Results after 10 months of LWMDR

I have been using LWMDR for 10 months now. it is good but not great

FBS mostly stays around 110

PPBS stays between 110 to 120 in mornings, during dinner mostly less than 140

latest HBa1c : 6.6[Before starting LWMDR it was 7.3],

tablet dose has been reduced from janumet 50/500 to melmet 500sr.

Some times rarely the PPBS and FBS goes out of range, one time PPBs was 210

but msolty ppbs is within 140, havent quite on Milk as i love it

Any suggestion is acceptable

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  • Good going!

    Reduce additional carb intake.

  • Yes, it is a slow process...don't expect results in so early...I will advice to do yoga along with...

  • ok

  • Very good result keep it up . Pl give your detail diet plan . Thanks

  • Morning 60 gms of LW with vegetables or egg

    Lunch normal: rice or chappathis

    Dinner: 60 gms of LW with vegetables.

    Drink milk in morning and at 7:00pm, plus 2-3 times coffee,

    some times 5 clock snakc

  • This actually is great considering that the tablets are reduced and you have not quit milk and rice!!! Do keep it up and the results will be there for you. We all know that this is a chronic progressive disorder. But you have seen in your case that it has certainly not progressed but regressed. So congrats and carry on with full faith and zero doubts.

  • I dont expect cure, but if it can keep my sugars level like this that is more than enough for me to continue as long as possible

  • Yes absolutely. We here are not scouting for a cure but only are looking for and sharing our experiences where the levels can be in control. Please be kind to share your results here. I too eat only long wheat chappatis and am able to be medicines free and at times my diet does go for a toss.

  • sinc how long you are eating long wheat chapatis ? pl share your result.


  • i am not eating long wheat chapathi, i am eating long wheat mash bfor breakfast and dinner

  • Thanks for quick reply.

  • are u still following lwmdr?? how is t for you, for me if i eat anything other than LW even one time the PPBs goes up, when i eat LW it comes back to low levels

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