Effect on sugar control on LCHF diet for 6 days in a week?

Has anyone tried this method of keeping strict control on LCHF diet for 6 days and deliberately freeing oneself to have all sort of tasty and forbidden food for 1 day in a week.

This method both gives a motivation to strictly say no to forbidden food and on the other side feeling good that i will have party on the chosen day and on that day i will have all those.

this way you are able to enjoy the LCHF diet schedule.....and similarly keep yourself motivated.

kindly share your experiences and first hand GYAN only....

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  • I am running fifth year with that lifestyle. No specific days fixed cheating, but can handle it well whenever I cheat. For example, if it's a marriage party --

    I skip lunch (breakfast I don;t take normally) and at the function look for one scoop of some rice dish, fried papad, lots of paneer and chicken dishes, salads and a bite of sweet dish, preferably things like ghee loaded moong or nut halwa or small serving of ice creams. Extra casual walking around at such parties is usual affair so that takes care of keeping overshoots manageable.


  • suppose party is in evening then whole day you are on water or sipping black tea or coffeee with coconut OIL....

    good way to prepare to cheat....

    but another problem is that if you are on strict LCHF for days and one sudden evening you have loads of carbs it gives very unpleasent sensation .... BLOATING....

    But anyways to satisfy taste buds once a while it can be done with preparation.


  • Yes, carbs and bloating is not unusual:


  • I for sure know that Oil will not let there be any bloat or will help reduce it as oil oil reduces the surface tension and prevents and helps release the gas.

    Coconut oil is a blessing in disguise.

  • VCO is a blessing as it has MCT, which isn't metabolised like LCT loaded oils:


    ! TBSP VCO = 2 Slices of "brown" (so called healthy) bread with zero spike in blood sugar and energy (ketones) is released as fast as brown bread.

    The link above also explains why i HATE Soya oil to the core. Most useless oil, just like any other PUFA loaded n-6 industrial vegetable oil.

  • Your breakfast replacement?

    If any then what,pl ?


  • Today I tried a protein shake with 2 Tbsps of VCO

    THE VCO mixed most easily and my wife drank it and liked it.

    I even loved.Beauty is it blends most effortlessly.

    Now Anup ji ...Your comments,please?

  • Good stuff!!!

    Look at this: healthunlocked.com/diabetes...

    Try it and you will enjoy all the more. Add VCO to the same if you want to :)

    I Love GOOD FAT and VCO is one of the best source of good FAT under the sun, unless one is a hyper-responder.

    VCO blends with anything ... and leaves no trace of VCO taste as such.

  • Which is your favourite flavor in VCO, quality wise.?

  • Personally tried two brands.

    (1) One from Prano Flax - Jaipur.

    (2) Merit VCO - Mumbai.

    Currently on 2nd one since long. Not much difference in flavor. Just a matter of convenience as first needed NEFT and lot of to and fro emails, whereas latter is paid by card on ebay.

  • What is Fat bomb,if any?

  • There are 2

    Merit VCO Extra v c o

    Naturally Organic Merit VCO

    Later is dearer.

  • I buy from:


    BTW, both are same seller.

  • Both are differently priced

    Naturally Organic vco is costlier with eBay.

  • Rs 1 difference on 1000 ml. :)

  • No, big difference will get back

    there are 2 such products at eBay.

  • Kindly check

  • 299 for 500ml versus 599 for 1000ml

    I get it slightly cheaper once I apply HDFC coupon code.

  • Thanks

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