LWMDR corroborated by a scientific study paper published way back in 2001 ADE :-)

LWMDR corroborated by a scientific study paper published way back in 2001 ADE :-)

Thank you respected member for the pains taken to dig up the paper diabetes.org.in/journal/200... {GLYCEMIC AND LIPIDEMIC RESPONSE TO DICOCCUM


N B Yenagi*, R R Hanchinal*, C S Patil**, V Koppikar**, M Halagi**}

This paper has a real pearl lying hidden. It is a matter of great satisfaction that in spite of the facts that some great experts carried out the study, wrote the paper & got it published in an appropriate journal and many more greater experts studied & quoted the paper, it was only a "Tom-Dick-and-Harry-class of " ordinary Shooter George who was destined to notice this pearl.

"Dhaanee dhaanee mee likhaa hee khaanee waalee kaa naaam"

The paper said: "....Glycemic and lipidemic responses to incorporation

of dicoccum whole wheat flour in the diet of diabetic

patients for six weeks in comparison with common

bread wheat flour were evaluated....Subjects were randomly asked to incorporate

dicoccum whole wheat flour (13 subjects) as group I

or bread wheat flour (9 subjects) as group II. About

200-300g of flour daily was added to any two meals

(breakfast/lunch/supper) in the form of unleavened

bread for six weeks. Subjects were assessed

fortnightly for six weeks. Blood glucose was estimated

periodically....Dicoccum, the hulled wheat commonly

called by the name as ‘jave or khapli wheat’ differs

from commercially available bread and durum wheat,

by its physical characteristics, nutritional and

processing quality parameters and also, cultivation

practices....subjects inclusive of both

genders were selected for the study from Diabetes

Specialities Center, Hubli. The Ethics Committee of

the University gave approval for the study.... "

"Table 2: Blood Sugar Profile in Diabetic Patients

During 6-week Study Period

Blood glucose Group I (n=13) Group II (n=9)

Mean+SD Mean + SD


Fasting 132.6+28.0 137.7+31.3

PP 182.5+52.7 207.9+41.8

2 weeks

Fasting 145.9+36.8 138.6+48.6

PP 198.8+46.4 218.8+72.3

4 weeks

Fasting 149.6+51.2 144.1+58.3

PP 200.2+55.3 202.0+93.9

6 weeks

Fasting 112.4+40.4 148.4+41.3

PP 184.2+54.6 199.0+43.1"

The point that authors left unnoticed in the paper & caught my attention as VERY IMPORTANT is:


THIS STUDY INDICATES THAT EVEN LW FLOUR MAY WORK (not only mash!) in regulating Blood Sugar of Diabetes patients.

The referred SCIENTIFIC PAPER is certainly a great encouragement to all those who are on LWNDR as well as those who are contemplating on trying LWNDR.

More than a decade ago God Almighty made experts prepare EVIDENCE for my experience to show you.

More interesting thing is that HE made the one who fights LWMDR tooth & nail bring the evidence to my notice!!! THE LORD convinces me that I am on the right path. PRAISE THE LORD!

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10 Replies

  • Mr.George,as far as I am concerned,you are on the right path and mine is a typical success story.I am really thankful.I am having my quarterly review shortly and will keep you in touch with the results.

  • Thank you and all the best.

  • Dear Gerorge sir

    can you please let me know this LWDMR diet as i am new to forum.

  • Dear George Sir

    Every body knows Long Wheat works in any form for diabetic person. Initially I used this strictly in LWDMR form as per your advice and experiment. I am working in shift duties so one week I used Long Wheat Flour Chapatis in a month. Rest days I follow LWMDR and the results are amazing.

    Problem is every one want followers, people did this by hiding the truth. Every problem always have lots of solution, it's be on the people what they follow the path. Believe me if for a month Google Baba will stop their services , many people will reach their saturation of knowledge level & research :) and afterwards speaker will made ON in repeating mode.

    Reason is behind they don't want to trust any experience and if your experiment was published by any American or other health association then now the number of Long Wheat believers will be more. :)

    Anyways choice is your ...... people want control only or control along with hope of cure. It's doesn't matter that what people ask diabetes is curable or not but this is truth after consuming Long Wheat in many forms my BS level never up & I am enjoying my life as I live earlier.

    Thanks to you Sir Shooter George & GOD bless you all, be positive, life is yours so choice will be yours !!!


  • Thank you very much.

  • Mr George, since my switch to LW diet since June 2015, my sugar level is under control, and I feel satisfied that this diet is showing results. I will be doing the routine tests shortly, I am positive, it will show better results than before, but even otherwise, I will still continue, because, miracle cannot happen overnight. I am positive, I will be completely cured over time. I am not a stickler for a routine diet or exercise, I do deviate once in a while, but still sugar level is manageable. I am enjoying life knowing that I can still control the sugar level with this diet.

    Thank you sir.

  • Your experience "I am not a stickler for a routine diet or exercise, I do deviate once in a while, but still sugar level is manageable" is THE ADVANTAGE of LWMDR. It rectifies the problem - not by suppressing the symptoms. Wish you all the best & a speedy cure.

  • Dear Shooter George:

    I find the study report and initial hike in Fasting and PP sugar levels, interesting. What is the expansion of LWMDR. A Bangalore based floor mill is making and marketing broken wheat from Samba" wheat, a half kg packet costing about Rs.50/- Taste wise and finish wise, the product is very good.

    I have practically stopped consuming rice, except for it being used in making "idli" (3) or thin dosa (1.1/2 to 2) which I consume for breakfast, twice or thrice in a week.

    I look forward to your comments. My e mail id is narasimhan2003@gmail.com

    Regards and best wishes

  • LWMDR is Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen.

  • In any research, it's always the start and end point comparison, not some arbitrary peak points in between. So, by this standard, PPBS didn't even improve even a bit during the trial period.

    I am still waiting for a CURE to miraculously happen in all these 9 years that that LWMDR has been promoted. I will wait for another decade or more and I am sure that all the self-proclaimed "cure" will fail on the one hr reading of OGTT, like it has happened with you after eating 4 idlis to spike around to 200 at one hr. That's surely not cure, by any measure.

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