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How to bring hba1c down with lwmdr

Dear Mr George,

Thanks a lot for suggesting the LWMDR diet plan to the public generating sufficient scientific evidence . My Husband has been a diabetic since the last 10 years and he has been on MR 60 in the morning . His FBS used to be 135-145 and PPBS 215-250 and HbA1C was 7.9. We started the LWMDR as you had advised on your website from November 2015. Miraculously in a matter of six weeks his FBS has been showing in the range of 90-100 but his PPBS is still 145-200 especially after lunch . His HbA1c after following the LWMDR plan for three months is 6.9. Although his numbers have improved how to bring down his HbA1c to less than 6. His daily diet is as follows:

Morning : tea with milk w/o sugar -one cup with two biscuits

breakfast: long wheat kanji 150 grams of wheat cooked for 45 minutes in cooker

lunch: 3 medium size chappattis with subji and salad

in office one or two cups of tea w/o sugar

dinner: long wheat kanji 200 grams from 150 grams of long wheat

on sundays he has rice and curry for lunch..

Please give your suggestions

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Does he take any medicine for diabetic after getting into LWMDR diet plan now. What is MR60. Is this the full name of the medicine.


Glad to see the encouraging results.

All biscuits contain added sugar - even the sugar free ones.

HbA1c depends on Blood Sugar level of any time. Hence it can not be brought down without bringing down BS. PPBS is not yet in normal range. I presume that even the reported numbers are with the support of medication (MR 60?).

LWMDR is to be continued till FBS, PPBS, HbA1c & Serum Insulin remain in normal range without medicines. Please report results regularly or at least occasionally so that I can suggest corrections, if any.


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