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11.9 to 4.9 in 6 months

I have tried to put summary of my experience. If you have any questions, let me know.


. Male, 39 yrs old.

. Diagnosed diabetes in 1st week April 2017.

. Pain in nerves. So much so that I could not go to office for 2.5 months.

. Cardio - Atrial fibrillation happened few times.

. Bones crackling in the body.

. Vision changes for few days.

. Few other issues but you get the idea from above.

This is how I will summarize my experience:

. hba1c

. 24th April 2017 - 11.9

. 24th Jul 2017 - 6.1

. 24th Sep 2017 - 4.9

. No allopathic medicines.

. I took ayurvedic pills in the beginning but stopped after few days after few incidents of hypoglycemia.

1st 3 months:

. Mostly vegan diet except milk in tea.

. Followed Neal Barnard's book on reversing diabetes

. Followed Ramdev yoga video.

. Lot of vegetables and fruits in my diet. I ate Mangoes also. Only 2 fruits that I avoided - Banana and Cheeku/Sapota

. In the morning - cinnamon water, chia seeds, flax seeds, tulsi seeds.

. Nuts - almonds, walnuts, Pista, Cashew, peanuts.

. Ate in limit, 3-4 times a day.

. Cheat food - coffee/tea - 1-2 times a day.

. Drinking vegetable juice in morning. Vegetables - Lauki, Cucumber, Amla, Carrot, Green leaves, Tulsi, Karela.

. Lot of walking and some cycling since i was at home.

. Pranayam and yoga daily - 1 hour

Next 3 months:

. More liberal with food so ate out few times.

. Ate non-veg 2-3 times per month. Change from my past life was that for 1 unit of chicken, i would eat 3-4 units of vegetable. So no more stuffing with just non-veg in any meal.

. Had up to 2-3 rounds of tea/coffee on certain days. Nothing regular though.

. Stopped eating roti regularly. I developed taste for salads and fruits so I felt like eating those most of the time.

. Was eating chawanprash - organic india - that is based on jaggery and not white sugar.

. continued with my vegetable juice in the morning although less frequent.

. continued eating nuts

. included pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, sun flower seeds in my diet.

. had beer few times in last 3 months. I did not measure sugar level afterwards so I don't know what damage it did.

. in general i stopped measuring sugar level on daily basis which I was doing in first 3 months. I measured it few times randomly though.

. My weight was 68 kgs ( Peak weight 90kg in Dec 2016 ).

. Pranayam reduced to 30 mins. No more Yoga. I started going to office on bicycle so I sweat twice after 20-25 mins of cycling in morning and evening.

. I eat breakfast, cycle to office. eat lunch and take walk of 25 mins. eat dinner in office and cycle back to home. So do some exercise after every meal.

. Breakfast at 10 . Dinner at 7, so main course is limited to around 9 hours.

. Becuase of lot of weight loss, I was felt like improving my diet a bit and had eggs for few days.

. started some meditation - hoping to keep stress in check

To summarize,

. I found that I am eating better food now. Eating lot of veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds helped me immensely.

. With this diet, every now and then if I am forced to go out, I find it ok to eat things like non-veg etc in limit.

. I have also consumed some fried food ( made at home only).

. In general, i am much more active than i used to be before I got diabetes.

. Using vegetable based diet, my father, 64 yrs old, also 27yrs diabetic, has reduced 15 kgs.

. His insulin dose has come down from 36 units to 15 units, which he was taking for last 22 years.

. He bought bicycle and cycles 30 mins everyday.

. He is also doing 1 hour pranayam daily.

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yes, got all checks done. Thankfully no retinopathy. I now wash my eyes with triphala water every night before going to bed.


Heartwarming effort really! Hats off! My Hba1c was 16.1 at the time of detection ie Jan2017. In Apr it was 8.4 n now its 6.3 ... and like you I also feel I'm eating better and feeling fitter now!

Truly inspiring!


great going. Eating right and exercise is the key. It will come down to below 5.


Dear sir

hats off!

truly inspirational for me ...I am huge ignorant for my diabeties for last 8 years...but now I am.more serious by having me in this group ....it's very inspirational for me ...thanks


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Great. Best of luck to you !!

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You can do anything that you put your mind to!πŸ˜€ Give yourself and the A1c some time. You know what you want to do.


Guys have told to me by a close one suffering from Diabetes that a home made solution he used and in 3 months his Sugar levels came from 170 fasting to 120 and pp 257 to a175. It is take 250 gms of INDERJO+ 250 gms good quality almonds and 250gm of BHUNA CHILKE WALA CHANA. Grind mix and take one tea spoon after BF or Lunch.

Have also tried and seems it is effective.

On the forum there are GUYS may say it is WASTE OF MONEY .. BALA BALA. I do not personally find any hard. Rest as ONE feels


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