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Diabetes India
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Diabetic person and diet plan

This HU forum  is  very good and it gives  so much of tips from well known members and their experience and share  other members of the forum Totally this one is good forum to share the knowledge from   each other and helps learn and maintain to control the diabetic  and also other diseases.

  This group there are several  diet system followed  and drugs used  in several system also

 For diet factor     in my knowledge this forum  members most of them followed  DIET SYSTEM

ADA/ WHO FDA guidelines



By seen most of discussion no members may not share detail of daily diet plan  and this plan how to control diabetic under  normal or non diabetic range of blood sugar.

 But recent one of the discussion one member has share his  daily diet plan he followed daily and he report his  Hba1c is 5.2 by following  LCHF  method

healthunlocked.com/diabetes... My diet plan is already  shared in this forum and for reference  as





  Similarly other  system  like ADA/WHO/FDA guidelines followed and LW / LWMDR systems or in any other system followed members may please share their daily diet plan and  blood test report.

  This help to every members to learn more knowledge   about diabetic from expert members who shared and how they followed and control the diabetic. in daily life

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