What is harm in LCHF???

As forum is flooded with petitions to reinstate Mr Anup's rights to advocate LCHF......I am really surprised why he is restricted???

Moderators must clear their stand on this issue....

For me I am benefited with restricting my carbs.....As I am new I am not following High Fats diet yet....But sure low carbs helps in controlling sugar....It is most logical thing a person should follow ....and most importantly a DOCTOR should advise patient...

When Mr Anup is advocating his point of view he got full RIGHT to do this.......if some one got some other view point he may advocate the same....what is reason for restriction???

If this is really a forum for discussions about problems and suggestions to diabetes.....Mod and admin should clear on what grounds Mr Anup is restricted.

I am always thankful to Mr Anup and Shooter George for sharing thoughts....I will remain always thankful to both of them for changing my life and showing me new path to healthy life.

Now I strongly believe 'Diabetes is not end.....But its start of NEW HEALTHY LIFE'

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  • It is nothing but jealousy of some members who are talking against LCHF. Banning someone here is not going to stop the spread of LCHF.  

  • What a backward notion dear tell me what shall one gain if proper guidance is provided without any benefits.Idont know you or any other member of the forum but being a scientist and myself a patient stop persons misguiding the persons who are reluctant to visit a physician and depend on hearsay

  • What is your opinion about LWMDR which was introduced in this forum by another scientist and past diabetic?

  • My dear

    you have all rights to be skeptic. Don't follow what anybody says. This is an era of internet. You can surf innumerable links and web sites. Try to understand. Ask your queries on this forum to solve your doubts. What Anup, arun kumar, indiacratus, ragirao and shri et al are saying is found on net. We should thank them for taking so much pain to find out what is beneficial to themselves and us as diabetics. 

  • LCHF is not hearsay. Many doctors are following themselves and recommend totheir patients. Not in India but  US and Europe. And it is because standard recommendations fail.

  • There are vested interests in this forum

    Pharma companies are associated. 

    Hence they are against any diet which will cut down the medicines. 

    Hence this unease. 

    Vested ones wants people to follow ADA recommended diet of high carbs, worsen the disease as time progresses and add up patented medications, Face adverse effects, go to Drs again and get admitted and spend more money. 

    Who gains: Drs, Hospitals, Pharma companies, Medical shops and other associated medicare personnel. 

    Who loses: The Patient &  (the insurance companies who pay for the patented medicines & hospital stay - only for western countries covered by insurance), the relatives who also has to suffer. 

  •  I am not known anything about this   few minutes back  I am log in to this forum  I am seen some posts from members about Anup restriction from the forum.

    But   how these members  have know that Anup was banned .

    Similarly  Geroge Shooter also banned from several months

    What are the guidelines missed by  Anup and who will  report  Againsyt Anup and what are the detail What is fault of Anup

      Any members may please share about this.

      I request moderator  please  lift the restriction of  Anup from the forum  and helpto share his  knowledge  to all the members.

  • Me too join you, @agrhar.

  • Propagating LCHF is not bad,it is ones personel experience.The most common disease in India is obesity,which gives rise  to diabetes and heart diseases,so to be treated properly.There is a proverb that NEEM HAKEEM KHATAI JAN,means that self made physician is danger for life

  • Very sad to note restriction of Mr. Anup. Now a new face GNjanbaz should banned. he looks to 


  • I agree that Mr. Anup's restriction be lifted. 

  • Insurance companies are not less powerful. How come they are unable to stop the menace of false advertisements and false research reports?

  • My thoughts entirely. JanR

  • My suggestion is to change life style when suffering with diabetes and obesity.Best is exercise in the morning and evening.Start day with a cold water glass and then little dry fruits such as walnuts and almonds . a cup of tea with two slices of bread.At about 11 am  aplate of vegetables raw,lunch two chappatis with vegetables such as bindi,karela,palak.At 4 PM a cup of coffee or tea without sugar and two slices of bread and in the evening rice with chicken,orpaneer piece or fish.No milk at bed time.The diet will provide all the ingredients.

  • This is hardly scientific. Is bread, whole wheat or multigrain, the best food for diabetics? Bread is OK if you bake your own with low glycemic index and low glycemic load flour, which you must first locate and decide on how to include the gluten for its texture and proper fermentation and raising if the dough. Rice at night? 

  • very nice suggestion

    I am only against the 2 slices of bread you mentioned

    Its made of maida which contains trace qty of Alloxan which is a diabetes inducing chemical. It also contains transfat which is harmful. 

    It also is a refined wheat which releases carbs / sugar quickly. 

    Also small qty of sugar is added. 

  • It is strange that people are favouring a treatment which is not scientific.No doubt low carbohydrate intake will produce less glucose but the problem is to metabokose this glucose to energy required for the development and maintenance of body cells.This possible only if Pancrease produces adequate insulin to convert this glucose to energy.Therefore the problem does not arise with intake quantity of carbohydrates but the healthy pancrease to produce insulin for converting glucose to energy.It is possible in type 2 diabetes that restricting carbohydrates and exercise may contain the glucose in the blood but ultimately it is pacrease which is to be treated.As already indicated intake of unsaturated  fats are in no way...no way useful.especially in the heart and diabetic patients. To stop this argument I request the organizers to publish the effects of carbohydrates and fats on the working of the body cells and stop this unscientific treatment discussions.I find this blog is used by the diabetic patients who are ignorant of working of the body organs and their mantainance and they may suffer instead of treatment.  

  • Then what is solution?Please!

  • Change of life style,daily exercise proper treatment for the root cause of diabetes.Take vegetables ,protiens and consult a physician

  • What is root cause of diabetes?

  • Root cause of diabetes is malfunction of Pancrease.which if completely is non functional(Type !)  or it produces insulin for metabolism of glucose to energy required  for development but is not functional(Type 2).Type 1 is hereditary and usually in children,while typ2 two develops in adults.If untreated it causes defects in eyes(Retinopathy),effects nervous system (Neuropathy) or kidneys,which become impaired>therefore,as soon as it is diagnosed immediately get treatment instead playing with LCH ...whatever it is or any other suggestions. 

  • LOL no carbs @ GNJanbaz?????

    Just proteins???? and what about "glucose to energy required for the development and maintenance of body cells"?????


  • Carbohydrates are the basis for growth,grains(Rice,Wheat and other grains)provide carbohydrates to be converted to glucose metabolized to energy for the development of the cells,.while as other necessary nutrients are provided by vegetables ,fruits and pulses and meat.Dont be nave to be so ignorant and joining this forum,which semi scientific.There should be members who are receptive and do not use vulgar language

  • In that way, Shooter George is very practical. He practised Long Wheat under the guidance and supervision of a proper qualified doctor.

  • Glucose is not the only fuel that our body can burn for its energy needs. In T2 DM, the pancreas often creates more than normal amounts of insulin. The excess amount of insulin makes the insulin resistance worse. The last thing one should do to treat T2 DM is to poke the pancreas to produce more insulin.


    Are you asking the moderators to block all the discussions on this forum that do not agree with the "balanced diet" approach? 

  • It seems you do not understand englishI request to organizers to have views of experts to clear the doubts during a discussion.There are proposals to take animal fats,low carbohydrates ,long wheat and many other suggestions.There is always a moderator in all discussions

  • GNJanbaz 

    You know very little about me to assess my comprehension skills, so please spare the patronizing tone. I would like to believe that you have better things to do in life.

    Just in case you have not noticed, this is a peer-to-peer support network meant for sharing, discussing and debating; and not a classroom where the moderators arrange for views of supposed experts to guide/teach the ignorant lot.

  • Sure glucose is not the only fuel that body can burn but for the body to be able to burn ketones as fuel one has to work on putting the body in ketosis. Diabetics need to be careful because they can develop keto-acedosis which can be very dangerous. And I agree that poking the pancreas to produce more and more insulin until the T cells are burnt out should not be the long term strategy to treat T2 diabetes.

    I have responded to another post petitioning for lifting sanctions on Anup and I will ask once again, (1) how did people find out that Anup has been banned? (2) Do we know he was banned for talking about LCHF alone?

    I have not seen any post from the moderator or admin stating that Mr Anup has been banned because he talks about LCHF. No one in this forum responded to my question either. I like to know the facts before voicing my opinion/ support for any person or cause. so not sure why everybody is fussing over little to unknown facts.

    I also don't understand the basis of people making statements that imply things like -->

    *  Pharma companies are behind Anup's ban.

    *  Or doctors who want nothing but money are behind Anup's ban. Is the forum sponsored by pharma companies or doctors?

    *  Or people just don't want other people to get better and have someone like Anup talk about LCHF. If there are 600+ followers of LCHF, aren't there even a handful who can continue to preach LCHF to the masses in an objective and respectful manner!! I cannot stress enough the importance of being objective and respectful :)

  • Dear Shailp 

    I am not sure why you have addressed your comments on Mr. Anup's ban, and the speculated reasons behind this ban, to me. :)

    As for me, I don't remember having alleged anything of that sort.

  • i addressed the content in your response and used the opportunity to voice my opinion about banning someone. Not because you said anything about ban. :)

  • @ GNJanbaz......

    Thank you very much for your wonderful reply....you have stated.....

    -'This possible only if Pancreas produces adequate insulin to convert this glucose to energy'

    May i ask you how many diabetic patients were asked to get fasting insulin reports to check what quantity insulin is produced in his body ???

    Without checking fasting insulin making statement about non working of pancreas is scientific???

    It is known fact that most of the non diabetic obese person produces more insulin than normal non diabetic person.This purely because of his insulin resistance....As this (insulin resistance) grows beyond threshold person becomes diabetic. It is also known fact that more insulin produces more insulin resistance.....both goes hands in hands...to make situation more worst....presence of insulin helps body storing more fats....person gains weight...making his diabetes worst...

    Still do u think treating his pancreas without knowing his current insulin level to produce more insulin ...and taxing his already tired beta cells is scientific???

    Guess it is not unscientific but 'CRIMINAL' to kill his already tired beta cells and make him life time diabetic.

    And restriction of carbohydrates...which will in turn help beta cells more rest....also help to reduce weight and insulin resistance is unscientific?????

     Very Logical sir.....thank you for enlightening us....

  • Why, if shortage of insulin is the cause of diabetes, do type 2 diabetics demonstrate hyperinsulinemia first, in prediabetes? Update yourself brother. The problem is not carbohydrate or pancreas, it is insulin resistance. The balance of glucose in the blood is not controlled just by the quantity of insulin. Do insulin injections treat the pancreas? 

  • Many people stopped medicines completely ...due to diligent support of Mr Anup many peoples life got changed completely...they got hope ...how many people or doctors did you see in real life had achieved this milestones ...I dont remember any. Mr Anup is a hero in practical life...We will start following Mr Anup on different other forums ...www is full of options...at the end of the day...only this forum will lose a lot of active users and so popularity

  • Perhaps the growing success of LCHF in taming diabetes even among Indians is the cause of unhappiness for some. Well, for those who know me, they also know where I am available 24X7 almost and I can neither be restricted nor be banned from there.

    This forum's first loss was in 2013 which lead to the birth of a new forum for Indian diabetics on LCHF diet. We allow full freedom to users to link to any site in the world if it is within the context of discussion. So much so that even HU posts are linked. I can't (no moderator can) keep everyone together on a given forum just by restricting them from posting links to websites. After all, Google gets the organic traffic.

  • I too am a beneficiary of Anoop's advocacy. Even today, after breakfast my ppbs was 120. I have not sawallowed a single tablet for  diabetes or took any insulin shot for the last three years of  dibetic life.  What else one wants...

  • Sugu -- I quote your case very often to any new and confused -by-sky-high numbers diabetics. Good to see what u have achieved and no drugs even after so long :)

  • well....there may be many many approaches..

    Every one got his own view point.....he can advocate the same....

    and this forum is meant for that.....something may suite x may not suit to Y.....

    But why restrictions???

    If you do not agree his view point .... either correct him with your logic....or don't respond....

    Restrictions is not proper way in 21st century's free world.

  • Low carb is undoubtedly not an issue and is agreed by everyone as helpful. Any concerns from anyone is someone profusely recommending  high fat and saying fat has no issue on the health.

  • I was scared of LCHF because I just was confused by the 50 gram carb, high fat etc., until I saw a photo of Anup Singh's lunch Thali. It is really a nice filling meal with everything needed.

    the available carbohydrates in an idli is not the weight of the idli. In view of the fact  that fats are calorie dense, the amount of fat required in LCHF is already being eaten ( in an unhealthy form) by the average Malayali hidden in puffs, nankattas, maladu, biriyani and Kerala Parotta. And he eats plenty of starch as well. Most eat fish, chicken and eggs. Reducing the starch and protein and modifying the nature of the fat may only show improvement.

    Scientists are seekers of knowledge who follow organised methods to verify their findings. They also keep an open mind. They do not accept something just by hearsay. This way, LCHF club is truly scientific. Their bodies are their laboratories. They undertake more testing than the conventional diabetic. They find that LCHF is a great improvement on the traditional treatment.

    I tried LCHF. It can keep me drug free in a week. If I eat the conventional way, I would have to keep increasing medicines to maintain my numbers. 

    Pharma Cos are not there doing costly research for the welfare of mankind. They are trying to find products that can capture a major share of the market. They are controlled by profit motive and the pressures from the stakeholders just as any other business firm. 

  • MRA13 -- Thanks for mentioning me in your post and also happy to see that someone did not ask you some irrelevant question just because you mentioned my name.

    Yes, LCHF club is scientific and more so because we are watching our numbers, we are watching our medical reports year after year and unfortunately some don't like discussing these things when speaking against LCHF diet.

    Glad to see that you are getting benefits out of LCHF. How i wish you had taken the decision year before when meenaraju was trying to discuss advantages of LCHF with you and in fact she got terribly insulted by one of the guys who are against LCHF for no reason. She got insulted just because she was trying to discuss advantages of LCHF diet with you. She left this forum but the guy who insulted her in most demeaning way is still around.

    Anyways, it's never late to switch to LCHF. LCHF works even on diabetics with 3 decades of diabetic history:


    Many such success stories I have posted. They can be checked by going to my profile by clicking my username.

  • I am sorry to have been the cause of someone's distress. And I think I missed the whole issue. I apologise.

  • No you weren't the cause of any distress. 

    It's just that some guys have this bad habit of poking/insulting everyone who talks LCHF and they do this unprovoked and don't even spare the ladies.Sometimes, I do wonder how they can function with impunity.

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