Controlling blood sugar

Hi I am Rajanviji

20 years diabetic and recently found out 4 blocks in all my 3 major arteries . 70:80:90. Etc percentage . They have given me stent option and surgery option. After that they have introduced 4 th drug Empagliflozin 10 mg . Which is working very well . Already on 2000 metformin, 320 glickazide and 100 mg sitagliplin . 5 th drug gas 25 my as maintenance dose , which I said to the nurse no need to increase if my kidney function test is ok on 25/07 which is one month after taking the drug.

If they want to increase they have to cut on some other drug or I will experience hypo.

Moral of the story is this:

After joining the forum I pick and choose what I needed and applied to my condition.

- Low Carb. Accept 100 percent and also if I take quantity is very much reduced.

- don't eat after 7.30 pm latest and if you are hungry say before going to bed have a whole meal toast with tea or coffee .

- Banana is very bad , there fore eat 1/2 and avoid any kinds of fruits after 6 pm

- for my condition high fat diet not acceptable

- if you are eating rice only 1 and 1/2 handful of rice with vegetable curries. If it is evening meal 1 hand ful.

- day time 1/2 of any 2 fruits . Banana and apple OR Apple and pears.

- day time before lunch time meal eat salads.

-drink water 1/2 glass before every meal.

- drink 2 glasses of water on empty stomach every morning. Which helps you to have motion as well.

- evenings say 5 o clock 2 digestive biscuits with tea. I know that biscuit is full of sugar I can't help it.

- morning always porridge with seeds.

I manage the diabetic nurse , and not listen to all what she says. ALso learnt from your forum and reading and Internet.

That's why I was quiet for a while and decided to participate and share my info.

I like few people in the forum who writes to the point and informative . I will mention their names next time.

Any thing you share should be evidenced base will be helpful.

Personal or written - such as research papers.

By the way I am 60 years old

Some times I munch 1 inch of cinnamon stick

Finally forgot to mention at least 4 days in a week I walk for 50 minutes - slow walk to sweat

That's all for the time neing


Comments welcome

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  • Very hotch poch,narrate in a simple way

  • First time in the forum. Thought of sharing some thing. Will improve as time goes by.

    Thanks for your comments. You are welcome

  • Sir .the way u have described ur condition&Wat I could understand specially the blockade in arteries .pls listen to the doctors &opt for at least Stent if applicable in ur case.Don. t play with diet only &think these complications will go away.

    U should take it seriously. Along with continue with ur DIET CONTROL.Was a pleasure to read ur post😊

  • Thanks. I will be going for stent. But now changed my diet and lifestyle .

  • Don't bother about negative comments. Your write up was excellent.

  • Thanks Anup for your encouragement .

  • Care to explain what is hotch potch?

    I understood every bit of what he wrote.

    I don't think that this is a place for essay competition of some sorts.

  • The brain on standard ADA heavy carb diet is in a state of "high".

    It needs gratification - instantly.

    It needs information -instantly.

    Any delay in processing informationmakes the user irritated.

    So, a person on a high carb rice wheat with scotch diet might find simple things "hotch potch" Better to eat low carbs and be top notch. Otherwise, one has to live with an intellectual itch in the crotch.

  • Loved the last sentence :D :D

  • That's the way to go rajanviji sir.get ur self treated for the bockade. Keep ur diet control going.

    I think ur post was excellent straight from heart.

    Pls keep the forum informed of ur progress.

    Best always


  • First thing:

    All caps is equivalent to shouting. So learn basic things of netiquettes first.

    On to your curernt post:

    I don't have to take permission from you to object to your negative comment. Calling someone's post as hotch potch is the worst comment that anyone can make about someone who is posting his/her first post. Who gave you that license to make that comment? Or you made that comment just because he wrote LOW CARB?

    Make sure you think thrice before posting such a nasty comment about someone who is posting his/her first post. Such comments are a BIG turnoff for a new person.

  • I believe that it post is quite clear and simple point wise

  • Yes, for people who understand "structuring content" and really understand english, it was very clear.

    Perhaps negative comment because he wrote LOW CARB.

  • Few suggestions

    Eat medicinal veg like Lady fingers, Tendli, cauliflower, palak subji, cabbage

    If possible take green juice in the morning made of Karela Amla

    Start Apple cider vinegar

  • Thanks. This is what I expected from the forum when I joined . Sharing information and caring. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    Existing forum members should encourage new members which is healthy. As Anup said we are not writing essays and also we have not got time to think all grammar or formation or flow of sentences when you type from the I- phone.

    Constructive comments should be welcomed by members . But commenting on the layout should be avoided if possible. It will encourage more people to join. It took me a while to participate.

  • If you have time I suggest pl go for operation .My youger brother didnot agree ,spent 8.00 lacs on stents but all stents blocked within 3/4 months. He was also taking alcohal daily. beside diabetic. I had operatin done 14 yrs ago and my heart efficiency remain above 55%. I am non alcohal takingbut high diabetic

  • Ok. At the moment I am considering taking a second opinion .

  • I am 71yrs taking walk 5 days a week 4.5 kms in evening.I was suggested surgery as per my information from escort hospital 14 yrs ago given by Dr Trahan and Dr seth the present Head who had conducted Angyography/ O H surgury

  • Did they give you an option or suggested surgery straight away.

    If you go for stenting the always you can have surgery later if needed. I think

    I am given an option and outcome is same the consultant feels

  • why waste so much money one stent cost Rs100000/ to 200000/ lac and you need three plus angyoplasty charges.If one has money no problem

  • GOI has cut down costs of STENTS :)

    Unfortunately doctors will make up for reduction in cut as a result of this by jacking up their price under different heads.

  • In India doctors are offered one stent free if they buy three for use as abribe. My many relatives are doctors and cos importing thse stents hold getherings of doctors in large cities to tell this in closed doors

  • They state away suggested surgury as they said artries may rupture trying opening them .My doctor son a MRCP from Leicester was present who decided for surgury I am from India

  • Hi. Are you suggesting open heart surgery is better than stenting.

    Some people are not given stenting option that's why they go for surgery .

    In my case they said I can do stenting g or surgery

    There is no significance difference.

    Since you have doctors in your family please advise


  • follow docter's advice

  • my relatives are not here they are IN USA/Australia now.They left NHS as there was no scope as the NHS service is decaying

  • Thanks

  • Which year your brothers operation happened . Did they put the medicated stent

  • in2008 and he died in 2009 .yes medicated. I cannot suggest since i donot know the conditions of artries. In my case they had collpassed so surgury was the option as closure was 75/80/90/90 in all four

  • I also like any doctors in the forum to comment

  • The latest in medical circles is to treat the blocked arteries through stenting rather than open heart surgery. Do take a second opinion from a renowned cardiologist of ur city.

    But pls trust the doctor who has seen ur angiography&all other reports&follow their advice&decide wat is best for u.weight the options.each case is a unique what suits someone may not be beneficial for other

    There are many honest hard working doctors in India. Have faith.

    Must get treated for ur arterial blockade

    Best always

  • Thanks . I am from uk and the cardiologist who done my angiogram says both have same outcome/survival rate according to some research . Since my

    Syntax score is 14 surgery not necessary. Only a must if it is > than 32.

    That's the reason I am going for second opinion. But my mind days stenting.

    I hope somebody who understands this intricacy will comment.

    I have trust in doctors but they are the one given met his option instead of saying this is best for you. In U.K. They will leave it to you to decide but will give all options

  • What is your Global Ejection fraction?

  • Dear friend go for stenting and consulta good cardiologist and go to at least two to three hospital .get the packages and go to the least with excellent track record.Then follow low carb diet only .Your english is good no problem. Keep it up. Thanks

  • Thanks.

  • In UK &now in India in major coprporate hpspitals also doctors see the reports discuss the options with pts.&family .tell them the outcomes but final decision is with the family.

    So pls .consult another well known Dr in UK .there would be many cardiologists or u can come to India for treatment .we have excellent Healthcare ssystems at least for cardiology in cities like Delhi. Bangalore .Bombay. vallore&Chennai if that is possible.

    Maybe u will be more comfortable here but that decision again rests with u &ur family.

    But pls be quick at it as blockade seems quite a bit& u will need to bring ur blood sugar also within range before undergoing any procedure.

    Best always&take care

  • with all the complications you should start yoga / exercise/ strength training.

    As you told you had blockages that measn you might be having high triglycerides.

    Very low density lipoproteins are highly dangerous as they are prime carriers of triglycerides.

    Triglycerides are the most common form of fat in diet and human body which are harmful above 150mg/dl.

    I have created a a thorough resource about reducing high triglycerides. you can read it at he link below.

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