13 days after LWMDR

Today, 17th May 2015, my FBS was 109 and PPBS was 123. Yesterday also similar reading. Strict LWMDR for the last 13 days with the usual diabetes medicines.

I am seeing these readings after a few years.

Before the LWMDR was started, the FBS was fluctuating between 165 to 190. PPBS was between 180 to 210.

Now onwards, I will take BS readings twice a week. Let this condition stabilize for a few days more, before I think of reducing the tablets.

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  • good. keep posting the results

  • Well done. Keep it up.

  • He had already posted once in the past when someone asked him -- he said he has never tried it.

  • I have tried lw but it can not be termed experience as far as blood sugar response is concerned. I got 1 kg of lw from Kerala and ate it. Taste wise good. I am unable to get more.

    I friend of mine, to whom I suggested lw ,has got around 5kg from Pune. After he finishes it I will know the results.

  • That can also be a diplomatic way of saying that it didn't work for him. I think he posted something similar against LCHF when Anil Gupta posted about LCHF and weight gain or something of that sort.

  • can some one help where in mumbai the wheat is available.

  • Long wheat is avalable in pune maitreya agro 020 26616757

  • Where it is available in Chandigarh? What they call it in Punjabi or Hindi ?

  • You will not find it in all probability. Someone from Punjab was desperately trying to find it but since it is some rare breed with only less than 2% of total wheat production and that too south of Deccan plateau the user finally settled with LCHF diet.

  • Hi mnsmani,

    Some details related to your question are given at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Kindly have a look & report progress.

  • Good Evening SIr

    I have just ordered the khapli Gehun online

    Request you to please tell me the recipe how to eat

    my email dvrma@yahoo.co.in

    will be highly obliged


  • Please read Section 8 of my online article at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... for recipes.

  • Thanks for sharing valuable information

  • Can you give the address or email from where I can get LW.I want to try that.I am a staunch follower of LCHF.But I want to experiment with LWMDR. Please reply in my email i.e.makarimgsi@gmail.com .Thanks.

  • Thank you sir for your ready to help others attitude. karim

  • Hi makarim,

    Thank you for the pleasant response.

  • I have received the consignment of 25 kg of LW from Pune yesterday.The cost is Rs 60 per kg. I shall try the experiment with it within few days. Thanks sir.

  • Thank you sir .I shall try to follow your advice sir.Pray for me for my success. Thank you sir.

  • Hi Mr. makarim,

    My prayers are with you as long as you are on LWMDR. Wish you a speedy recovery.

  • you can order the same online @ mumbai.sulin.org

  • Yes, it would be interesting to see what happens when you reduce drugs, because not many succeeded to get off drugs.

  • i know a friend who has been able to get off 100 units of insulin /day by following a vegan diet..i would like to hear anybody who has had similar positive reviews about diet control.long wheat ,,hearing a lot about this here ..does it really wrk????in controlling diabetes

  • thanks sir George..for ur response!!!!!

  • all the best!!!keep us posted on ur condition

  • We need to thank Mr. SG for this contribution of LW.

    My store fellow in Bangalore says he will get it and is there demand

    K.Rangaswamy 9535024040

  • True. My sincere heartfelt thanks to Mr.George.

  • Dear Vijay60,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I am some sort of a "jack of all, ace of none" type of person. More over I take lot of time in preparing a response because in my opinion 'not giving a response is better than giving a wrong or improper response".

    Your strategy is the proper one. Haste will only cause waste. Slow & steady wins the race.

    Your progress & reporting are very good. It will be a great encouragement to many.

    Thank you very much for achieving the progress and still more thanks for reporting it.

    Wish you a speedy cure. :-)

  • I wish to try LWMDR .. please let me know where can I get it in Kolkata and what I should call it in Hindi or Bengali. I read a post long time back but forgot it. You may give me a pointer please.

    I was better switching from Non veg to veg diet (almost regular). However last weeks regular non-veg diet seems to increase my Blood Sugar. What is the experience of others if studied seriously.

  • Hi akb123,

    KOLKOTTA AVAILABILITY An ex-colleague from Calcutta (Mr S K Banerjee) said "Try at SPENCER in BASEMENT of SOUTH CITY MALL, near JADAVPUR uNIVERSITY, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkotha".

    KOLKOTTA AVAILABILITY Kzm Calcutta Iyer said: LW is known in Calcutta as Punjab waala or lambi waali ghanhu

    The names I could gather are at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Name in different languages


  • Too much protein also spikes sugar, and protein spikes late. At least this is what we go by as diabetics on LCHF diet. For others protein may be irrelevant as carbs is already spiking them hard and those huge spikes are covered by drugs.

  • One of my patients had reported that with chicken curry/fry her BS used to increase.

  • Hey, My brother. only 32, is diabetic now. I think due to his junk food habbit But he is not fat. Can you let me know where i can get LW in UP , Lucknow.

    When he test for diabetic. His PBPS, is 280. and since after than he is taking ayuvedic medicine, and now his pbbs is always under 180.... But many haleopathy doctor told him to turn to english medicine, Becuase they say ayurvedic did not work good. As see many complication from time to time.

    What you will suggest him...

    And can you send me a list of item he can eat... I think list of food item to eat and avoid will help us.

    And How to eat LW... does we need to make a paste or we need to make a chapati of it and eat. I am still in confusion how to follow this diet.


    God bless you.

  • Hi @rohitseth,

    My PC is down and managing with tab. This is not as user friendly as PC. Hence I am unable to explain things here & would suggest you to Google search the 3 word combination GEORGE CURED DIABETES & read the article titled DIABETES MELLITUS CURED - GEORGE'S EXPERIENCE. It has answers to all the questions you asked. Please keep reporting progress.

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