i was diabetic with 600

i was diabetic not i am diabetic

if interested read this

during the month of august 2016 i was diagnosed for diabetes with 600 ppbs and 320 fbs and 12.2 as hba1c docter suggested me to be on insulin through out life i thought of committing suicide(since i never expected this to be in my life) but i took a decision that i should fight back or die without medicnes i changed my life style my food habbits and never took medicines till today i am now 5.6 hba1c 100 fbs 120 ppbs ( nearly ) i am prof venkatramaiah from bangalore india i have not followed allopathy not homeopathy not even ayurveda friends there is no need to be panic beleive in yourself and fight back it is not impossible.

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  • Please elaborate with some details about what changes you did in your diet and life style to bring about such a dramatic turnaround ! I am interested :)

  • respected sir it was not a dramatic turnaround ! simple and very simple have faith in yourselves dont get panic give your body an oppurtunity to fight back try atleast for a week without madicines and more veg menu like soups, dry veg (avoid chicken if possible ) yoga meditation is left to yu (i never did both but once i tried meditation and slept for 5 hours !!! thats all ) i am 100% vegetarian that has helped me and i do walk for 45 minutes (somtimes less) otherwise no extra care one positive thing about myself is i am very cool and i took my diabetes as a challenge and faced it i fought him back and i am proud to say i am non diabetic today ! yu can try once ! atleast for a week it is possible try with lesser dosage medicnes (if yuare already taking ). thats all i can say have faith in yourself no body can help yu except yourself be positive try veg be cool yu can do it !! try once !! all the best yu can call me 8762168371 i am a teacherin mathematics and physics yu can watch me (ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh0IW_Z0Z8A)

    of coirse i am not teaching diabetes there

  • Hello deevige and welcome to Diabetes India forum.

    Could you give us some more details about the changes you made to your lifestyle maybe?

  • sir ive posted my reply pls see

  • deevige

    Please let's all know about your diet you are taking now a days in detail.

  • Details,please!

  • Congrats !!

  • thanks

  • chandreshpatel sir ji i am a teacher i need not tell lies to any body and will scan and send my documents may be by monday since i am not in my office i can send my details in wats app if yu can post it here then it is really good moreover i have better work than bluffing someone who is in trouble i want to tell this world (which is full of false imagination) that diabetes is not devil any body can come out of it (just like what i did ) pls allow me till monday evening i will scan and send or i will give details of hospitals that i visited for check up yu can collect infirmation from them list of hospitals (1) diacon hospital rajajinagar bangalore (2)mahalakshmi clinical laboratory mahalakshmipuram bangalore (3)sanjeevini hospital mahalkshmipuram Bangalore (4) kanva sri sai hospital nandini layout Bangalore patient name Venkataramaiah HS dates on which i got my resute done i will give on monday sir yu can call me on 8762168371

  • if possible all of us can meet and can discuss in detail what best can be done without all these homeopathic, allopathic and ayurvedic by just food control................................... atleast for two -three days why dont yu try have courage sir yu can acheive it i dont know why this world is so panic about it

  • respected sir my sincerest apologies if my words have hurted you however i will be furnishing all my medical documents at the earliest let this world know that it is possible to overcome diabetes

  • respected sir i am not a doctor i am just an old patient i just shared my experience i m not a businessman i am a teacher i tried to convey that my experience must help some one nobody can help yu except yourself be confident and try the diet but i am no where responsible for the results, only thing i can do is i can suggest what i ate and how i came out diabetes thanks prof venkatramaiah bangalore

  • sir your replay is not appearing in main post please post it again in main post this is just a replay to my post venkat

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