Want to follow LWMDR

Hello Mr. George,

I have through your article on LWMDR and eager to follow it. Hence seeking your guidance.

Below are blood test results on different days.


21-Jun-15 144 290

Did a HB1AC on 24-Jun-2015 and result was 8.

More blood test results.


16-Jul-15 106 185

19-Aug-15 106 114

12-Sep-15 92 166

19-Sep-15 91 98 (Till this date was taking Gluconorm G1 and GLUCONORM SR 500MG)

11-Oct-15 107 179

22-Oct-15 105 116

2-Nov-15 109 133

21-Nov-15 111 197 (Ate lot of sweet on Diwali)

25-Nov-15 97 171

5-Dec-15 102 139

13-Dec-15 110 158

From this portal itself I got 2 references for long wheat in Pune, planning to visit the store on weekend and will share the pictures of long wheat available here, so that you can confirm if its long wheat.

Thanks a lot for sharing the useful information for the advantage of all of us.




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21 Replies

  • Sorry about the misalignment of the Fasting and PP results. I had managed to keep them in line but the moment i posted, it got messed up.

  • Hi @ssharma,

    Thank you for the post & the blood sugar results. Tabulated numbers getting misaligned is a limitation of this site. That is not a problem. It affects only the readability slightly. We will discuss after you get LW & post its picture.

    Wish you a speedy cure.

  • Hello Mr. George,

    I have posted a picture of long wheat that i could get in Pune. Please check the link below:




  • I have seen the picture & it appears to be good quality LW better than I used to get in my place.

  • Hello Mr. George,

    Recently I did my HB1AC and result was 6.8. Any suggestion for changing the diet plan or quantity of LW. Its been 2 months since I started LWMDR diet plan. My last HB1AC result was 8 IN June 2015.

  • Hello @ssharma16,

    HbA1c 6.8 is better compared to 8 in June 2015. Two months is not a long period in diabetes treatment to feel impatience. 6.8 does not indicate any requirement to review the LWMDR diet plan or quantity of LW.

    In order to review, FBS, PPBS & Serum Insulin values are required along with HbA1c.

  • Thanks....Latest FBS 122 and PBS is also 122.

  • Great coincidence. BS is a constantly varying parameter. Getting same number 122 for FBS & PPBS indicate that either the lab is cooking up numbers or there is some mistake with the meter/equipment. Other possibilities are:

    The technician is not qualified/trained

    The same blood sample was tested both times by mistake

    The same sample was tested twice as other one was lost or spoiled some how.

  • Dear George Sir,

    Need your help & advise. As I already mentioned earlier that I am on LW diet from almost 2&1/2 months, within 15 days of my starting LW my FBS & PP levels came down to a very good level i.e. FS 90-95 & PP 110-130 even after eating tiffin full of matta rice (brown rice) in the afternoon, hence I reduced my medicine dosage from2 metformin 50/500 (Zitamet) to only one a day & diamaicorn from30 to 15. But of late since the 22nd of this month all of a sudden my FBS shows a slight rise on daily basis i.e goes up to 110-120 & PP on 22nd it was 180, yesterday 27th it showed 226 on my home machine (Acucheck Active) I cannot understand the reason behind it, believe me I am taking LW as advised in your post I am totally out of sweets & fruits & I have not missed a single day since I have started LW diet. Even on christmas day I took this diet without any sweets. Also please not I am loosing weight I was 64 kgs last year & now I am 57kgs weight loss is before starting LW my age is 48 years. Please note below my last lab test done on 3rd october.

    FBS - 97

    PP - 135

    HBAIC - 5.9

    Insulin Fasting - 4.25 (ref range: 2 - 25)

    Insulin PP - 32.28 (ref range: 12-28)

    C-Peptide Fasting - 1.3 (ref range: 0.9-7.1)

    C-Peptide PP - 5.0

    Insulin Fasting - 4.25 (ref range:2-25)

    Insulin PP - 32.28 (ref range: 12-82)

    Total Cholestrol - 162

    HDL - 52 (ref range: 35-80)

    LDL - 82 (ref range: 50-130)

    Triglycides - 141 (ref range: 30-150)

    Awaiting your guidance & help.

  • Since starting LWMDR, after how many days you started getting improvements in BS level? I tried this for 2 weeks, but could not see improvements.

    Also, what is the quantity of LW mash you take each time and do you take it plain with salt or with curry / dal etc?

  • Within 2 weeks of starting LW I saw the improvements, I am taking 80gm each time my weight is arround 57-58 with salt + fish curry, fried fish non starchy vegetables. Morning I take it with 3 white eggs either plain fried or omlette with green tea.

  • The quantity I specify is of LW, not LWM.

  • Sorry that I did not see this question earlier.

    Things were fine till the medicines were reduced. It was done inappropriately & at a wrong time. That is why the Bloos Sugar shot up.

    I have clearly written that the medicines have to be TAPERED DOWN, SUDDEN REDUCTION WILL TRIGGER ERRATIC BEHAVIOUR.

    What was done here is sudden reduction by 50%. That is one reason why things toppled.

    Another reason is that it was done when BS values were not sufficiently low. It should have been delayed till FBS was between 80 & 75.

    Where from did you get the advise to reduce medicines by 50% when FBS was close to the upper limit?

  • Dear George Sir, thanks for your response, may be you are right, but I was getting hypo glycemic so I told the doctor & he told me to do so specially with diamacorn XR 60 my lab test results after 3months of using LW ws very satisfactory, FBS 6.0 PP - 5.5 hba1c - 5.65 even lipid was all under controll this test was done 10 days back, but even after the reports doctor told me to stop diamacorn completely & now I am on just 1 Zita met 50/500 (Metformin) even with one metformin I am going hypoglycemic after 3 to 4 hour of lunch so just today doctor told me to stop zitamet & take glucophage 500 one tab after lunch. because I am loosing weight as well my weight was 57 today. I lost 3kgs in 6 months. please advise my PP curently sometimes shows 120, today it was 113 sometimes 150 after stoping diamacorn. please give your valuable advise.


  • Blood Sugar is a constantly varying quantity. Every test will give different numbers. As long as one is diabetic the numbers can be very different depending on food, medicine and mental state. Unless tests are done under IDENTICAL CONDITIONS interpreting the results will go wrong.

  • I take the Qty of LW not LWM as per your advise

  • Dear George Sir,

    I am really doing well with the LWMDR, I have only one problem & that is I am loosing weight in 5 months of using LWMDR I have lost almost 5 kgs, BS levels areally very good, but am loosing weight I was 60 kgs when I started this LWMDR & today I am 55 kg can you please advise the reason & your advice how to control this weight loss. Awaiting your response sir

  • If you have reduced total food intake, increase it appropriately.

  • The reason for weight loss may be insufficient food intake.

  • Thanks for replying sir, yes I have reduced food intake, can I eat some fatty food like cheese, eggyokes (Full Egg) currently I am eating only egg whites, please advise.

  • One more question sir, according to your advice in your post I am trying avoid eating between the meals, but I feel very hungry & also my sugar level drops to below 100 specially by 12:00 noon & by 5:30pm. Sometimes I am forced to eat so I take 1 loaf of multigrain bread with little chese at 12:30noon as I am working & my lunch time is 1:30 pm again same in the evening I have some rava upma or pakodas or idilis. So can I start eating between the meals. Or can I eat one extra chapati along with LWMDR in the morning so that I can prolong till my lunch time. Awaiting your advise sir.


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