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LWMDR results --- After Lab Test

LWMDR results --- After Lab Test

The blood test was taken on 7th March 2015 and the FBS and PPBS were shooting up to 190 and 230 respectively in April 2015. By end of April 2015, I decided to try out LWMDR , with the idea of bringing the sugar values under control, "to start with".

I started LWMDR on 28th April 2015. Inbetween, twice I had to skip the LWMDR for couple of days as I had to travel outside my place.

Effectively 45 days, I must have taken LWMDR for breakfast and Dinner.

Today, 26th June 2015, I had undergone blood test for FBS,PPBS,HbA1C and Lipids in Lister Metropolis.

The results enclosed in the chart.

May be after three months of LWMDR, I can see a better result.

Nevertheless,I see some improvement.

But I am little concerned about the LOW HDL values and also CHOL/HDL Ratio.

How do I improve these parameters?.

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You are doing pretty good.The results will improve further.Keep to the track and keep monitoring.


Total cholesterol value is low. Lower is better is not applicable for cholesterol though there is no lower limit guidelines.

If you don't have any other red blood cells related abnormality, Hba1c is high. Chances are that you are spiking more than expected.




What is LWMDR


Hi ramodpkhare,

LWMDR is Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen. For details please read the sections of my web article linked below:

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... LWMDR

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Pictures for comparison, Preparing LWM

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Recipe (algorithm) two.

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Recipe (algorithm) three.

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... mode of operation

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Caution

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... The pit- falls.

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Great. I too have started the LWMDR since May 18th. Taking FBS and PPBS on altenate days. I will take my blood results after a month or so from the lab, and will report the results. I have cholesterol too.

I avoid sugar items completely, even oily food to control cholesterol. I am a vegan.

When taking rice in the afternoon, I double or thribble strain it, so that most of the starch and sugar is gone.

Take dal and lots of veg, no roots and fruits.

I walk for half hour and do yoga maybe for 15 mins.

I reduced weight, and inspite on my strict diet, I donot feel tired.

Hope to contact Shooter George once I get my next Lab results.

Surely, LWMDR is great.

Keep going and keep reporting.


Words like these strengthen me in return! :-)

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what is your way of recovery please write to me in detail here else you may reply to my email id ksrhompath@gmail.com. Your reply will be a moral boost to me as i am running the latest level fbs 197 ppbs 297 with HbA1C 8.6. even after following LMWR for a single time and also dodaily yoga, kapalapathi pranayama,surya namaskar and meditation but no sign even a least reversal was possible.I am taking 3 times(morning,afternoon,night) metformin 500 mg tablets and two times glipizide 5mg(morning before breakfast and night before dinner) and i am aged 61 and have diabetes since six years slowly progressing from HbA1c 5.8 to now 8.6. Kindly reply to this post and advance thanks to you. God bless you



kindly tell ur diet plan


my diet plan is under.First I am totally a complete vegetarian and never have tasted any non veg items in my life.As I am from South India our basic food is full of rice .coming to my diet normally I drink sugarless coffee in the morning and take breakfast around 9.30 am mostly two Dosas as a routine and before that i take glipizide 5mg tablet and after finishing breakfast i take 500m metformin tablets.The at 12.45 pm I take my lunch which is three course meal with rice,dhal or sambar,rasam and curd rice and take 500mg metformin tablet. At 3.30pm a cup of coffee. At 5pm in the evening I take three pooris or chapathis as tiff-en and night time around 60 grams of Long wheat mash with again glipizide 5mg ,500mg Metformin.This my daily routine.I daily do yoga,walking and meditation for 45minutes .I am a retired male,aged 61,157cms height with 60kg weight.This is meal and drug plan at present.God Bless you.



i read your dietplan is little high, as my thought, kindly take green tea instead of coffee, already mr. george sir told LWMDR in two session breakfast & dinner.

In lunch take small qty of rice take vegetables high qty.

whenever u feel hungry at the time u take channa, cucumber, sprouts, buttermilk & almond .follow for 1 or 2 days u check bs level.kindly avoid oil items,fruits ,sweets.


Dear ssampath,

I understand the question is for me. If so, my reply is as follows.

Morning one cup of tea without sugar. For breakfast, take LONG WHEAT Kanji with vegetables or LW adai or LW uppuma. Kanji is the best. 60 kg is your weight, so take 60 gms of LW or samba wheat as it is called in chennai. 11 AM one cup of buttermilk or green tea or sugarless tea,if you are particular about it. Otherwise you can skip it. Lunch rice as usual. But I suggest, you have some restrictions till your blood sugar improves.

Remove starch from rice,means not prepared in pressure cooker. Have only sambar or dhal. Lots of vegetables as side dish. If you are not full, take little curd or buttermilk rice. Otherwise drink the curd/buttermilk without rice. Evening one cup of tea without sugar.

Again for dinner around 7.30 to 8 pm, take long wheat Kanji with vegetables.

No potato or root vegetables. No sweets. Whenever you feel hungry drink lot of water. Please continue your yoga,walking and medicine as usual. After four or five days check your blood sugar. Between two LWMDR, there should be 12 hours gap. For further details, you may please see, SHOOTER GEORGE'S postings. All the best.

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Thank you Vijay60. Very good. :-)


Do keep us posted about you incredible results . God bless you and Mr George for such a huge service to mankind. It's we all who can show the world that long wheat works wonders.

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