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Kind attention To Mr, Shooter George

To, Mr, Shooter George Sir, myself & my husband both of us are Diabetics , we started LWMDR from 31 Oct 2013 the investigation report with other details are:-

Mr, Aradhya aged 63 , 5.7" 76 kg FBS 173 mg/ dl PPBS 270 mg / dl HbA1c 7.7% Mean Blood Glucose 186 mg / dl , .Advice Medicines are Vildagliptin and Metdormin HCI tab50/100mg 1-0-1 Glimepinde tab 1-0-1.

Manjula aged 55 5.2" 69 kg FBS 114 mg / dl PPBS 204 mg / dl HbA1c 7.6% Mean Blood Sugar 184 mg /dl , Advice Medicines are Voglibose and Metdormin Hydrocloride(SR) Tab

1-0-1 & Gilbenolamide tab 2-0-1 & Human mixter insulin 20 points penfill 0-0-1

Our food habits are 7 AM one tumbler 200 ml Ragi Kanji 8 30 AM coffee with milk but w/o sugar ,10.00 AM LWMDR as per your advice per kg per gram ratio . 12-30 PM one cup green Tea with Lemon but w/o sugar 2-00 PM Ragi Ball with sambar

4-30 PM coffee as above said , 6 30 PM light snacks with green tea, LWMDR by 9-30 PM .

Every Day 7 30 AM both of us go for a walk about 45 minits aprox 5 km .

To Day LWMDR is prepared adding little vegitables & rasam mix powder , is it right or wrong ? is it makes any difference to

medicinal value of Long wheat ? please advice.

To Morrow again BS will be checked & report result to you.

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Hi emaarvee,

Your diet appears to be good. If any change is felt necessary at a later stage, we will consider it then.

I wonder why you are having more medication even though your diabetes level is below your husband's readings!

Another point noted is that there are eight food intakes.

In my case LWM was prepared without any additives. The reason you added rasam mix & vegetables is to make some change, right? I do not know whether it will be good or not. I was using all permitted curries as side dishes to make the food tasty. It may be better to cook separately.

Wish you both a speedy recovery. Keep informing progress; only a very few does it.


Thank you S George sir, I was waiting for your reply , as you said I will prepare LWM w/o any additional extras . To morrow I will send BS check after one week result.

Thank you once again


For a diabetic, yoga is essential. It keeps blood sugar with medication under control. You feel happy throughout. Regular yoga can do miracle. This is my personal experience. I am, 62, a diabetic for the last over two decades and insulin dependent. For the last six months, i am regular in morning yoga from 6.00 A.M. TO 7.00 A M and half an hour morning walk, has given tremendous results and i am very happy.

C A Ashok Khandelwal


For a change, please have a look at the blog post here

healthunlocked.com/diabetes... MY POST 1: Diabetes cured.


LWMDR as per your advice per kg per gram ratio . means what. I am a vegetarian how to prepare this LWMDR


Hi aswini, please click the links below & read. If you require more details after that, please feel free to ask. Please report your experience/progress here on a weekly basis for the benefit of other members.

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... LWMDR

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Pictures for comparison, Preparing LWM

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... mode of operation

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Caution

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Name in different languages

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... The pit- falls.

appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Some other facts


Dear Sir, I am starting my long wheat diet program from today. How is your experience after one year. Appreciate if you can spare some time to share your experience for the benefit of all diabetic. Thanks.


Sir can you please send the LWMDR as I want to try this as I am a newly diagnosed diabetic (since in an year with age 31 years). My mail ID is narayanabvm@rediffmail.com. My FBS is 106 and PPBS is exactly 140.


For both the HbA1c value is much on higher side.7.7 & 7.6-- Almost 4 years ( from 31 Oct 2013 ) now on LWMDR and the values are on higher side. You need to try by altering your food habits. Please correct if I am wrong.


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