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"How one becomes diabetic; how Long Wheat controls & finally cures it?"

There are many theories, study results so on and so forth on the former question.

I have some clue popping up in mind about answers to these questions, based on the knowledge acquired from knowledgeable members of this forum (HealthUnlocked/DiabetesIndia). To verify the clue some volunteers who have been diabetic for a long time (preferably those on Insulin injection) are needed.

What they will have to do is only follow LWMDR under my supervision in addition to the routine they are following till now.

What they will have to do additionally is to get a few more blood tests at some reliable lab & publish the results here.

What they will get by way of return will be bringing their BS to normal range (which will make them healthier & happier) and finally getting cured of Diabetes.

What I will take are drawing some conclusions from the lab reports either for or against the clues that have popped up in my mind. The volunteers do not run any risk & will not lose anything.

Cooperation of interested members are earnestly solicited.

Regarding the latter question (how LongWheat controls & finally cures it?):

If you are diabetic, try LWMDR for a month or two keeping everything else unaltered; you will see that it reduces Blood Sugar (BS), as some members have already reported.

Even though I had been eating whole grain (non pulverized) LW cooked in water IT WAS NOT SWALLOWED AS WHOLE GRAIN. It was chewed well before swallowing. Hence eaten LW getting purged without being digested is not the reason for the reduction of BS in me as well as in those members of this forum who follow LWMDR.

Slow digestion or assimilation of Starch/Glucose from LW also is not the reason for LWMDR reducing the BS. If it were, my switching back to Rice based food thrice daily would have increased BS within hours or at least days, as reported by some learned members who follow other therapies.

If some volunteers are available & if the study is carried out, I hope to answer both the questions concretely.

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Dear sir I would like to be under your guidance for this therapy. Kindly let me know what tests I need to undergo. If you remember I am on a diet for maintaining my levels. But I don't know how I would react to a change in diet. So even though my HbA1c is 5.7 without medicines since 5th June I don't believe that I am cured. As you rightly say normal levels should be maintained on a regular normal diet to proclaim of a cure like you.

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Cure is to be ascertained by lab reports.


Nice to have you back .


I am on LWMDR for sometime now. But,i am not on insulin. Hope to get cured soon on this diet. will post

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Dear shooter George Thank you very much I am on lwmdr since 45 days I got very good response firstly my consultant also reduced my insulin dose also. But now showing BS various. Again I increased the units of insugen. I will continue lwmdr till I get normal readings. Now I want to join with you. I would like to become volunteer in your study. I am strictly following your advice. What are tests required

Thank you sir


Tests required as I know are FBS, PPBS, HbA1c, Serum Insulin and finally if all these are fine then OGTT.


Dear Sir,

five years ago, I quit a very dear fruit at Lord Jagannath temple at Puri, asking GOD to cure my wife of diabetes. I vowed to take that fruit only after she is cured of Diabetes. Slowly I was losing hope, partly due to my wife not believing in alternative therapy, partly due to lack of my own conviction in the absence of genuine research.

After reading your blog, Now I am confident that GOD has listened to me.

Please guide me in detail, step by step. I will accomplish them one after one.



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You can see details at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Food preparation details are given below that.


Dear GEorge Sir my mother aged 79 is having fasting sugar 130 - am interested in LWMDR - in chennai

I asked them to get Samba whole wheat to make kanji

Is samba wheat available in USA too ?

Thank you


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Thank you for the interest in LWMDR. Earlier I had searched net for somebody else. You please search USA EMMER WHEAT ONLINE SHOPING in google. Please share the progress. Have you seen that?


Dear ShooterGeorge Sir,

It was nice to see you post on Diabetic. Your post on diabetic is very informative and useful.

Let me introduce my self, I'm a 32 Years old male diagnosed with Diabetes. I got to know a week back about this when I did my blood test with high FBS, PPBS and HbA1c.

Below is the complete report of my blood test which I did on 9th March 2016.

Height = 5.11"

Weight= 115KG

FBS = 163 (fluctuating)

PPBS = 258 (fluctuating)

HbA1c = 8.8%

I'm very much worried about this as I have recently blessed with baby and I'm the sole bread winner in my family. I want to fight with this diabetes and completely eradicate this from body. I'm started doing walking for 2hours a day and yoga (pranayama) for 1hours daily.

I need your suggestion and guideline to follow LWMDR diet.

Below are my few query on which i need your guidance?

1. Shall I take Ragi/chapathi/rava along with LWMDR diet or should i follow LWMDR diet all three time a day for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

2. I will be completely restricting rice in any forms. Is it recommended?

3. According to LWMDR diet, we should not take fruits too.. If fruits which fruit is recommended?

4. My work culture put more pressure on me and also I'm very tensed by knowing that I'm diabetic. Will this increase blood glucose level?

5. I came across Patanjali medicine called "Divya Madhunashini Vati" tablet which can be taken along with allopathic medicine. Shall i take Ayurveda tabled while following LWMDR diet?

6. Can we have non-veg like chicken/fish/egg with LWMDR diet?

7. Should we eat full stomach or partial?

My Plan to fight with diabetes,

1. First reduce my weight to 8-10kg in first month and bring it down to 70kg in next three to four month.

2. Strictly follow LWMDR diet by avoiding rice, sweets and fruits which is high in sugar.

If possible please share me your contact number so that i can call you and talk personally.

Thanks in advance.

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1. Breakfast & supper Long Wheat. Lunch with other things or LW.

2. You may  take rice at lunch.

3. Fruits that are not sweet may not be a problem.

4. Tension will increase blood glucose level.

5. I do not know.

6. I used to take  fish, meat & egg during LWMDR.

7. Take your usual limit; need not reduce.

8. If any one need my personal contact details, please donate a sum notless than Rs 500 to some registered charitable organisation and publish their printed receipt with serial number & seal.

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8 is impressive!

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Did u get reply for ur queries?


Hello Sir,

I would like to go for your therapy of Long Wheat. Consider me in and let me know what to do ,what steps to follow.




Thank you @sraj73 for your interest in LWMDR. For details either go through my posts here by clicking my photograph or Googling the words "GEORGE CURED DIABETES".

I would have provided the link to the relevent sections here but for the restrictions imposed in the interest of the community.

Specific questions if any are welcome.


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