Prayers for ShooterGeorge! Progress On LWMDR


I have been reading everything about Long Wheat Mash Diet and all of Mr George's posts since several days. His words appeared to me to be the truth & I decided to follow this diet. I will keep posting my progress here for the benefit of others.

It is my 3rd day on the diet now. My fasting glucose was always 190-200 in spite of my following a very low carb diet. Today my fasting blood sugar was 156 mg dl!!!! This is a great achievement & my prayers and best wishes are for Mr George who is doing such a great service for humanity!

I have just one concern. After consumption of long wheat, my blood sugar does shoot up and is around 200mg dl after 2 hours.... But then it starts to come down and when I tested randomly it was 150 mgdl which was really really good. Is this normal? Will really appreciate if Mr George himself answers this question. I will keep posting my progress throughout, God Willing!

Thank you everyone for reading and all of your comments are welcome. :)

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  • 200 after meals is very high figure. And even 156 fasting and random 150 are not normal levels.

  • Yes, they are very high... But before I started Long Wheat Mash they were much worse!

  • Dear indiacratus,

    Thank you very much for the optimistic & encouraging gestures.

    Good luck to you too :-)

  • Dear indiacratus

    Thank you very much for your comment! I will surely keep posting here to keep everyone updated. Just FYI I am using broken long wheat as I am not able to get the real thing yet!

  • Thank you so much for your comments. I will restrict carbs now with the rest of the food.

  • That's great to hear that you will be cutting down carbs. However, what will you replace carbs with because at the end of the day you need energy, and there are only three sources of energy -- carbs, proteins and fats. In case of diabetics like us who live on LCHF diet, they replace carbs with good fat and restrict cabs to 20% of energy intake. More on this here --

  • Sir, Good afternoon.

    I m residing in Faridabad (Haryana) near Delhi. I could not get long wheat for use as I n my wife both r diabetics. Would u mind to guide us from where can we get long wheat?

  • Please go through following link.

  • Dear ShooterGeorge

    Thank you so much for responding! I fully agree that it is God Alone who heals us and you are blessed that He has chosen you to provide us with guidance!

    I am continuing with this diet. There are several other amazing benefits I have seen:

    1. I go into deep sleep - something I have not enjoyed in months if not years. I wake up fully refreshed and not exhausted like I used to. I can feel the healing!

    2. The bloating feeling (water retention) in my body is greatly reduced and the swelling from my feet is almost gone!

    3. My fasting sugar was 144 mg dl today!! Yes, there was days in between when it was not so good in the morning but maybe it was due to my consumption of more protein (chicken) with long wheat at night.

    I am still not very happy with my reading 1 hr and 2 hr after consumption of long wheat but I will stick to it and will increase my exercise. Hope to report progress soon.

    For me, broken long wheat is working very well. I really thank all members of this group who have commented on my posts - indiacratus, shrisamarth, meetu77 , thank you all :)

    I am using this wheat:

    Best Regards

  • you are very much right, indiacratus.

    A cow in the book does not eat grass.

  • Hi warwithdiabetes,

    Thank you for the feed back & additional inputs to others.

    Wish you a speedy cure & all the best.

    please keep reporting till cure, at least.

  • Dear ShooterGeorge

    Thank you so much for your good wishes.

    Blood sugar after 30 minutes of exercise today (on the elliptical strider): 108 mg/dl !!!!!!! I am so excited I could not help posting! :)

    I haven't had such a low reading in years!

    Another thing I have incorporated in my diet is a lot of lemon. I drink around 4 glasses of lemon juice with water since 2 days. I add stevia for taste.

    You are in my prayers & God Willing I will keep reporting regularly. I want to get rid of diabetes asap and this looks like my only hope...

    Best Regards

  • Hi warwithdiabetes,

    I am also very glad to see such positive observations & body-responses. Blood sugar coming down to 108 from 200 without injection/tablet is very good.

    Thank you for including me in your prayers. I need it; there are three stents in the blood vessels near my heart! I will watchfully wait for your reports.

    Let your hope come true soon.

    Best regards.

  • Hello Mr. George,

    I have started taking long wheat. I could find its equivalent in US is Emmer .I hope it is correct .It is matching to what you have shown in pictures. But my blood sugar level is not going down(stays some where 130-145 after food). I have some stress but trying to control that also. Generally my fasting sugars are high.Can you please suggest what wrong I am doing .

  • Dear indiacratus

    Thank you so much for your advice! I am trying my best to limit calories too. With long wheat in the morning and night it is easier as I automatically stay away from junk at least.. :)

    Best Regards

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