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millets therapy

according to DR.KHADER millets is the only solution for all diseases since it has got lot of nutritional values like very rich in protein,fiber,and less carbohydreates when compared to rice and wheat.and he also stresses basic culprit for all ailments is excess sugar in the blood.since millets releases sugar very,very slowly to the blood it is the best option.he gives examples of people who have been cured even cancer,gangarine and also dialysis patients.anybody has tried or heard of this comments please.

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Can you explain in details which is millet and nutrition fact and is it benefited for diabetics in detail

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Utter nonsense and another magic cure all. No studies , no proven examples no science and the sick and confused will still go for it.

It doesn't matter where your carbohydrate comes from and how slowly it is digested it still requires an insulin response - and T2 diabetics are INSULIN RESISTANT - ie have it but cannot utilise insulin like a non diabetic. Drop the carbs, insulin response lowered - simples!


My mother-in-law takes koda millet for dinner everyday and her sugar is under control. I just started to take the koda millet (varagu in Tamil) and I will post the result after a month time.


Koda Millet is called Kodru in Marathi....and said is known as toxic to human consumption if used fresh... it is said after some time(about a year old kodru) is not harmful.

here is something interesting for you peterindia


Presence of cyclopiazonic acid in kodo millet (Paspalum scrobiculatum) causing 'kodua poisoning' in man and its production by associated fungi.




Kodo grain is often referred to be poisonous to cattle and human. The poisoning of the grain is associated with the fungus. The fungal disease Paspalum ergot

causes nervousness, lack of muscular coordination, staggering gait, spasms depression an

d in extreme cases causes death in Animals. In human, the kodo-poisoning causes nausea, vomiting, delirium, depression, intoxication, and unconsciousness. The toxic substance, cyclopiazonic acid, whose presence of kodo millet causes 'kodua poisoning' and is believed to be produced by Aspergillus flavus,A. tamarii and Phomopsis paspalli (Patwardhan et al., 1974; Rao and Husain, 1985; Antony et al., 2003).

such effect is also seen in 'Bajara' infected with ergot ...But as it is known...Bajara is staple food in Gujarat and In Maharashtra....

So....point is....these grains are only for ppl who have traditional knowledge and know how to process them should use.....


It works no doubt

You will forget you had sugar I hv used my fnds hv used

My fnd had sugar level 127bfr food and after 180 to210 he is on medicine, it's been 25 days he started on millets now his reading r 95 Bfr food and 121 after food also step by step doctor is reducing dosage

I can gv u many example with proof

Thr r simple procedure to follow in your lifestyle do it, I bet you will feel positive difference


What is this millet? Where will i get it? How to use ??


How many days or months of regular use of millets it took for you to come out of the problem.can I know please


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