace olive oil.

2. One bowl (250gm) home made curd from double-tonned or tonned milk with 2.5gm turmeric power, approx 1gm black pepper power and approx 1gm cinnamon power (ground at home).

3. 1-1.5 cup tea with very little sugar.

4. Bicosule Capsule for B12.

5. 60K D3 tablet once in a month.

6. Thyroidinum 3x (2 tabs).


Lunch ===

1. 3 x Roti

2. Sabji (Prepared in olive oil)


Dinner (500mg Metformin+Glicazide) ===

1. 2 or 3 Roti.

2. One bowl (250gm) daal. (Tadka prepared in olive oil).


Without roti, one big bowl of boiled Bengal-Gram (Kaale Channe), Channa-Dal, Rajmah (Kidney-Beans) or White-Gram (Kabuli-Channa) topped with tomato, onion, green chillis upto feeling of fullness.

This has biggest impact over fasting blood sugar levels.

3. Thyroidinum 3x (2 tabs).


Before Bed ===

Half or Full glass of warm double-tonned or tonned milk with 2.5gm turmeric power, approx 1gm black pepper power and approx 1gm cinnamon power prepared at home.



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You are on the right path. To be more flexible and to keep the diet more sustainable, I suggest the amount of carbohydrates you are taking. You can slowly reduce the carbs further while ensuring that you still get enough calories. Increase oil intake if you don't get enough calories otherwise. Once you do this, you will find you can play around with a much wider range of foods. For a start, don't feel guilty about the small quantity of sugar you put in your tea. A spoonful of sugar has only 5 grams, while each roti has some 25 grams. That is where you can do some cutting. Even the daals and legumes (channa and all) you consume are 40% carbs. Don't take them too liberally. Instead of toned milk you might find that a smaller helping of standard milk or full fat milk gives you a higher feeling of fullness with much less carbs.

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I have a little different view for @sdhi

1) no to sugar. Never. Very high GI.

2) i think pomace is RBD. No to any rbd oil. Instead please use co, vco, pure ghee - preferably cow. Evoo for dressing.

3) carbs should be within 100g and that too low GI. So low gi low GL diet.

4) milk and milk sugar raises my bs. So take milk and milk products with caution. Curd hung and sour better because it has less carbs. Tonned milk is more harmful.

5) learn calorie counting. Imho one should take calorie deficit diet.

He has yet to make many dietary changes.


Your Carb in take seem higher. Add greens. The milk at night can be reduced if not stopped. Add some nuts in the evening. Good going . Keep it up.


Thank you Pankaj, Manmor and Aiyaraj Ji,

I'll try to cut CARBS further down and will increase FAT intake. Just waiting for saavan month to be over after that will start whole eggs again. Today's visit to my doctor resulted drug salt change from glicazide to glimipride due to semi liquid stool in the morning but over all doctor is impressed with the progress and he told me that stool formation is common problem among diabetics some suffers with tight and some suffers from loose stool.

I recently started Giloy tabs again. I abstained Giloy in Sep'15 because I had to undergo Vasectomy in Oct'15. Currently, I avoid taking them in the night due to higher dosage of metformin once my night dosage will reduce I'll start Giloy again at night, because I have a fear of hypoglycemia while asleep.

History: I had disturbed fasting blood sugar.


Reduce chappati,reduce your dal consumption,Go for greens,switch to full fat milk regime Add some nuts,flax seed, count carb Thanks

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Sir, can i take desi ghee for FAT prepared from cow's milk?


OK Sir, I'll start taking FAT and will try to cut down CARBS intake and will update after 2-3 weeks later with FRUCTOSAMINE test to know where the 2 - 3 weeks avg blood sugar is falling.


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