Thank you healthunlocked ...thank you Anupjee,and Shooter george

Dear friends,

I am so much thankful to this forum for teaching me and enlightening me.Mr Anup is really doing great service by enlightening members about true information about this deadly/syndrom of Diabetes

To tell you about my story I am 5'.10" 55 yrs YOUNG with weight 105 (now 95) kg.Sedentary lifestyle.Just 2/3 kms casual walk 3 times a week.

During 2013 regular health checkup doctor told me that IGT.And told me to reduce weight.

During 2014 regular check up doc told me to start cetapin XR 500( slow relasing metformine) again diagnosis was IGT.However doctor told me to start Cetapin as it will help me to reduce weight.

On 14 th January 2016 during my normal morning walk some medical students were doing free sugar check up camp.I checked up my sugar(it was fasting) and it turned out to be 264.

I was shocked and checked sugar at lab same day after lunch.It turned out 384.

Next day I gave my blood for complete sugar check along with lipid and HBa1c.

HBa1c turned out 13.5.Total cholestrol 165;hdl 37:ldl:117:triglyceride:183.

Doctor put me on istamet 50-500 and diamicron.

I started medicines on 21st Jan2016.Form 19th January 2014 I was on tour to Lucknow for business purpose.Where i enjoyed all Lucknowi food rich of carbs.LOL.Then on backwards tour attended on Marriage.

However on return i did started reading this forum alongwith information about this syndrome.

On my arrival i checked up my pp it was 147( ofcoz with diamicron and istamet)

Posting of Mr Anup was really eye opener.And i started cutting down on my 1.5 fulka for lunch and 1.5 fulka for 4 marie biscuits at morning and 4 at evening alongwith sugar free tea.Rest all veg our usal of any thing like chavali/chana/masoor etc.(sprouted)Also started nigella sativa (kalaunji) and methi dana at morning.Along with morning cinnamon tea.5 kms walking every day.

And aloha.........on 21st i had first hypo.....followed by 2nd on 22nd of feb 2014.on 23rd I spoke to doc.And discontinued Diamicron.

I am following everyday with my morning FBS level it it hovering around 90 to 118 only once i did reached for 126.

Hmmmm....and i took my HBa1c on 14th Fab 2014 it turned out 10.1 eaxctly after one month from first HBa1c.

I continued same diet for next month....only by adding more fish and some eggs and same time cutting more one fulka or some time 1.5.Adding some more nuts almond pista and walnuts.

And again checked my Hba1c on 15 th March and it came down to visited doc yesterday.

And thanks to you all my friends.....doc cut my istamet further now i am on half 50-500 istamet.and total 1200 mg metformin.

Doc sid we will review in u net month visit and may be they will stop istamet altogether and keep me on metformin only.

For today i am going to start eating fulka with long wheat.Long whet is easly available all over Maharashtra.It is called Khapali Gahu.

Hmmmm....I do agree that carbs are can they will help in curing carb disorder??? but i found something interesting.....Also shocking..... all ready made wheat and maida is contaminated with alloxon.This alloxon is used to induce diabetes i rats for study of diabetes in labs.So it is always better to get fresh chakki ata. Further the grains we are using now days are genetically modified.Khapali whet is not genetically modified yet.However i get some news that in karnataka some agriculturists are doing modification of khapali wheat.

Besides this there is one more point that in khapali wheat the embryo /wheat germ is intact.There are certain enzymes which helps to control blood sugar.

May be this wheat will be useful for all of us. I think what shooter geroge is suggesting about long wheat may be true.

But Anupjee is absolutely right logically that carbs are carbs....and in diabetes one must cut carbs.

Still as diabetic and over weight i want to still restrict y fat intakes as i want to cut down calories for weight reduction.I was 105 KG at the time of diagnosis i.e. 2 months ago....and lost about 10 kgs in 2 months just by cutting my carbs.

Firends.....thanks once again for your posts and enlightenment.I need your best wishes.....

H R Gupte


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  • Drop the MARIE biscuits. Most diabetologists and Dietitians in India Sell Marie biscuits (and some even sell Amway's expensive Nutralite) to every diabetic. Not sure if they have some deal with the company.

    Drop all biscuits. Replace with nuts. A 4 Gram Marie biscuit with 60% carbs and 8 biscuits a day is close to 20 grams USELESS carbs.

    Last but not the least -- Welcome to GROUP ot LCHF diabetics and Congratulations on your achievement. @Sugu reduce his A1C from 13+ to 5.X on ZERO drugs by following LCHF diet. 600+ is the number now and yet someone thinks that we don't sound convincing. Experiment on 20 caged rats in labs sounds more convincing to them than 600+ free humans :)

    Stay focused follow the rules of the game -- LCHF -- and eat whatever you want to eat.

    OT: last 15 days I am no no wheat, no rice, no roti and loving it more :)

  • Thank you Anupjee for encouraging me....Sure I will drop Marie all together....adding flax seeds instead...and some nuts.....

    Further,I forget to mention that I am also using 'Jambul Vinegar' By Baba Ramdev before lunch and dinner for my non alcoholic fatty liver and to enhance GLP-1.

    Also adding 'single clove garlic' which is much more powerful than normal garlic.

    I am sure to reach target of 6.4 of Hba1c by next month and after that without medicine sure to go further.

    By the way also checked my fasting insulin which is 10.4 against my fasting sugar of 118.This means by Homa calculator by IR is 3.03 (Homeostasis Model Assessment=HOMA for calculating 'Insulin resistance' = fasting sugar X fasting insulin/405) .IR above 2 is main reason for high blood sugar levels.

    As on today with less carbs my overall liver profile ,HBa1c,levels of testosterone,D3 are much much better.Testosterone has gone up by 30 points.....D3 is almost double..Ofcoz I took calcirol sachets( earlier they never gave me such amazing results).....HBa1c has gone down by 2.5 points..

    I will not call my diet as strict LCHF....But I will call it low carb diet as I am not adding fats to cut down my calories for weight reduction.

    By the way today while returning back from my office purchased Long wheat.

    Instead of fulka of normal wheat I am going to give try to this long wheat.Let us see what results are stored for me.

  • (1) Fasting insulin is around 3 times higher.

    (2) A1C should be 5.6 or lower.

    Cutting down carbs and adding FAT will help a great deal in achieving both. There's no other way to get to fasting insulin down to ~3

    We don't look at body weight once we follow LCHF strictly. Body will find it's suitable weight on its own. I have always been overweight by the failed BMI theory. All boxers are over weight by the same theory and yet one of the fittest sports persons.

  • Maries biscuits :

    Pl see the nutritional contents

    100gm contains 72gm Carnes +22 gm sugar

  • On my first visit to diabetologist after being confirmed a diabetic, I was sold MARIE Biscuits. It's a common phenomenon all over India.

    Sugar and carbs are HEALTHY for them, as it makes drugs sell more.

    Move up a ladder on corruption and you get some diabetic friendly biscuit from Britania that sells through a TV ad showing female secretary reminding boss in middle of a meeting to eat few britania diabetic friendly (rehash with some husk added) biscuits every 2 hours :D :D

  • Thanks Anup for mentioning my case. I am 36 months into D now without drugs. My journey started from 290 fasting 390 pp and 13 hba1c. I dared to defy my doctor only because of the knowledge i gained from this forum. Otherwise I would have progressively increased my pills and by now would have ended in insulin shots.

    After reaching the a1c levels of 5 to 5.7 in three months time wihout any medicine, I never crossed 5.9 mark. Now during the last three years, some of my doctor friends are also keen to know from me what is the magic.

    My answer: The bottom line in is cut down the carbs. Just cut down on carbs. You will see the changes immediately. Even today morning my fasting number was 90 fasting.

  • Sugu thanks for piching in. Helps me a lot when I have 5 opponents of LCHF to deal with now. I am not worried about opponents. I can handle 10 or more in one go alone. LCHF diet helps in maintaining mental calm and tenacity too.

    I have talked of three recent cases in this thread, with two ladies on Insulin injections on One dropped her 12 units lantus and other got it down from 22 to 12. the case of 22 to 12 landed PPBS of 88. So she may drop the insulin completely :)

    So, if two lades can lead to 34 unit insulin sales decrease, why would anyone from the drug industry camp want to promote LCHF diet. They will give all crazy explanations like LCHF is not mentioned in encyclopedia so not worth a try. Yet, diabetics are switching :)

  • Simply great......

  • @cure why are you afraid of having fats in your diet? If you are cutting on carbs , then what about your energy balance? You will tend to go in starvation mode, your BMR will go down and body will go in storage mode instead of burning mode. You will start feeling weak and tired. Have fats to burn fats

  • I will not call my diet as strict LCHF diet.It is low carbs diet.Not LCLF diet either.Mr Anup and every one advocating LCHF diet are 100% right and logical that carbs are culprit and we must avoid/cut them as much as possible.

    However,as per my understanding in LCHF diet fats are added to fulfill calories deficit.As I am already over weight to reduce my weight I am not adding extra calories/fat,and by doing that creating deficit of calories.I am not all 'cutting down or adding extra normal fats' which we Indians normally consume thru our regular sabji etc.

    As far as my reports are concerned after following this diet for month....I am doing fantastic on each and every aspect.Except Iron and B12.As far as iron is concern my iron has gone down but HB has gone up.And depletion of b12 is effect of increased metformin dose.

    Awaiting next months reports.

  • On LCHF, we eat to satiety, don't count calories and don't fear fat. We fear CARBS like HELL.

    A 105 Kg female diabetic, switched to LCHF diet on 20th December. Her numbers have normalized to best levels that she ever saw, two drugs are out of the window and she is down by 13 kg as of few days back. She is a working lady, so her colleagues are shocked.

    There's another who joined last week on 12 unit lantus. Today she dropped Lantus insulin and got FBS 115

    There's another lady who is switching to LCHF with A1C 7.7 and 22 units Lantus. In 2 days, her Insulin is down from 22 to 12 and probably she also may go off insulin.

    Some one sent me a PM here today for her husband. Adding fat and reducing carbs increased HDL from 40 to 70 and TG is down to 60 :)

    Don't think any other diet can achieve these results so quickly and lead to better health with a amjor portion of drugs removed. LCHF diet works even without losing a single gram body weight as we fix diet to control insulin levels in blood. Once insulin levels are down, fat automatically burns :)

    LCHF followers is increasing every day because it WORKS and WORKS very FAST. Though, some one thinks that these are just stray cases. Give us any case, and we can replicate the results in a weeks time because LCHF is SCIENCE. Best is we don't charge MONEY like some doctor does in Pune to tell you how to be a VEGAN :)

  • Anupjee.....

    I am sure about what you are talking and advocating....My friend who is diabetic for last 20 yrs started cutting down his cabs and first time in his his PP was 125 .

    He was so happy and told me to convey my thanx to you....Thank you once again for adding few more HEALTHY Years in our life....May God bless you always...

    Next week he is meeting his doc for further follow up.

  • Thanks CURE.

    Every time someone switches and gets good numbers I think I am winning a war -- this time a WAR ON DIABETES. Spending lot of time here and MONEY from Pocket to run just to spread the LCHF message to diabetics.

    To every diabetic who switches to LCHF, I always say Spread the message. One in ten will listen as rest are brainwahsed by the NONSENSE that FAT is bad and CARBS are healthy. One in Ten diabetic switching is a great success.

    Some guys yap that LCHF is only good for early diabetics. 20 years diabetic history is not early stage diabetics. Someone who was on LW therapy and A1C increased from 7 to 7.7 with insulin of 22 units finally switched to LCHF two days back and dropped Insulin from 22 to 12 and with PPBS reading 88, she may go off Insulin altogether :)

  • OMG nearly 12 diabetics switched to LCHF in last week :)

    As for doctor, tell your friend to IGNORE if he starts ranting against LCHF. Doctors don't spend more than a week on nutrition in their entire training and out of that they must be spending najor time in being convinced that FAT is bad.

    So, you can't expect them to know what LCHF is in majority of the cases.I have a personal experience with a endo with 40 years experience who says LCHF is Keto diet, despite being told that we follow 20:20:60 rule. This happened on

    Every doctor must be made to watch this real life vent based (hollywood director with his epileptic son case) movie during their training:

    Great scene from 1:11:00 onwards :)

    And, here's the same kid on whom the movie was made at 20+ and no drugs and diet that was ridiculed with disdain????

  • @CURE -- So make sure that you spread the message of LCHF diet to everyone that you come across. Explain the science and also the FACT that it's the HIGH CARBS LOW FAT diet which is causing all the menace:

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