millets for controlling sugar levels

Recently I  met an Indian homoeopathy doctor who organizes workshops on diabetic awareness. He is more interested in treating people with just food  rather than homoeopathic medicines.

He advices to replace rice and wheat (mostly all sorts of sugars)  with  five types of millets which can bring down Hba1c  to greater extent (~6). I was surprised to see few reports showing the results.

In Bangalore (Karnataka-India) Millets foods are becoming popular these days.

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  • Millets contain goitrogens. Goitrogens  suppress thyroid activity and can lead to goiter. While the goitrogens in foods are usually reduced by cooking (such as cruciferous vegetables), cooking actually increases the goitrogenic effect of millet!

    Protect your thyroid at all costs! It is a real challenge to unwind the effects of hypothyroidism once this vital gland is weakened or enlarged. Don’t take any chances with your thyroid health by consuming large amounts of millet. Eat millets in moderation. 

  • Dialife

    surprised to know about millets. Millets are poor people's bread. Our previous generations just a few decades back ate lots of millets. Never knew hypothyroid was rampent in those days. Even in the present time millets loaf is an important item of dinner menu in many families including my family . With cereal or a vegetable and surely with milk.

  • suramo

    pearl millet/bajra nu rotlo ane ringni nu bhrato or bhrava ringani  was staple diet in rural Gujarat.

    Even now days there are many dhaba/jalram Dhaba serve that in Ahmedabad.

    Glycemic index of Bajra is very high i.e. 71

    But surprisingly when I had bajra nu rotlo at morning fasting sugar was in very much control.

    Why this is happening really don't know.

    Guess this is all due to modified grains....

    We Indians always consumed whole grains.....but modified grains....

    Gujju food is really very good and tasty....guess they are on LCHF all the time...use of groundnut oil....lots of garlic....turmeric pickle...bhokar/Cordia dichotoma/વદો ગુંદો vado gundo pickle..

    They really know what to eat.....

  • @Cure

    seems you have tasted gujarati food very often and fond of gujarati dishes.

    Yes. Gujarati food is very much scientific. It doesn't mean other foods are not.

    Here i'd like to praise our kathiawadi food from saurastra. Bajra no rotlo - loaf with lots of valona nu ghee -valonu = churner and brinjal no olo made in lots oil and added many condiments and spices as you said. Very tasty. And buttermilk is must following each meal. Although ayurveda is against curd after evening. Salad - kachumber is must. Very pungent food - spicy. We usually say that hyperacidity due to chilly but science say that capsica in chilly is antacid. God knows what is the truth. For milk also. We take milk or ice cream for our acidity but science says milk cause acidity. See very confusing.

  • hmmm is undhiyu ok for LCHF??

    Yeah I traveled all over India....lots of Gujarat....

    I often visit Ahmadabad.... I like Gujju Food lot...

    Gujarat is really a vibrant state....

    But all Gujju food is calorie rich...

  • Really I too like Gujrat :) Very vibrant and simple and friendly people ...I like Khandvi too much ...what about kahdi khichari :)...but all of their food have some sugar in it

  • yep....high calorie food....but tasty....

    Some day you must try dal bati at Himmatnagar highway dhaba.

    Very spicy...but very tasty....

  • I read somewhere that if you eat acidic food ...stomach releases less acid curd and milk are good for acidity

  • When people talk of acid/alkaline diet:

    When u eat something that's hard to digest, stomach releases more acid and stomach releasing more acid people equate it with "acidity"

    However, we on LCHF diet have been mostly eating all hard to digest stuff. Still we rarely have any episode of GERD/Acidity.

  • I am surprised how people can live on one meal a day :O...and they dont get acidity ...doesn't stomach complaint about being jobless most of the time and start releasing more acid after some days :) :)  and vco with coffee in breakfast...thats ittttt :O...I have tears in my eyes thinking how much starvation is going on to keep the diabetes at bay :) :)...(just a joke ...dont take seriously )I know its healthy for whole system

  • If stomach releases acid uncontrolled and not on demand, it is a disease. For me its 2 meals a day. No starving at all. I cannot be 77/78kg by weight if I was starving my body, largely been in "overweight" band always for all these years :)

    Bullet proof coffee can be 400 kcal with zero carbs :)

  • The air around your home must be very nutritious :)  and you must be getting nutrition from that air :)  :)..again joking

  • Naah. 

    The diet is very nutritious. 5+ years is a very long time :)

    Eat the right stuff in right "form" n enjoy life. Wonder why people don't get bored eating wheat and rice thru out their life.

  • and what about the right time ?

  • twice a day :)

  • good one 1000 * :D

    time relates to clock ...not twice or  thrice...Sir

  • I am also trying to have two meals a day. But some times I feel very hungry in between. Can you please suggest what to do

  • "Wonder why people don't get bored eating wheat and rice thru out their life."

    I will answer it after you answer me "why rabbits are not bored of eating grass...carrots everyday and lion bored from eating same animal meat everyday :) "

  • We are humans so can't compare with rabbits and lions :)

  • Karch

    for that you have to try that diet schedule. At least for a few days.

  • Anup

    acidity is directly related to constipation. If your bowel habits are good you will not get acidity.

    But if you surf the net the definition varies.

    But as a simple rule after defaecation one should not feel any heaviness in the abdomen. There is a feeling of emptiness in the abdomen and very little flatulance. That means you are not constipated.

    For the relief of constipation you have laxative and purgative. Laxatives act by increasing bulk of the stool which in turn stimulates bowel movements.

    Purgatives irritate bowels and thus cause bowel movements. Purgatives if taken for a long time weaken the bowel walls and then spontaneous bowel movements are not adequate to evacuate them.

    Combination of both if used judiciously can be of benefit.

  • Constipation alone is a $3 billion industry (in America??). Healthy diet in the land of USDA working wonders for the drug industry :)

    If i face any bowel movement problems, I fall back to Himalaya's triphala. Then get a king like feeling while sitting on the throne :)

  • @suramo....regarding constipation ...Did you watch the movie ...Piku :)  :)

    Jokes apart ...When not following a schedule for eating and sleeping and this goes on for long time ...the problem of acidity arises ...deviation from body clock along with wrong eating habits is the cause of many problem related to health

  • Yes. You are right

  • and we can not cover up the schedule with any kind of diet :)

  • My schedule:

    Day begins whenever i wake up

    Night begins when I go to sleep

    No fixed timings.

  • yes, as of today they are costly - 85 RS per 500 g . 

  • Yes he is right I hv seen many who hv cured diabetic, my father in law had sugar ppbs 390 also protein leak in kidney but we started on millets within 2months it came to ppbs138 it's been 2yrs now thr is no trace of sugar neither protein leak every month report is below 138.. tablets insulin step by step reduced now he is medicine free, He is more active now have millets 3timez and walk "minimum 6to7kms no milk coffe tea

    All the best happy living

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