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My first Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) lab report confirming cure of Type II Diabetes

Contents of the report sheet:

Date: 10/09/09.

Name of the patient: Mr E, M. George

Age: 60

Sex: Male

1. Fasting Blood Sugar: 85.0 mgs% (60-100)

Urine Sugar : Nil


(After Glucose) -- (Blood Sugar) -- (Urine Sugar)

2. (1/2 hr.) -------- (155.0 mgs%)----( Nil)

3. (1 hr.) ----------- (160.0 mgs%)----(1.0%)

4. (1 1/2 hr.) ------ (135.0 mgs%)----(0.5%)

5. (2 hr.)------------ (100.0 mgs%)----(Nil)

6. (2 1/2 hr.)------- (90.0 mgs%)----- (Nil)


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Excellent! God bless!!


You are great at the age of 60. Congratulations! Do you follow any medication now?


Hi tthendral,

No medication for Diabetes.


that is truly INSPIRING shooter george...


Mr. George, after much search, I have been able to obtain the Khapli Gahu from the whole sale mandi. To my surprise the shopkeepers there knew that this wheat does help in curing diabetes. He told me that in old times ppl made rotis out of this wheat and was free of illnesses but now they prefer the hybrid varieties which have led to various ailments. I am going to start this and see the results.

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Hi Peace7,

Good that finally you succeeded. That is what I was telling; but nobody took it seriously. It is actually an old knowledge. I got it during the seventies from a qualified Ayurveda physician (my maternal uncle). He in fact quoted a stanza of a Sanskrit poem & translated to me. Wish you all the best.


Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge for the benefit of all of us.

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You are most welcome Peace7.


i am 39 diabetic for last 10 years. medication istamet 50 /1000 mg b/d 1 each , lantus 12 u dinner. please suggest khapli gahu , whts this howto get it


Hello Devendera, Go to the blog of Mr. George and he has given different names for this long wheat, depending on the state you are in. Since I am from Maharashtra, the name of the wheat here is khapli.

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which whole sale market in mumbai has this khapli gahu..i stay in malad..i need to have it urgently..please suggest


I wouldn't know. I'm not from Mumbai. You need to find out from your regular Grocer.

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is this long wheat mash working in your life? please suggest..shld i go for it?


I don't eat the mash but have got the wheat ground and am having rotis with different sabjis. I have just started 15 days ago. The rotis are too good as they have a sweetish taste. I think it depends on what you are used to, either rotis or mash. I feel the main product is the wheat that you have to consume, in whatever way.

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Hi swarupp.

Thank you for the interest. You please see its photographs at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Pictures, comparison & names in Hindi etc at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Name in different languages

& ask your local grocer/grain dealer. They will guide you. If you think you may fail to explain to sellers, take a colour print of the pictures after taking the enlarged version by clicking on the pictures.


Mr. George ,

Congrats .PL let me know that can we eat chappati of Long wheat suggested by you.


Hi rapo,

Thank you.

In fact I wanted to try Chappaaththi, but before that I was cured by Maash ( appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... ).

Many people have asked me this. Will you please try it systematically & publish the results here for the benefit of many including you. If I were diabetic now, would have certainly done it.


Greetings Mr George!

My father is suffering from diabetes since last 6 years .l'm inspired by your story and believe in it .I request you to please guide me step by step as to how can I eradicate this disease from my papa's life .I'll be grateful to you for a lifetime. Please Sir .

Waiting in anticipation of an early response.


How is your father's Diabetes now, after 2 years posting your question here, @ akanksha? Is he cured or at leastcontrolled?


Excellent! This shows that you are no longer diabetic.



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Thank uou @ kapilv.


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