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My HBA1C is a lot better now 😊

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My HbA1c is 5.6 now with this life style. My meals and snacks are:


wheat paratha 1.5, chickpeas, salan, omlette or daal with a cup of raw yogurt and a cumber occasionaly

Evening Snack:

medium apple,1 or 2 guavas and a pack of wheatable sugar free biscuits


1.5 wheat roti with a salan of chicken/mutton/sabzi, a cucumber

Night/Bedtime Snack:

1 glass of cow milk without sugar

No exercise, no walk. πŸ˜†

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Congratulations on the improved A1c result! That's fantastic news. :-) Keep up the wonderful job and progress.

Congratulations!!! NO lunch? Are you taking any medicine? What was your past HbA1c?

farhan_2 in reply to Asha03

Yes no lunch.

it was 7.8/ 7.9 since i started using a generic herbal medicine made by a certified herbal expert (hakeem) here. 😊

Sugul in reply to farhan_2


HimanshuPuri in reply to Sugul

Reversing could be quite challenging. I have brought it down up to 4.9 but even slight loose control brought it back to 6.1. Still under limits but more than expected.

You don't take lunch?What is the timing of your breakfast?

farhan_2 in reply to Suksinha

I take it around 12 pm now a days. I've taken it after vacations from October it will be around 9 am

Any details of the medicine you are taking?

Congrats. Excellent

This may be similar to Mr Shashi of Mumbai.. It is called Intermittent Fasting.

However, I am concern about long term effect - how many calories do you eat per day ...

may get long term weakness and muscle loss. Break down nutrients per day - Carbs, Fat and Protein.. Also - need to check or be cautious about sugar lows...

Long term is even better. I have been doing first meal at 11.30 and 2nd at 7 for months now. I don't exercise in morning so I don't really need to eat very early. 2 meals a day works really well. Have some snack/fruit in evening between 2 meals if you want.

You may NOT be getting enough Protein and fat - Long term - I eman NOT for A1C - I emant for muscles and strength -

You are right. It can happen if not cautious. I generally take some protein - cottage cheese/eggs/beans/pulses everyday. I also take nuts and seeds every day. Other than that I mostly take vegetables - steamed or boiled And fruits. No cereals. At macro-nutrient level, don't see any issue. Diet goes beyond 2000 calories. I take a multi-vitamin pill every now and then.

well that sounds well and good- still depending on age- I do recommend blood tests every 3 to 5 years - Cardio IQ test as well as mineral tests. Even though you think A1C is okay - within range - I strongly recommend every one to Monitor Frequently - say once every three months - contineous for one week - take BS readings at home - six times a day - specially two hours after meals.

Alternatively recommend a " GLYCOMARK " test - which is NOT available in India.

Purpose is to prevent Sugar Spikes- over 200 me/dl - which damages nerves and have complications of eyes, kidney or heart as wella s neuropathy.

Absolute agree with recommendations. Regular checks are must of all diabetics.

Congratulations Farhan, with all that high carbs intake you are able to reach HbA1C 5.6, it's amazing.

Concerned in reply to Sugul

It suggests insulin is being stimulated to cope, potentially leading to long term complications, because high insulin levels promote further insulin resistance.

Good Very Good. Please maintain this level as it will be beneficial in the long run.

Does plain cow milk cause sugar rise?

farhan_2 in reply to Rabba

yes a bit

Please let all know what herbal medicine you are taking

Thanks for sharing. keeps all of us motivated.

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